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    Project Serpent (TC) Q&A

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    I had an interview about the TC (Total Conversion) Project Serpent with its leader, Serpent of Shadow. Their official site can be found here and the forums here.

    A snippet:


    Pov: Could you give us a general outline of this project?

    SoS: Project Serpent is a total conversion for Oblivion that takes its basis from the Heretic/Hexen game series by Ravensoft. We have created our own world that takes key aspects from the Heretic/Hexengames, allowing us to both satisfying fans of the series as well as create something new. We also offer many new systems of gameplay different from the standard Oblivion ones. It is not a story of good and evil, but of light and dark, and the player can join with either side. If they (the player) play their hand right they can even be in both.

    Pov: Could you mention a few of these new gameplay systems?

    SoS: Leveling System – We are changing how you level into an experience gain. Kill monsters, complete quests, and certain achievements will award experience which in turn awards a level up.
    “Hub” Travel – Each region is it’s own worldspace, so it is almost like there are 12 worlds to explore. If you’ve ever played Hexen or Hexen 2, you will remember that their levels were set up as a “Hub”. That is, one level acted as a base, containing portals to multiple levels. Once all of the levels connected to it were completed, you moved on to the next hub. So each of the regions are considered to be Hubs kind of like that, although you are not restricted to solving all the quests before you can leave.
    We are also doing some major changes to how you interact with NPCs, more on that to come.

    Pov: What is the size of the landmass the mod takes place on?

    SoS: We’re estimating about 4x as big as Oblivion’s Cyrodiil. However, each region is broken apart and can be worked on one at a time. So while each region will be smaller than Cyrodiil (usually), the combined total will be much larger.

    Read the entire interview here.

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