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  • Name Replacer - Clothing for Oblivion

    This plugin changes the names of all the clothing in the game. I was tired of finding "Base Ring of This" and "Ring of That"; what boring names! So, I tried to come up with some better ones. These names still fit the clothing's actual purpose, but are a bit more subtle than the old names were. Of course, since I came up with all the

    uploaded 3:00, 31 Mar 2006 331 16 9kb bkrisher

  • DB Enhancement Mod for Oblivion

    This mod changes both the Dark Brotherhood Robe and the Shrouded Armor you get from the Dark Brotherhood to allow you to wear different gauntlets and boots with it.

    uploaded 1:51, 31 Mar 2006 325 16 0kb mange99

  • Sparring Mod for Oblivion

    Now you can learn fighting the real way! This mod adds Lucio Varus, a seasoned legion instructor, to the 'Foaming Flask' in the Talos District. For a small fee (depends on your level) he spars with you once a day outside the city (don't worry...practice swords and maces with low damage are included).

    Don't bring any pets or NPCs to

    uploaded 1:07, 31 Mar 2006 1,189 23 311kb Zarkis

  • Natural Wildlife v1.3 for Oblivion

    Makes animals (rats, bears, boars, mountain lions, mud crabs, dogs, and wolves) behave more naturally. All animals runs a script to determine their behaviour against others.

    Basically, with this mod you will encounter three types of animals in Cyrodiil:
    - aggressive animals that attack you on sight (like the original ones do)
    - shy animals t

    uploaded 0:50, 31 Mar 2006 10,717 344 6kb torag

  • leveled item fix for Oblivion

    what this mod does:

    1)lets merchants sell anything regardless of your level
    2)makes loot based on rarity and not level, ie its possible (not likely) to find a high level item early in the game
    3)allows enchanted items to appear before level 3
    4)stops all enemies getting high level armour at certain points, they will always be more likely to h

    uploaded 0:34, 31 Mar 2006 642 35 17kb watchinthewheels

  • Alduran - new race for Oblivion

    "Puny human"
    "I'm stronger than you, I mash you"
    "HAH HAH HAH me happy, me mashed him"
    "Me head is not working, HAH HAH HAH, now me smash you"

    uploaded 0:19, 31 Mar 2006 345 8 1,599kb MageThief

  • Huntsmans Lodge for Oblivion

    Updated to Version 2:
    -Fixed respawning containers; some still do respawn; please check included readme.
    -Locked the front door; the key can be found somewhere in Breakneck Cave.

    It's not necessary nor reccommended to reinstall this version in a game that already has the lodge in it, as the door will be locked, the included gear will be dup

    uploaded 0:09, 31 Mar 2006 5,244 131 132kb bkrisher


    Meet... Angelica.
    She is a 23 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed, Breton beauty. She stands about 5 foot 11 inches and weighs in at just over 135lbs.

    This gorgeous woman is here at your FULL control, cloned at the age of 23 she has ALOT to learn. This my friend is up to YOU!

    To watch my creation\your new woman come to life please extract

    uploaded 0:00, 31 Mar 2006 1,720 56 169kb SKiNBuS

  • Guiles Scroll Renamer for Oblivion

    This plugin changes the names of all the scrolls in the game. I was getting tired of picking up a scroll named "Drain Skill: Acrobatics" or "Superior Absorb Health." What happened to all the fun scroll names from Morrowind, I wondered? Well, rather than just wonder, each scroll now has a unique name. Obviously, the name reflects what t

    uploaded 23:57, 30 Mar 2006 340 22 9kb bkrisher

  • Reznod Mannequins for Oblivion

    Once in the game you can go to the following stores to buy the mannequins:
    -The Fair Deal - Bravil
    -Novaroma - Bruma
    -Borba's Goods and Stores - Cheydinhal
    -Northern Goods and Trade - Chorrol
    -Three Brothers Trade Goods - Imperial City
    -Best Goods and Guarantees - Leyawiin
    -Colovian Traders - Skingrad

    Once you have a mannequin you can

    uploaded 22:13, 30 Mar 2006 58,782 2,188 1,085kb reznod

  • Cheydinhal Petshop v17 for Oblivion

    * 14 Pets to choose from: Golden Lab, Chocolate Lab, Husky, Panther, Imp, Spectacled Bear, Akaviri Bear (Panda), Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, White Akavirian Tiger, Battle Boar, Mudcrab, Cougar, and the Skeleton
    * Every 5th level a pet will grow in physical size, ending at 30
    * Each time you level your character your pet will level too wh

    uploaded 22:05, 30 Mar 2006 78,607 1,476 22,141kb Proudfoot

  • autoFloraHarvest for Oblivion

    This mod is not extensively tested. Make sure you keep a saved game before you use this mod.

    Version 0.3 Update!
    This version will harvest EVERY plant that you walk near if you use the "autoFloraDEJ_Harvest.esp" file. It works better because it removes the flora from view until a cell resets and thus flags it as already bei

    uploaded 22:03, 30 Mar 2006 7,297 101 17kb BurningToad