• Blunt is now Hafted for Oblivion

    Just changes the name of Blunt weapons to Hafted weapons.

    uploaded 11:16, 9 Apr 2006 101 9 1kb Eagle123

  • BadderSpellFX for Oblivion

    *** VERSION: Version 1.0
    *** AUTHOR: alan0n

    [--- WHATS NEW ---]

    1. Went to a modular system so that users could select individual element effects to be replaced as opposed to just replacing all of them.

    2. As a consequence of #1 there should no longer be any conflicts at all with VE 2.1. Even scanning should no longer produce a

    uploaded 10:47, 9 Apr 2006 6,911 231 3kb alan0n

  • Nonquest Akaviri Orders for Oblivion

    Did you decide to wait until the countess went to sleep after the Lifting the Vale quest and steal back your Draconian Madstone and Akaviri Orders? Then i bet you've noticed that the orders are stuck in your inventory forever due to it being a "Quest Item". This simple mod changes that.

    uploaded 10:31, 9 Apr 2006 117 4 5kb strra

  • Nonquest Ring of Vipereye for Oblivion

    Sick of the Ring of Vipereye stuck in your inventory with no way to sell it or drop it because it's a "Quest Item"? This simple mod changes that.

    uploaded 10:28, 9 Apr 2006 286 24 2kb strra

  • Arcanist Archer Easy Only Hotfix for Oblivion

    For the time being I recommend you use this only after backing up your save game as the 2.0 update caused some serious issues. From the time I last tested it, to the time I finalized and released it something became seriously fubar. Several of my scripts went missing, and several that remained became unassociated with the appropriate spells and ite

    uploaded 10:16, 9 Apr 2006 114 8 143kb jetsirus

  • Resized, Passive, and Quiet Beasts for Oblivion

    This is a combination of the Resized Beasts v1.2, Passive Beasts v1.0, and Quiet Feet v1.0. What the mods do is explained below with each respective description. However, the basic description is that it resizes beasts to be more realistic and makes certain creatures (rats, crabs, will o wisps, etc.) defensive only so they don't go all suicida

    uploaded 8:38, 9 Apr 2006 449 18 25kb TheDCProject

  • Cyrodiil Terrain Map v25 for Oblivion

    This is a replacement for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's default in-game map. It was made using the game's landscape files, resulting in a fairly accurate representation of Cyrodiil's terrain. The map was made as an alternative to some of the excellent stylized maps that have already been created.

    April 7, 2007: Now updated to version 2.

    uploaded 8:38, 9 Apr 2006 76,917 1,422 15,751kb whisselj

  • Imperial Champions House for Oblivion

    Updated- v2.5
    - Brighter ambient lighting
    - Dispaly cases
    - Key and note in the Imperial Armory (by Dragon Armor)
    - Eliminated the spell-making stations.

    Adds a house in the Arena section of the Imperial City for the Champion of Cyrodill. Version 2 adds landscaping, NON-RESPAWNING chests, cupboards and drawers, better lighting, and dec

    uploaded 8:34, 9 Apr 2006 1,514 43 38kb craigrodenberg

  • Lighter Rings for Oblivion

    Noticed that some rings weighed 1 pound, so decided to change it. Now all rings (except a certain quest item) weight 0.1 pound.

    Could do one for amulets too if there is enough demand. Figured it's a bit more 'realistic' to have an amulet weigh 1 pound though, so just did rings for now.

    Put file in your oblivion\data directory th

    uploaded 8:24, 9 Apr 2006 488 26 23kb Nixx_

  • Alchemists Reference for Oblivion

    This mod adds a book to the "All Things Alchemical" shop in Skingrad. The book is not owned and may be freely taken. Inside you will find a listing of most Alchemical Formulas for potion creation as well as some ideas on where to find the necessary reagents.

    Unzip the file into the Data directory of your Oblivion i

    uploaded 8:21, 9 Apr 2006 3,889 198 448kb JSLSlim

  • The Baux Custom Race for Oblivion

    Q: What's going on here?
    A: It's a custom race, called the Baux.

    Q: Who are they?
    A: They're a rat-like race. Good at stealth, make good rogues.

    Q: Is there a story behind them?
    A: There's a book in top of one of the boxes outside the courier's shop in the Imperial Market District. Check that out. It's about 16 pages or s

    uploaded 7:36, 9 Apr 2006 223 11 2,631kb robothobo

  • Stolen Goods Unlock Limited for Oblivion

    One prominent merchant in each major city has now lost their innate ability to sense stolen goods. It shouldn't be too difficult to locate them...

    uploaded 7:33, 9 Apr 2006 398 16 7kb Akabar