• Summon-10 for Oblivion

    Conjure 10 Summons at a time instead of only 1.

    You can use Greater Power as well and have a total
    of 10 Conjured at a time...

    uploaded 16:02, 24 Mar 2006 8,803 53 0kb NecroViolator

  • Slower Oblivion for Oblivion

    I find that my skills advance far too quickly in Oblivion. For those like me who enjoy taking things at a leisurely pace and actually putting a little work in to gain levels, this mod will slow down the rate at which your skills advance, with a variety of customization options.

    The secondary effect of Slower Oblivion, which can be used with or

    uploaded 9:14, 24 Mar 2006 312 13 107kb Seikima

  • TF_timemod for Oblivion

    What this does is plain simple. It changes the timescale from 30 to 10 so that the days should last quite a bit longer. So now one actual minute equals 10 ingame day minutes.

    I've now also added two other .esp files

    TF_timemod_1-20.esp = 1 realtime minute = 20 ingame minutes

    TF_timemod_1-1.esp = 1 realtime minute = 1ingame minute.

    uploaded 7:57, 24 Mar 2006 2,560 97 1kb TextureFreak

  • Ascadia 1 for Oblivion

    Buried in the sea to the west of Ebonheart lies undisturbed, Ascadia-1, the Lost City of the Dwemer.
    Recent archaeological undersea excavation has revealed a locked entrance, opposite the original. Our divers remarked,
    "There's Dwemer in there!" And it is true, the technologically superior, ancient Dwemer still thrive, though more l

    uploaded 5:08, 24 Mar 2006 476 10 0kb morsepone7

  • Arena Armor Change for Oblivion

    Changes AR (Armor Rating) of the armor used in the Arena battles, making the battles hard.

    uploaded 4:49, 24 Mar 2006 122 3 2kb Anphrax

  • Custom Race Fix for Oblivion

    In the game, it is impossible to start the main quest with a custom race. The prisoner NPC in the cell across is only programmed to recognize the 10 default races. This mod adds some extra, "catch-all" dialogue to the prisoner at the beginning of the game. This dialogue will trigger the beginning of the game for any non-default race.

    uploaded 4:40, 24 Mar 2006 301,491 6,018 1kb kynetarse

  • Skills and Needs Part 1: Sleep V11 UPDATE NOW for Oblivion

    Skills & Needs Part 1: Sleep.

    INSTALL: ANB_Portable_Bedroll.esp and ONE SNsleep.esp

    This mod requires the player to get either 6, 7, or 8 hours of sleep

    every day depensing on which .esp you install. If you dont sleep you

    face penalties,

    Included with this mod is Aridale's bedroll mod, you can buy a bedroll

    at at least one s

    uploaded 1:29, 24 Mar 2006 787 17 10kb Blues The Squirrel

  • Ring of Feather 500 for Oblivion

    This adds a Ring of Feather with 500 points to the dresser in the For Sale Shack in the Waterfront District of Imperial City. This means you will need to buy the shack and storage furniture of course.

    NOTE - The game only adds 200 encumbrance total at a time.

    IE - 200 + your current encumbrance = total encumbrance limit (up to a max of 500 ab

    uploaded 1:02, 24 Mar 2006 295 9 3kb Skullguise

  • Hiar Everywhere for Oblivion

    This mod for Oblivion allows all races and genders to use all hair styles, there are a few bugs like the hair not sitting right on head for certain combinations.

    uploaded 0:04, 24 Mar 2006 788 22 31kb Slig

  • Ring of Atmospherancy for Oblivion

    A ring that allows the player to change the weather.

    uploaded 23:08, 23 Mar 2006 1,422 51 3kb SirCarcass

  • Vampire Hunters Sight Toggle for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that changes the vampire
    Hunter's Sight lesser power. Rather than
    having a duration, the night eye and detect life
    effects are now toggled on and off when the lesser
    power is cast.

    The NoEff version removes the spell particle effect
    upon casting.

    uploaded 23:05, 23 Mar 2006 2,286 72 3kb kynetarse

  • ANB Dynamic Health Regen for Oblivion

    UPDATED to v2.2 on 5/13/07 - Added NPC support for Companion type NPCs/Creatures Fixed a small bug with determining the Max Health and added a check to stop the script if health is full to help with performance a bit. See the included read me or Author's Notes on the right hand side for info on NPC support.

    UPDATED to v2.0 on 5/6/07 - Has bee

    uploaded 19:51, 23 Mar 2006 3,558 68 4kb aridale