• 12 March 2008 0:52:00

    Article database launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This morning (00:39 ... weee!) I have launched the Articles database on TESNexus. The roots of this feature can be traced back to TESSource which made use of a limited tutorial system. Like all the features of TESSource, this feature has been remodeled, enhanced, and rereleased better than before.

    The article database is a bridge between the TESNexus site and the The Nexus Forums. Many people don't know about the forums or are reluctant to use the forums for one reason or another (I blame the local inhabitants). Many people also don't know that by registering on the site and rating and commenting on files and images they are indirectly registering and posting on the forums. The site and the forums are symbiotically linked; one will not survive without the other. The article database is a mini-forum of sorts; users "post" articles of interest into specific categories for others to view and comment on. It could be to provide a modding tutorial, discuss developments in the community, blog (aka rant) about something or share interesting YouTube videos with others. I myself have an Oblivion short video in the works that will be done ... when it's done ... and I'll no doubt post it up to the site as soon as it is done.

    The tutorials available on TESSource are already within the article database and available for viewing. Some of them may be a bit dated but we're working on getting them up to scratch.

    If you're not a forum regular or don't like joining in on forums you might find the article database more to your liking. Don't be afraid to post an article and comment on others. I like it when people use the features I code on the site. So do it!

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