• Corinthian Helms for Oblivion

    Adds 7 new Corinthian Helms to the Balmora Fighter's Guild Basement3 Light non-Crested Helms3 Medium Crested Helms1 Heavy Double Crested HelmScripting done by Venymora - Thank You

    uploaded 23:20, 31 Jul 2005 279 6 0kb

  • Overunity 1.8 for Oblivion

    Plugin Manager by ShanjaqSee readme for full details.

    uploaded 23:01, 31 Jul 2005 44 5 0kb

  • Easter Egg Hunt for Oblivion

    Look in Seyda Neen for all nine eggs once you find them all you get a special reward! Happy hunting!

    uploaded 22:48, 31 Jul 2005 96 4 0kb

  • Miner's Pick for Oblivion

    Someone on the Offical forums was complaining about the Miner's pick displaying an Axe Shadow, next time I was playing, I too noticed this and decided to fix this... Therefore I imported the model, and added the ShadowBox... I also created an alternate verison of the miner's pick, more along thelines of how I see a pick looking like (image i

    uploaded 22:33, 31 Jul 2005 79 3 0kb

  • Throwing Knives for Oblivion

    This mod adds 9 throwing knives to the game... it replaces some of the existing meshes as I really didn't like the one of the orginal meshes The knives are also added to the lvl lists too.

    uploaded 21:53, 31 Jul 2005 95 2 0kb

  • trainer mod for Oblivion

    This mod adds a trainer house with a npc with like 99999 hp, and one weapon of each type, giving 1 damage. It also got 999 throwing stars. The npc respawns, however, i dont think youl kill him so easily. The npc himself got a weak weapon too, but in case you need it, in the chest are some potions. File size 9kb, i dont know howmuch mb that is.

    uploaded 12:23, 31 Jul 2005 38 2 0kb

  • Inwah's weapon pack for Oblivion

    Weapon packThis plugin adds 7 new weapons, and 2 defensive daggers to the game of morrowind.The weapons can be found outside Ebonheart (go left out of Ebonheart, when you arrive withthe boat!). There is an argonian selling you the weapons! This is only a sample plugin, on how you can use the weapons, not a plugin ment to be fully pl

    uploaded 10:28, 31 Jul 2005 144 5 0kb

  • The Arsenal for Oblivion

    Adds 29 new weapons to game... daggers, stillettos, maces, polearms, axes, katars, kutkri, rapier, gurkha, navaja, tridents, kriss...Includes Off-handed verisons of the katars too.Note by redwoodtreesprite: Screenshots of all the weapons have been added.

    uploaded 5:06, 31 Jul 2005 345 8 0kb

  • Boneshields for Oblivion

    Adds two boneshields a la Diablo 2. Have to be added via the console because I plan to continue adding onto this mod!

    uploaded 4:53, 31 Jul 2005 91 3 0kb

  • Key Replacer for Oblivion

    Ever noticed that there are only 2 key designs in the entire game? Want to experience a bit of change? The amazing key replacing mod introduces 50 new key designs and replaces almost every key mesh and icon in the game.Note by redwoodtreesprite: Screenshots of all the keys in-editor are now included.

    uploaded 4:23, 31 Jul 2005 419 12 0kb

  • Wizard Hats 1.0 for Oblivion

    "What makes the mage I ask? Power and knowledge? Those things are important but a good fashion sense is greatly underestimated but with the simple addition of one my amazing wizard hats will correct any problems there!" - Dana Darksun (Wizard Hat Seller)Adds 31 recolored Wizard Hats to game world that can be bought in the following mag

    uploaded 0:00, 31 Jul 2005 592 12 0kb

  • Aleanne Clothes and Armor part 1 and 2 for Oblivion

    Aleanne clothing and armor 1
    Author: Aleanne

    Description: This mod adds a vendor in the Tel Vos services tower who sells armors and clothes. All armor and clothes are a bit skimpy and designed for female character only. Nothing outrageous, though.

    Aleanne clothing and armor 2
    Author: Aleanne

    Description: This mod is a follow up

    uploaded 13:37, 30 Jul 2005 13,157 135 0kb