• 5 July 2010 18:25:30

    Unique downloads counter

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A new statistic has been added to all file pages and individual file counters across the Nexus sites today. The new statistic, "Unique downloads", gives as true of a representation as possible of the total number of individual members that have downloaded your file over its history.

    To clarify; total downloads includes repeat downloads from the same member. So if you have released five versions of your file and a member has downloaded all five versions then that adds five to your total download counter. Unique downloads would only add one (at the start of the first download) to the counter and no matter how many times the same member downloads a file in a single entry it will not increase the unique download counter.

    Why is this useful? Well, you might like to know how many individuals actually use your files and how many individuals make use of the updates you release. So if 100 people have downloaded your main file and 80 people have downloaded your updates then you can assume that 80% of the people who originally downloaded your file actually really enjoyed it, and still use it.

    Note: the TESNexus recount is still taking place and will be finished within a couple of hours of posting this. If you have files with a Unique Download counter of 0 then please be patient. It will update soon.

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