• 54

    Power of Chaos
    Power of Chaos
    by nibiros13
  • 23

    Magic Revised - Mysticism
    Magic Revised - Mystic...
    by iamnone
  • 5

    The New Lord beta 0.50
    The New Lord beta 0.50
    by Godschildgaming
  • 372

    True Wizardry
    True Wizardry
    by thelawfull
  • 34

    Lightweight Magic Balancer
    Lightweight Magic Bala...
    by Malurth
  • 29

    Audacious magery and Fizzle inis
    Audacious magery and F...
    by Sergio1992
  • 30

    Yet Another Greater Power Fix
    Yet Another Greater Po...
    by avalon2260
  • 79

    M.B.M No Starter Spells
    M.B.M No Starter Spell...
    by Maxwells777
  • 760

    Tropical Weather Spell
    Tropical Weather Spell
    by Elbethien
  • 228

    Soul Gem Spells
    Soul Gem Spells
    by BladedDread
  • 181

    Nehrim - The Holy Hand Scythe of Antioch (UPDATED)
    Nehrim - The Holy Hand...
    by AltDunmer
  • 586

    Overlord's Spells of War
    Overlord's Spells ...
    by overlordofoblivion
  • 4,731

    Balanced Magic
    Balanced Magic
    by Zamir
  • 540

    Horses for Companions
    Horses for Companions
    by Elbethien
  • 96

    STF Portals
    STF Portals
    by stephanie
  • 337

    Magic ArmorWeapons
    Magic ArmorWeapons
    by MultiGadgetMG
  • 400

    Crystal Ball of the Void
    Crystal Ball of the Vo...
    by Lordspence
  • 128

    Darkness Effect Icon Fix
    Darkness Effect Icon F...
    by thechewu
  • 3,001

    FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons
    FEA - Fundament Enchan...
    by miguick
  • 385

    RealTime Magicka Channeling and Customisable Spells
    RealTime Magicka Chann...
    by PrettyMurky
  • 266

    No Magic Effects
    No Magic Effects
    by Damongary
  • 293

    Magic Mana Efficient Magicka Mod
    Magic Mana Efficient M...
    by ZwordCuitar
  • 452

    Change Magic Effect
    Change Magic Effect
    by madmandj
  • 2,225

    Teleport to Everywhere
    Teleport to Everywhere
    by gumin
  • 466

    Reanimate for Spellmaking
    Reanimate for Spellmak...
    by emmonno
  • 2,200

    Call Horse
    Call Horse
    by gumin
  • 675

    MagicSkills Lvl-Up On Cast
    MagicSkills Lvl-Up On ...
    by planto
  • 47

    revised resist magic
    revised resist magic
    by qqUSERpp
  • 2,428

    Mysterious Bears Power Animals
    Mysterious Bears Power...
    by MysteriousMrBear
  • 93

    Soul Gem Cleaning Chest
    Soul Gem Cleaning Ches...
    by Gabbernaut
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