• Warp Reality Spell for Oblivion

    "Warp Reality Spell" v0.5 by Istarius
    April 10, 2006

    Adds a new spell called Warp Reality. This spell exchanges the location of the caster and its target. Currently, it can be purchased from Agata in the Leyawiin Mages' Guild.

    0.5 - First release.


    uploaded 22:56, 10 Apr 2006 945 15 3kb kokorozashi

  • Improved Potion of Exploration for Oblivion

    Version 1.1 - (See Author's Notes for the changelist)

    This adjusts the reward for the "Seeking your Roots" quest. For all the collecting of Nirnroots that is required, the potion you get for your troubles isn't that great. It seems that all the potions were aimed for the quest to be done at level one. Unfortunately, if you just occas

    uploaded 21:40, 10 Apr 2006 357 16 3kb Stabbey_the_Clown

  • BoneGrind for Oblivion

    UPDATE #3:
    Fixes a minor issue with the novice mortar and pestle from the first dungeon not working.

    UPDATE #2:
    Fixes an issue where a few rare Novice Mortars and Pestles don't count as mortars and pestles. Totally my fault :(

    Fixes critical issue in which I erroneously hit "Recompile All" causing it to override mods that

    uploaded 20:45, 10 Apr 2006 4,618 173 2kb NVShacker

  • OptimizedLODHeads for Oblivion

    This is only really needed for low-end comps!

    extract to /data subdir, so you get /data/meshes/characters

    I'm currently experimenting with adding LOD models to all the models in OB. LOD models = progressive polygon details, similar how mipmap LOD works, but except for polygons,

    i was told that Bethesda did not make LOD m

    uploaded 20:27, 10 Apr 2006 684 25 3,473kb fuc847

  • lots cheap varla stones for Oblivion

    10 April 2006 ver 1.0

    This mod helps easily recharge magic weapons.

    Now merchant Calindil in Imperial City (Traders District, Mystic Emporium) has 999 changed Varla Stones (respawn period - 72 hours).

    They still fully recharge magic weapons, but have weight only 0.1 (old weight 1.0) and base price 50 (old price 1000).

    Disadvantage -

    uploaded 20:11, 10 Apr 2006 383 17 1kb ss7877

  • dtLevitation for Oblivion

    Try this esp i you want to have a basic levitation spell:
    Problems of esp should be cleaned now ( i uploaded it in ASCII banghead.gif )

    A new Levitation Spell available with Volinaro in Bruma's Guild Mage.
    It is very intentionally slow.

    Interface: (perhaps to be rev

    uploaded 20:05, 10 Apr 2006 1,397 32 3kb daesdemon

  • Vizs OMod Selection April 10th Release for Oblivion

    Author : Viz
    Date :
    Website : www.vizp.com (Personal Fiction Site) - email: [email protected]
    Credits : Online Community forums at TESSource.com, Timeslip for his wonderful OBMM utility and all the Mod makers involved

    Viz's OMod Selection

    This isn't quite the second release of the OMod pack but

    uploaded 19:23, 10 Apr 2006 118 6 4,051kb Viz79

  • Advanced Water Modification for Oblivion

    You must be thinking.... Oh noes, not another water mod!

    Chill down, because this one ain't like the rest. I promise.


    * Advanced Calculations & Algorithms were used in the Process. (Result: More Vivid colours, Enhanced Water Surface and Crisper Reflections)

    * Viewing distance beneath the water surface was increased. Al

    uploaded 19:03, 10 Apr 2006 33,684 731 2kb Abdullah

  • Leveled Shadowmere for Oblivion

    Makes Shadowmere a leveled horse. I got tired of him not doing as well on higher levels. To install, unzip in the data folder.

    Note that this mod also adds to Shadowmere's speed, making Shadowmere the fastest horse in the game.

    uploaded 18:56, 10 Apr 2006 509 29 1kb JONJONAUG

  • Artifacts of Tamriel 300 for Oblivion

    Plug-in: Cleitanious
    Artwork: M'Aiq
    Dragonbone Armor: Jayson
    White & Gold Outfit: Sh1fter
    Eleidon's Ward and Lod's Mail: Painkiller

    Seeking a challenge? Seeking Artifacts of great power? Then seek out the book "Tamrielic Lore", inside this book lists the greatest known artifacts and relics of Tamriel, along with hints as to th

    uploaded 18:56, 10 Apr 2006 10,230 420 18,222kb ByblosHex

  • Torn Pelts Mod for Oblivion

    When you kill a bear or wolf with a blade, it'll drop a torn pelt.

    uploaded 18:06, 10 Apr 2006 33 1 5kb marcusklaas

  • Seasonal Plants for Oblivion

    This plugin SHOULD make ingredients available from plants in the seasons in which they normally are. So, if this works as it should, you have 80% chances of harvesting a pumpkin in autumn, but only 5% in spring. Flowers mostly bloom in spring-summer, except some who flower continuously (like the nightshade.) Mushrooms are mostly found in summer/aut

    uploaded 17:52, 10 Apr 2006 312 6 5kb Maquissar