• Compass Marker Reducer for Oblivion

    Reduces the distance at which "points of interest" icons appear on the compass (quest pointers are unaffected). No longer will markers show up from seemingly miles away. You pretty much have to be within sight of the area (or at least close enough that your character could realistically see it; I'm guessing 50 to 75 feet).

    This is a l

    uploaded 17:57, 26 Mar 2006 611 28 1kb Mountain Man

  • Robes over Armour for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to wear a Robe over the top of your Armour.


    Also please note:this mod may make NPCs who normally wear robe appear naked! (in thier underwear) I am aware of this problem and currently doing my best to fix it.

    uploaded 17:53, 26 Mar 2006 514 15 3kb fuzzylumpkin

  • Prompt At Two Items for Oblivion

    This mod simply gives the user a "How many" prompt when selecting an item which he has at least two of. (The default is three) This can make it much easier for people who buy and sell a lot, or move things around in storage fairly often.

    uploaded 14:43, 26 Mar 2006 242 33 1kb dysesothymteric

  • Ryudars Kahjiit Human Eyes Replacer for Oblivion

    Default Eye Replacers for your existing Khajiit (Note: All Khajiits in Oblivion will get your chosen eye color!)

    Available in light-green, blue, red,yellow, white and black

    uploaded 14:05, 26 Mar 2006 100 3 312kb Ryudar

  • Feletheus Aspar [Merchant] for Oblivion


    - Have 15000 gold on him
    - Can almost buy everything from you.
    - Can recharge and repair armors and weapons.
    - Located in the abandoned house in Anvil.
    - Hard to barter with.


    - First release.

    uploaded 12:45, 26 Mar 2006 731 28 3kb MackeMan

  • Reverse Vampire for Oblivion

    Reverses the decay so that vampire powers weaken over time instead of strengthen. Drinking blood now makes your vampiric powers stronger, not weaker.

    Sunlight always hurts the vampire to some degree for balance.

    Now includes AgeOffset change to reduce aging of vampire face.



    1.2 Added the AgeOffse

    uploaded 11:21, 26 Mar 2006 2,209 46 11kb evilhyde

  • Skingrad Cottage for Oblivion

    This adds a small free cottage just outside Skingrad. Its right near the vineyards, up a hill. Decorated with a variety of items, and nothing unbalancing, this is perfect for those seeking a small house to store their stuff in.

    uploaded 10:15, 26 Mar 2006 219 13 37kb locater16

  • End of Sewers savegame for Oblivion

    This is not a MOD, it is a savegame, but it's at the end of the tutorial sewers, with a full inventory of loot that is obtainable in the dungeon. Only one copy (and the best quality, not durability) of the items is in the inventory. So, instead of a rusty iron war axe, you get an iron war axe.

    uploaded 10:03, 26 Mar 2006 11,285 285 261kb IAmTheRad

  • Dark Khajiit Race for Oblivion

    --What does this mod do?
    It adds a new race for a player-character to select at the start of the game, differing from the standard Khajiit in the initial shade of its fur and in two default attribute settings, as well as all standard hairstyles and eyes being available for selection. The initial color of the fur upon selecting Dark Khajiit as one

    uploaded 9:05, 26 Mar 2006 862 15 58kb kynetarse

  • Deadlier Sneaking for Oblivion

    Deadlier Sneaking 1.1, 5 April 2006
    Created by Haarvest - haarvest@hotmail.com

    1.1 notes-
    Increased normal sneaking movement from 60% normal to 80% normal.
    Increased maximum sneaking distance to equal max arrow distance.
    It should now be impossible to sneak while holding a light source.
    Sleeping targets are now much less likely to detect ha

    uploaded 7:16, 26 Mar 2006 9,228 248 1kb haarvest

  • Skingrad Home Bookshelves for Oblivion

    This mod only adds books and decorations to the empty bookshelves in the skingard home's bedroom and main house. Adds 2 more display cases to the bedroom, changes the tapestry in the bedroom and adds more food to the dining table. Other than this nothing has changed.

    uploaded 6:56, 26 Mar 2006 249 7 9kb Klund

  • Recoloured Underwear for Oblivion

    Basicly it recolours the default underwear into a more attractive colour ! There are 5 choices of colours, Black, Blue(actually more a bluey/purple), Green, Red & lastly Yellow... and thats about it !!!

    uploaded 6:55, 26 Mar 2006 2,116 35 491kb thefunky1