• super start for Oblivion

    this mod allows you to begin the real game without any of the sewers or prison ambushes. There is a door in your cell that asks you if you want to change your class or birthsign, change them to choose them. There is a chest right next to you when you start that contains:
    every iron weapon (long sword, short sword, bow, 50 arrows, war axe, battle a

    uploaded 0:44, 6 Apr 2006 1,482 55 6kb druidchamp

  • Countess Reskin V2 for Oblivion

    Black Countess Dress Reskin V2.0
    ~~By Try4Ce~~

    I was bored of the standard blue Countess Dress after a while.
    Black is more beautiful if you ask me.

    Added an additional Dress callend "Black Countess Dress"
    wich can be found in the Imperial City "Divine Elegance" shop.
    Also included is the normal blue edition, but with th

    uploaded 23:32, 5 Apr 2006 1,515 43 7,374kb Try4Ce

  • Kharnns Dreadsteed Mod for Oblivion

    Gives Shadowmere a flame effect. Maybe in the future if people want I will upload a mod with different abilities.

    uploaded 23:29, 5 Apr 2006 261 4 0kb Kharnn

  • Rustys Dungeons for Oblivion

    This is my first Dungeon. :) It took me a lot of days to make it.
    It has a lot of Loot but many enemies too! All loot and enemies are same level as you are! Every 3 days the dungeon will be full again!
    I will make 10 Dungeons. So far I have done 3 of them in the row. The deeper you will go the more loot it will have and it will get harder. Dungeo

    uploaded 23:13, 5 Apr 2006 2,266 60 33kb badIRONTREE

  • Faster Mercantile leveling for Oblivion

    If you find that your minor skill, Mercantile, is going up way too slowly compared to your other minor skills, then this might suit you well.
    It basically makes you level in Mercantile 2.5 times faster than before (reason being that the original "use value" associated with making a sale is 0.4; I changed that to 1; 1 divided by 0.4 = 2.5).

    uploaded 22:22, 5 Apr 2006 3,272 138 3kb GIGN

  • Muffin Merchants for Oblivion

    Muffin Merchants v1.0

    This mod changes some of the max gold value for merchants. I was tired of finding things worth lots of money and only getting a paltry fraction of the value.

    Regular merchants changed:

    Jensine in Imperial Market District: increased to 2500 gold.
    Gunder in Skingrad: increased to 4500 gold.

    uploaded 22:15, 5 Apr 2006 355 9 4kb pseudomuffin

  • Censored Horses for Oblivion

    Censored Horses

    Go on, admit it, you've tried not to look but you just can't help it... well worry no longer! This mod will make the horses less "anatomically correct" so you don't have to stare at... y'know... when you're trying to ride your horse, cause frankly no one wants to see that.

    Also fixed a minor texture overla

    uploaded 21:36, 5 Apr 2006 908 48 3,257kb Naoki7

  • Gloves for Oblivion

    This mod just adds non-armor versions of the three least armor-like gloves in the game (leather bracers, leather gloves, and fur gloves). Considering the lack of gloves in the game I would honestly be surprised if nobody did this before me, but I couldn't find it for download so I made it and uploaded it. Enjoy!

    uploaded 20:53, 5 Apr 2006 700 35 1kb seorin

  • Mythic Dawn Armored Robes for Oblivion

    Mythic Dawn Armored Robes 1.0 - by Kaze of Winds

    Made an armored variant of the mythic dawn robe because I liked the look and tacked stuck it on most of the mythic dawn NPCs.The armor value is the same as the Shrouded you get from DB but with no mods.

    Easiest place to pick it up is in the starting bit, If you want to get it from the console t

    uploaded 20:06, 5 Apr 2006 423 8 7kb kaze of winds

  • Better grass texture without tiling for Oblivion

    Version 1.0

    Grass in the distance has a rather annoying pattern in it. This new grass texture fixes most of it.

    Unzip .rar in oblivion "data" folder. The texture should unzip into textures/landscape folder automatically.

    Then add following line "textures/landscape/terrainhdgrass01su.dds"

    into "ArchiveInvalidation.txt",

    uploaded 19:52, 5 Apr 2006 45,649 1,165 147kb minium

  • Sleep Well Inn for Oblivion

    It adds a Inn in Weye(West of the Imperial City) that you can sleep at for free. It has a couple book cases, three barrels,one chest and a NPC. To install all you have to do is move the file to C:\program files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data (depending on where you installed the files, it might be different from this location). A

    uploaded 19:40, 5 Apr 2006 132 2 98kb Motoko21

  • Chameleon-NoRefraction for Oblivion

    Disables the refraction effect when you use chameleon. The result is that you are just partially see through depending on how much % chamelion you are using.

    At 100% you still dissapear, but at 20, 60, 80% it looks much nicer and you can still see yourself.

    You may have to unequip/re-equip your gear to trigger the change.

    uploaded 18:17, 5 Apr 2006 14,017 373 0kb demuerte