• 20 November 2009 16:45:44

    Your thoughts on improving this site

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's oh so cliché to say on the internet these days but this site is run "by gamers, for gamers", or maybe "by modders, for modders".

    Recently I've been putting a lot of work in to improving various aspects of the site, ramping up the functionality, increasing usability and action efficiency and generally trying to roll out updates that are going to improve things around here based on recommendations from users within the community. Indeed I've found I have a lot more time for coding these days now that the infastructure behind the site is a lot more stable.

    My imagination isn't the greatest, I'm not an experienced "outside the box" thinker and sometimes listening to the feedback of the people who make use of this site regularly is more important, and better, than my own ideas. This is my long winded call out to the community to come and tell me how you think this site can improve. What annoys you about the site? What would you improve about the site? Modders; think about what things you are doing regularly that you think could be better handled by the site. What are you constantly telling the people who comment on your files? Do you have any thoughts on how to make the site better, either in new functionality or in improving the functionality already available?

    I'm not sat here doing updates for myself, I do them because I think people will use them and like them. I'm not a part of some corporate chain, bound by limitless bureaucracy and heirachies to get any changes done, so if you tell me what you want or waht you'd change then maybe I'll do it!

    Some of the quickie ideas I've had recently have been:

    • A way of listing the other files that are required in order for your mod to work, along with a list of other files the mod won't be compatible with
    • Bringing back the "Author notes" field from TESSource, or having a list of options for mod authors to show quickly how they want their mods to be used, distribution permissions, etc. (feel free to chime in with more options)
    • Providing a more elaborate way of authors being able to choose how their contacted, if at all, and describing their role of support for the file they've just released (a way of indicating whether you'll be willing to answer PMs, only stick to replying to comments, or won't be providing support at all)
    • A changelog tab/pop-up so file descriptions aren't clogged up with 3 years worth of change logs
    • Another look at the tracking system to see if I can't make it more versatile and increase usability

    So help me throw some ideas around. Comment on this news article and get the ball rolling.

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