• 19 November 2009 18:36:13

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    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The Nexus now has its own Twitter page updated by yours truly. Now none of the staff are really big on Twitter as a personal tool; "Robin is going to the toilet", "Robin has had a hard day", "Robin is going to have a bath tonight", noone cares about that sort of rubbish, not even my friends, but what Twitter is handy for is keeping people up-to-date on changes to the site as well as providing a medium to communicate problems to people if for whatever reason (touch wood) the site goes down.

    There's a new feed on the right-hand side and fellow "twits", as I like to call them, can start following the feed for updates.

    Talking of updates there have been quite a few recently. First of all if you haven't picked up on it yet I've launched a new site for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age Nexus. This is the first Nexus site to not serve the Bethesda community so I'm really enjoying the new challenge of fitting in to a new community. Head-on over there if you haven't already to see what terrible colour scheme I've picked.

    Moving on with the updates you can now set the time zone you reside in in your preferences area and all the site's times will update to fit your time zone. Tired of wondering how a mod got uploaded at 8pm when it's only 3pm where you are? Well no more!

    You know that pop-up that shows once every once in a while to remind you to rate the files you've downloaded? Well now a new pop-up will show on the site whenever you receive a PM on the forums, just to remind you it's there.

    I've updated Skinnynerd's Formatting and BBCode article on the site to list all the available BBCode commands you have at your disposal when adding descriptions for files, images and articles as well as making comments. The input fields also have a reminder next to them to let you know you can use BBCode.

    File owners can now edit their files directly from the file page by using the new "Admin" drop-down area to manage different aspects of their file page more quickly. Note this only works for the uploader of the file page and won't work for people with editing access.

    And lastly the Download/rating history page now lists the files you've rated differently. If you haven't rated a file you can choose to endorse, or not endorse, a file directly from the history page without having to go to the file page. Similarly if you've only just downloaded a file the page will tell you how long you have until you can rate the file.

    More updates to come.

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