• Fan Upgrade for Oblivion

    I made this file shortly after beating the grand champion at the arena. If you have beat the grand champion already and have walked outside you probably noticed the kid that runs up to you and starts worshiping the ground you stand on pleading for you to let him follow you. While i liked the idea of a fighting companion i noticed all he had was a

    uploaded 14:44, 7 Apr 2006 43 2 2kb mordin_5000

  • Younger NPCs plugin for Oblivion for Oblivion

    What this mod do
    This mod makes all NPCs look younger by setting the age slider to youngest.
    EXCEPT Argonian, Dremora, Khajiit and Emperor Uriel Septim

    Copy the file into your Oblivion\Data folder and activate it inside the Data menu when you run the game.

    uploaded 14:31, 7 Apr 2006 3,237 138 1,395kb Heidelun

  • BlueGlassExtraSet_V21_FIXED for Oblivion

    Blue-Glass-Extra Set Modification for Oblivion
    Version 2.1 *fixed* by Dirk Schüler aka Diranar

    - Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments -

    What does it do?

    Adds an extra Set of Blue-Glass-Armour at Best Defense at the Imperial Market Destrikt, Merchant is

    uploaded 14:30, 7 Apr 2006 2,102 33 9,850kb Diranar

  • Rain for Oblivion

    Author: Kaldais

    With this modification for TES4: Oblivion it's possibile to listen raining also indoor.

    How install:
    * Extract all file in Oblivion\Data;
    * Enable the plug-in;

    Latest changes:
    * Works with all city indoors.

    Modification history:

    07/04/2006 - 0.3
    * First release!

    Ideas for future:
    * ?

    uploaded 13:27, 7 Apr 2006 2,736 104 454kb Kaldais

  • Complete Hair and Eyes for Oblivion

    this esp gives every possible eye and hair to all races of any gender + an extra black eye

    I didn't like the half done versions or replacement versions going around and loading two seperate hair and eye mods caused conflicts, so I put this together

    uploaded 12:51, 7 Apr 2006 11,714 402 194kb cassandra

  • Arena Mod 12 for Oblivion

    Readme 1.2


    1. Introduction
    2. Improvements
    3. Monster list
    4. Special Fights (V1.1)
    5. Changelog
    6. Known bugs


    1. Introduction

    If you ever asked yourself, why it is possible to become grand champion of the

    uploaded 11:59, 7 Apr 2006 6,076 201 63kb Optimus Prime

  • DLCHorseArmor and Horse Command for Oblivion

    Note: This mod requires you to have the official DLCHorseArmor plugin. It won't be able to install if you don't since it patches the DLCHorseArmor.esp.

    From the readme:

    DLCHorseArmor with Horse Command Version 1.1
    by WildFlower


    uploaded 11:57, 7 Apr 2006 1,131 37 45kb WildFlower

  • Dark Brotherhood Bonuses for Oblivion

    This mod adds a player owned chest inside the Sanctuary Quarters. It is opened

    by having the Black Band in your inventory. If it isn't then the chest will not open. Also, all versions of the Black Band have been edited to show that is the key to your chest.

    There is also a new respawnable chest on top of the empty table against the wall

    uploaded 11:39, 7 Apr 2006 242 6 3kb hobodoug

  • Nice Unicorn for Oblivion

    Simple mod adds a white unicorn with saddle and bridle. The unicorn is at the Chorrol stables. This Unicorn does not replace the unicorn in the game or any of the other horses. It should act like any other horse, and is marked essential.

    uploaded 11:17, 7 Apr 2006 937 27 2kb fisheye

  • Landmarks for Oblivion

    This mod simply adds a map marker at every Runestone, Doomstone and Wayshrine. I found it irritating these never got marked on the map because often you can't use them when you first find them and need to return later... only by then
    you've no idea where they were.

    They are marked as "Landmarks", which is the icon that looks like a

    uploaded 10:49, 7 Apr 2006 2,656 216 5kb Daleth

  • Muffins Refurnished Display Rooms for Oblivion

    Muffin's Refurnished Display Rooms v1.0

    This mod adds an extra room to each of the player-purchasable houses for the purpose of displaying weapons, items, and whatever else. Entrances are on the first floor or basement of the houses. Look for the round thing on

    uploaded 10:30, 7 Apr 2006 1,444 40 14kb pseudomuffin

  • Razorwings for Oblivion

    Razorwing's "Proria" Mushroom


    Extract the contents of the archive to your Oblivion\Data folder.
    I've included a screenshot in case you'd like to quickly see how these models look before deciding for yourself if you'd like to use them.

    This isn't a pla

    uploaded 10:10, 7 Apr 2006 177 6 553kb Razorwing