• 24 July 2008 17:08:39

    Favourite file and author tracking now live

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    After a couple of weeks of procrastination I have finally gotten around to writing the all new favourite file and member tracking system for TESNexus. At its core this new site feature is designed to help members of the site keep track of the latest updates made to their favourite files through a semi-Facebook style news feed style system.

    New "Track file" and "Track member" links have been added to file pages and member profiles respectively (denoted by a icon) that allow you to quickly add files and members to your favourites. A dynamic feed is then created for you on the file tracking and member tracking pages that shows all the latest actions that have been performed on the files or by the members in the file database. Currently the only actions that are tracked are the same actions tracked on the updates today page (new files, file edits, attribute changes, new images, new mirrors, new readmes). You can filter which updates you would like to see, also, so you can choose to only see file updates.

    It's important to note that member tracking will only track the actions listed above; it won't track comments or forum posts that specific members make or images they upload in the image share database.

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