• oriental add for Oblivion

    Simple (but oriental) plugin for TESIV: Oblivion
    It adds 3 new (oriental - Akaviri) playable classes:
    GEISHA, RONIN (classic), RONIN (yari-spear) & some tweaks

    by marcmat,Poland
    relase ver.1_3

    uploaded 20:39, 1 Apr 2006 466 22 209kb marcmat

  • Compleat Enchanter for Oblivion

    Both versions of this mod make enchanting easier and enchanted weapons better. DO NOT USE BOTH VERSIONS TOGETHER. They will conflict with each other. Choose the version you would like to use and install only that version.

    Compleat Enchanter v. 1.4
    by Shimeru/Foxmaiden

    == Changes ==

    1.4 - Corrected bug related to scripted dialogue seque

    uploaded 20:36, 1 Apr 2006 2,153 72 10kb shimeru

  • Natural Faces DV for Oblivion

    Natural Faces Plugin for Oblivion
    Version 0.5
    by Maboroshi Daikon


    Version 0.5: 28 March 2006
    - Initial Release

    What does it do?
    Adds a higher resolution base texture for the following races:

    Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial

    uploaded 18:42, 1 Apr 2006 7,652 272 1,762kb d3m3nt0r

  • Better Berserk for Oblivion

    Changes the Orc Berserking ability to enhance agility instead of drain it. I was tired of being staggered over and over again by enemies when berserking.

    It also enhances speed by a small, but considerable amount, and gives you 60 extra health instead of the previous 20.

    Should work fine with any mods that dont use the Berserk Spell for anyth

    uploaded 18:30, 1 Apr 2006 291 10 1kb Thorm

  • More Sky Climates for Oblivion

    [Sky Climates Mod By j4m3sb0nd - Readme]

    The purpose of this mod is to add a larger array of weather types to be seen & immersed in, to add an even larger sense of variation & realism to further enhance the atmospheric gameplay of the game. Version 1.00 of the mod adds the following new weather systems to be encountered: Smokey Cl

    uploaded 16:43, 1 Apr 2006 2,011 92 453kb j4m3sb0nd-

  • FastHorse for Oblivion

    FastHorse v03 lets the 5 purchasable horses gallop real fast for two minutes before slowing down again, after which the process starts over. Dismount the horse to let it recover some health and speed occasionally.

    The previous version, v02, was malfunctioning. Please replace with this new version instead. This should fix the crashes

    uploaded 15:40, 1 Apr 2006 742 25 442kb Sjakal

  • Chargen With Numbers 0.02 for Oblivion

    *** UPDATED TO 0.02! ***

    Adds numbers to the sliders in the chargen screen.

    by me - Rick (aka rck on official ES forums, gibbed here)

    uploaded 15:39, 1 Apr 2006 30,504 669 5kb gibbed

  • More Arrows Recovered for Oblivion

    As a marksman, it gets pretty annoying to lose so many arrows on my adventures, so I figured I'd release a mod to help that. Instead of the standard 50% chance of recovering arrows from a slain opponent's body, there's a 75% chance. Arrows stick around for a lot longer before they disappear (10 minutes now I believe) and up to 100 arrows c

    uploaded 14:26, 1 Apr 2006 12,599 298 0kb daeger

  • Better Imperfect Water for Oblivion

    This mod aims to make the water in Oblivion less murkey without having you feel like you're swimming in perfect water.
    The default underwater view distance is very close and seems quite unrealistic considering you can see quite far underwater from above the water.



    uploaded 14:07, 1 Apr 2006 4,582 186 1kb Kitna

  • Althirs Balanced Actors for Oblivion

    Althir`s Balanced Actors

    The english Version of this mod can be found here:


    Edit: 14. April 2006

    Version 1.2 ist draußen.

    Änderrungen gegenüber Version 1.0:

    - Die „LeveledItems“ wurden nachgebessert. Ich hatte vorhe

    uploaded 10:34, 1 Apr 2006 319 10 1,369kb Althir

  • Sir Rasor Realistic Archer pack v2_0 for Oblivion

    Realistic archery mod by Sir Rasor. Arrows speeded up, also new shooting glove, bows which are slightly stronger :) Available anywhere to purchese.

    uploaded 10:10, 1 Apr 2006 239 21 3kb SirRasor

  • Brothers Help for Oblivion

    This mod is my gift to my fellow members of "The Family". Hail Night Mother and Dread Father. This mod adds a new topic to talk to Vicente before the "Accidents Happen" quest. If you do, you'll recieve a very useful ring. All you have to do is humble yourself and ask.

    uploaded 9:30, 1 Apr 2006 180 10 2kb lordxidar