• vampirism tweaks for Oblivion

    A simple mod that fixes several problems related to vampirism, particularly:
    1. the attribute/skill bonuses no longer count against your max

    2. 25% vampires now look human (as the plot/lore said).

    3. some bugs related to timing of changes in vampire states have been fixed

    See this thread:

    uploaded 3:56, 1 Apr 2006 389 13 6kb skyranger-1

  • Perception Ver 1 5 for Oblivion

    - Perception Version 1.5 for Oblivion by EvilGrinch

    Changes in Version 1.5 -

    Spell is now Area of Effect covering a very large radius. All creatures visible to the player should be affected, provided the invisible bolt fired by the spell impacts within a r

    uploaded 3:14, 1 Apr 2006 67 3 3kb EvilGrinch

  • No Respawn or Essential NPCS for Oblivion

    This mod removes the essential and respawn tag for all npcs in the game.

    uploaded 2:58, 1 Apr 2006 888 12 520kb Slig

  • Safe Archmage Storage for Oblivion

    Replaces respawning (item-eating) chest at the foot of the Arch-Mage's Bed with a non-respawning one, so that problem should be gone. I also replaced the wine-rack with a cupboard (there was precious little storage space) which necessitated moving the Enchanting/Spellmaking Altar (I forget which) to the other side of the room, but that's not

    uploaded 2:39, 1 Apr 2006 414 31 1kb johnmedgla

  • Cute Breton Girl for Oblivion

    Here is my Breton female character, Lily. Use her as is or tweak her to your own liking. :)


    Save 1 is my best attempt at a recreation starting from the very beginning.

    Save 2 is the original pictured face at my earliest existing save point (at the exit of the imperial sewers).

    Both are equally pretty, in my opinion. Use which

    uploaded 2:38, 1 Apr 2006 1,081 55 465kb JKoopman

  • No Starting Spells for Oblivion

    This mod simply disables the two default spells given to you at the beginning of the game. This is for those of us that want a pure combat/stealth game without the use of any magic . . . and just so happen to have no self-control.

    This is simply for those wanting to start a new game without the spells. If you enable the mod in your normal game

    uploaded 2:25, 1 Apr 2006 586 15 2kb TheDCProject

  • Wood Elf Fletcher for Oblivion

    v-0.1 to v-0.2 --- Changed base mana cost to 25 from 40.

    This mod adds a spell to the Wood Elf race: Gift of the Valenwood.

    GotV is a spell that will allow the Wood Elf to summon a number of arrows based on his Conjuration skill (1-5). These arrows are of a quality (iron to elven) which is based on her Marksman skill.

    Damage and Weight for

    uploaded 1:55, 1 Apr 2006 108 6 3kb Claybourne

  • Jarols NPC Equipment Mod for Oblivion

    Changes the equipment lists so that monsters and NPCs carry normal equipment while making high-end equipment rare.

    Oblivion's original concept of NPC spawns is somewhat flawed. At higher levels, the only equipment you got to see were the best of the best. Glass and Daedric armor became common in order to provide a challen

    uploaded 1:51, 1 Apr 2006 400 18 15kb Jarol

  • Double Bartering Money for Oblivion

    This mod doubles the amount of money that merchant NPCs have to barter with. it is not all NPCs, as not all trainers dont need alot of money.

    uploaded 1:43, 1 Apr 2006 822 25 79kb chriz945

  • Male Darkelve Face for Oblivion

    Created a Male Darkelve Face. Maybe you like it if you plan to play a Assasin, Thief and Vampire. You start at the End of the Tutorial.

    uploaded 1:42, 1 Apr 2006 60 2 259kb Dorn

  • Oblivion Static Alchemy Mod for Oblivion

    Oblivion Static Alchemy Mod
    v 1.0
    by: Shawn Dworshak a.k.a. Academician Nwahs

    This mod is primarily made for my fellow modders, as it does not add any of the static alchemy apparti to the game world itself. But puts all the necessary pieces into place so all one need do is drop one of the activators into the w

    uploaded 1:40, 1 Apr 2006 628 25 310kb Academician_Nwahs

  • Ride Wild Horses 2.0 for Oblivion

    This is version 2.0 of my wild horses mod for oblivion.

    2.0 changes:
    Aggression lowered and confidence increased. This should stop the horses from trying to kill everything they can possibly find, and stop them from running away for people who want that.

    uploaded 1:28, 1 Apr 2006 1,144 36 1kb Slig