• 74

    missing daisy and poppy normal maps fix
    missing daisy and popp...
    by discovery1
  • 79

    OR preset
    OR preset
    by nerzhul ochish king
  • 108

    The Underdark
    The Underdark
    by viceroy1
  • 242

    SS Natural and Fantasy Setting
    SS Natural and Fantasy...
    by css0419
  • 404

    Better Book Pages
    Better Book Pages
    by Superandultra
  • 1,246

    DassiD's Oblivion Reloaded Preset
    DassiD's Oblivion ...
    by DassiD
  • 1,926

    Oblivion Enhanced Night Sky
    Oblivion Enhanced Nigh...
    by Visitant
  • 107

    ScreenEffects Reborn
    ScreenEffects Reborn
    by llde
  • 236

    Enchantment and Hit Shaders - Fixed - by bg2408
    Enchantment and Hit Sh...
    by mmclendon
  • 817

    FPS Counter And Post Processing Effects
    FPS Counter And Post P...
    by pharago
  • 4,596

    natural grasses
    natural grasses
    by discovery1
  • 111

    Shiny Imperial Watch and Emperor Armors
    Shiny Imperial Watch a...
    by HagenTronje
  • 59

    Shiny Ebony Armory Set
    Shiny Ebony Armory Set
    by HagenTronje
  • 1,043

    Oblivion Splash Screen Overhaul
    Oblivion Splash Screen...
    by Cicignon
  • 62

    Immersive Water and Fire
    Immersive Water and Fi...
    by MediocreMemes
  • 143

    Angel Fire- Fireball Retexture
    Angel Fire- Fireball R...
    by grantious
  • 154

    Shivering Isle Blue Flame Box Remover - Optional Green Tint
    Shivering Isle Blue Fl...
    by grantious
  • 11

    Visual Enchantment Effects_VEE - Castellano
    Visual Enchantment Eff...
    by llecarudithall
  • 12

    Luminars Better Enchantment Effects - Castellano
    Luminars Better Enchan...
    by llecarudithall
  • 597

    Initial Glow Redux
    Initial Glow Redux
    by CaptainHeroSeven
  • 353

    Head Bob
    Head Bob
    by PushTheWinButton
  • 681

    Lens Flare
    Lens Flare
    by TheBypasser
  • 1,994

    Better Chapel Altars -Now with richer Normal Map-
    Better Chapel Altars -...
    by Superandultra
  • 1,026

    Better Window Reflections
    Better Window Reflecti...
    by Superandultra
  • 8,237

    atmospheres 4 Heaven and Hell
    atmospheres 4 Heaven a...
    by discovery1
  • 1,452

    Oblivion Fragrance
    Oblivion Fragrance
    by naritete
  • 4,057

    atmospheres natural ambience
    atmospheres natural am...
    by discovery1
  • 4,203

    smoke and dust
    smoke and dust
    by discovery1
  • 850

    Garden of Discovery
    Garden of Discovery
    by Elbethien
  • 923

    enhanced beach foam
    enhanced beach foam
    by discovery1
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