• 12 August 2010 12:05:02

    UK File server and expected down-time for all Nexus sites

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Just a quick update on the UK file server (in Maidenhead) and an announcement of expected down-time for all Nexus sites in the coming week.

    The Maidenhead server had a rocky life, clearly unable to cope with the amount of Europeans trying to download from the server it was hit or miss whether it would work at any time of the day. The server is now completely offline and is pending a replacement. Which leads to the next news.

    It's server upgrade time for the Nexus sites. With the launch of Fallout: New Vegas looming, the knowledge that I'll be launching a seperate site for New Vegas rather than incorporating it in to Fallout 3 Nexus (for ease-of-use and clutter reduction reasons) and the ever increasing member base across the Nexus sites (now over 1.75 million members) it's a good time to improve the infastructure before the next influx of members.

    The forums will be moving to a new super powerful server, about twice as powerful as the current Nexus servers and will be accompanied by the New Vegas Nexus site closer to the launch of the game. The server the forums currently inhabit will be converted in to the new UK file server that should be much better equipped to deal with all the European downloaders.

    As the forums are integral to the running of all the Nexus sites this does mean that all the Nexus sites will be taken offline while this transfer is actioned. The down-time should be around 8 hours give or take 4 hours. As the forum database is very large and has some extremely large indexes that the move will require to be rebuilt the time frame is very loose.

    I'll provide an update on the exact date of this down-time closer to the time.

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