• XTS Merchant Mod V1 for Oblivion

    This mod add a new Merchant to Balmora complete with gaf, he has the best armour inthe game forsale, weapons, lockpicks, probes, some good reading matereals down stairs, and the one the bout xtreme, he is a forgiving fellow, if you steal he might pretend he didnt notice. There will be more mods releced to work in conjunction with this mod.

    uploaded 23:01, 21 Jan 2006 150 5 0kb TheXtreme

  • Rings for Oblivion

    This plugin adds two rings and two amulets to the game.I have gone and changed the ring of healing to be better suited with a Restore than Fortify your health, magicka and fatigue.

    uploaded 21:10, 21 Jan 2006 24,923 5 0kb Zekumas

  • The One Ring To Rule Them All for Oblivion

    This is a great little ring. Isildor didnt give it up and i can see why, its contant effect makes you invisible and fortifies your sneak skill by 255!And the best part is you dont have to take this one to Mordor! Its inside the mages guild supply chest in Balmora.Happy Stealing-ANOTHER QUALITY MOD bY- -LAZEO-

    uploaded 3:09, 21 Jan 2006 219 10 0kb LAZEO

  • Werewolf Amulet for Oblivion

    This Mod Put a Amulet in the chest above "Ncarya :Fine Alchemist's" bed in balmora . This ring will turn the wearer into a werewolf-REQUIRES BLOODMOON-Another Quality Mod by...-LAZEO-

    uploaded 10:13, 20 Jan 2006 316 3 0kb LAZEO

  • Daedric Throwing Weapons for Oblivion

    This Mod Adds Daedric: Throwing Knife, Javelin and Throwing Axe. Enjoy!-COMPATIBLE WITH EVERYTHING--BY-LAZEO-

    uploaded 9:19, 20 Jan 2006 155 3 0kb LAZEO

  • ssuper crate for Oblivion

    uploaded 11:08, 15 Jan 2006 26 3 0kb skn

  • Ancient Lazion Armor Chest for Oblivion

    Meldor has discovered a strange chest. Don't bother asking him about it , his lips are sealed. maybe if you snoop around in his bedroom abit you might find a clue...A chest in Meldor's shop that contains full sets of Daedric,Glass,Ebony and all the best weapons, oh and a little bit of money to get you started-Does Not Require Bloo

    uploaded 4:18, 15 Jan 2006 278 7 0kb LAZEO

  • Vampire pack for Oblivion

    Go to the balmora mage's guild and look for a floating key over the table in the sleeping area. use it to open the chest on top of the dresser. The belt and a silence ring as well as the three vampire books are in the chest. The skulls on the table are actually doors to the 3 vampire lairs.

    uploaded 17:05, 12 Jan 2006 144 3 0kb shade2513

  • Duransamulet.esp for Oblivion

    The amulet has 70%sancuary and 5 points restore health on constant effect. This is not an uber item and is useful for those that want a little extra protection before they get the heavy armor or if they want to go without armor.

    uploaded 1:10, 11 Jan 2006 51 4 0kb dunmer_jediknight

  • Vaanic's Tapestries. for Oblivion

    This mod resource contains 24 tapestries, not added in the game.They have a space/psychadelic theme.Many thanks to Kissimura, Geonox, and Megil~Tel~Zeke for their support and permission!

    uploaded 21:40, 9 Jan 2006 94 2 0kb Vaanic~One

  • Chainmail Textures for Oblivion

    Two scans and a seamless tile I made from a chainmail cuirass we've had lying around. :)Feel free to use this any way you like. Just give me credit for the scans and tiling work.

    uploaded 16:17, 7 Jan 2006 275 8 0kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Remove Bounty w/o Joining Thieves Guild for Oblivion

    This mod adds some dialogue so that even if you can't join the thieves guild, they can still remove your bounty, except for the same price that the guards would charge you. This is basically the same thing as dropping anything stolen and talking to a guard, except it may add a bit of value for RPers.In case you don't have the 'pric

    uploaded 17:38, 3 Jan 2006 56 3 0kb Demon_Fire_9842