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  • 26. Jumble armors for Oblivion

    Add heavy equipment version of vanilla light equipment.
    Add light equipment version of vanilla heavy equipment.

    updated 13:28, 23 Jul 2015 6 0 7kb kotetu4649

  • 27. Countryside Home for Oblivion

    A small pleasant house west of wawenet inn. None of the containers respawn. Includes a few new items which can be purchased at The Main Ingredient. Read the note inside the cupboard for all the details. There is one painting that is from Shivering Isles file. I don't know if this affects those playing vanilla oblivion or not.

    updated 3:04, 24 Jul 2015 17 0 9kb Shayla153

  • 28. Thelawfulls Hero Party members for Oblivion

    Adds a respawnable Apprentice, Rogue, Archer and paladin that follow you around to help you out with battles. Also adds some other things.
    Open the console and click the ones you dont want and type disable and they wont show up, For charecters like thiefs who dont want to get caught very easy. Teammates die quickly so keep them safe!, The

    updated 17:09, 29 Jul 2015 19 0 5kb thelawfull

  • 29. Morrowind Racial Abilities for Oblivion

    This mod overwrites (some of) Oblivions racial abilities and powers with the abilities and powers from Morrowind. Primarily for Altmers, Bosmers, Imperials and Nords.

    updated 19:58, 25 Jul 2015 2 0 3kb InMeITrust

  • 30. Order Of Silence WIP for Oblivion

    The Order Of Silence, An old brotherhood comes back. Work in progress.

    updated 7:43, 29 Jul 2015 2 0 213kb thelawfull