• 83

    Witty Quotes
    Witty Quotes
    by earlgrey88
  • 4

    Atmospheric Dark UI Loading Screens - Castellano
    Atmospheric Dark UI Lo...
    by joe1984ace
  • 5

    Themed Loading Screens for Dark UI - Castellano
    Themed Loading Screens...
    by joe1984ace
  • 22

    Days And Months - Castellano
    Days And Months - Cast...
    by joe1984ace
  • 472

    Dot Crosshair
    Dot Crosshair
    by PuppetVaysa
  • 280

    Lubrons patch - Radar System
    Lubrons patch - Radar ...
    by lubronbrons
  • 46

    Map Marker Overhaul - Castellano
    Map Marker Overhaul - ...
    by joe1984ace
  • 52

    Dynamic Map - Castellano
    Dynamic Map - Castella...
    by llecarudithall
  • 77

    Anime Launcher
    Anime Launcher
    by AceComoMontana
  • 31

    Loading Screens Themed Replacer SI - Castellano
    Loading Screens Themed...
    by llecarudithall
  • 44

    Loading Screens Themed Replacer - Castellano
    Loading Screens Themed...
    by llecarudithall
  • 141

    Humdrum Loading Screens
    Humdrum Loading Screen...
    by Contrathetix
  • 50

    Enhanced Hotkeys (German)
    Enhanced Hotkeys (Germ...
    by AltDunmer
  • 223

    Delete Spell OBSE
    Delete Spell OBSE
    by tim110011
  • 969

    HD Oblivion Icon
    HD Oblivion Icon
    by LastSix
  • 68

    Knights Of The Round Theme For Oblivion
    Knights Of The Round T...
    by nivlevari123456789
  • 1,868

    pHUD Skyblivion
    pHUD Skyblivion
    by phinix
  • 1,370

    UI Controls for Oblivion (UICO) - Controller Compatible
    UI Controls for Oblivi...
    by ThinkerTinker
  • 1,284

    Glorious Map
    Glorious Map
    by Yali
  • 107

    Japanese Ninja MENU and Logo REPLACER
    Japanese Ninja MENU an...
    by Magisterninja
  • 464

    Shivering Isles Map HD
    Shivering Isles Map HD
    by Slangens
  • 6,302

    HUD Status Bars Enhanced
    HUD Status Bars Enhanc...
    by forli
  • 747

    HUD Edits - Compass and Location at the top - for DarNified UI
    HUD Edits - Compass an...
    by darkzip
  • 2,317

    Dynamic Map For NMM
    Dynamic Map For NMM
    by terranoxiic
  • 646

    Order of the Dragon - Map Addon
    Order of the Dragon - ...
    by Slangens
  • 409

    Hud Status Bars - Extra Orb Icons
    Hud Status Bars - Extr...
    by dreamed1
  • 2,442

    Immersive HD Loading Screens
    Immersive HD Loading S...
    by Massycraft
  • 25

    nONatees colored Shivering Isles map -BCF
    nONatees colored Shive...
    by Soires
  • 36

    Themed Loading Screens Addon - BCF
    Themed Loading Screens...
    by Soires
  • 2,582

    Skyrim style compass textures for HUD Status Bars
    Skyrim style compass t...
    by guidejar
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