• The Ultimate Knight Shop for Oblivion

    The Ultimate Knight Shop

    Author : Orry, aka "The Hand Of God"
    Version : 1.0

    Lucius Vitallius once a great Imperial legion Captain has retired.
    He was getting to old and didn't have the strenght to go on... He
    gained much experience in battle and is a brave knight but he also
    collected a lot of stuff on his great journey's.

    uploaded 15:10, 21 May 2005 3,048 26 0kb

  • Oceanic Plasma Weapons for Oblivion

    A new shipment of exclusive weapons has arrived to wayn in Balmoras Fighters Guild. The weapons was forged in Summerset and are very powerfull, but they come with a high price.Go to Wayn to take a look at the weapons!This mod adds four new weapons to the game, two Axes and two Maces,

    uploaded 15:44, 20 May 2005 227 4 0kb

  • Salusa Staves for Oblivion

    This mod adds a new shop east of Vivec which sells several new staves. Most use new meshes made by myself, and are comparable stat-wise to the better staves already in game. It also adds a quest for the most powerful staff added.

    uploaded 5:01, 19 May 2005 228 8 0kb

  • Meteoric Steel Mail for Oblivion

    Meteoric Steel Mail by Cethegus
    A Plugin for TES3 Morrowind

    1. Requirements
    2. Information
    3. Issues
    4. Credits and Thanks
    5. Terms of use
    6. Contact

    Read all of this text, it contains important information!


    1. Requirements

    This plugin requires Morrowind and Bloodmoon (because of the location and the scripting f

    uploaded 1:49, 19 May 2005 294 9 0kb

  • Ring of Obfuscation for Oblivion

    Start the quest at the Hlaalu Vault in Vivec City, and follow the clues through Mournhold and Solstheim to find the magical ring.

    uploaded 23:54, 17 May 2005 87 3 0kb

  • Clothing mesh collection for Better Bodies for Oblivion

    A number of raw clothing meshes for Better Bodies. No plugin is included, and the textures are just polygon maps that aid retexturing. All meshes come in 1-bit alpha enabled as well as full alpha enabled versions. Most also come in versions without alpha enabled. The set includes:For both male and female characters:- A plain

    uploaded 9:06, 17 May 2005 2,405 35 0kb

  • Clean wooden longbow(s) v 2.01 for Oblivion

    wooden longbows v.2.0 by The_inwah and anoldfriend********************************************************************************************Installation:Installation should be pretty simple... meshes (nif file) goes into the meshes folder,texture (the bmp file) goes into the textures folder. and the icond (tga file) goes intot

    uploaded 14:17, 15 May 2005 148 5 0kb

  • castle eaglestone for Oblivion

    Centurion´s Castle Eaglestone
    (Included Lorathiels "Knight Stand")

    New isle with your own castle offshore north of Khuul (-10;20).
    Don´t worry about getting lost at "the end of the world", there is a mage offering travel-service
    to Balmora and Ebonheart.
    This castle is meant being a reward for your outstanding achivements in the

    uploaded 17:48, 12 May 2005 619 7 0kb

  • wolfen castle for Oblivion

    Wolfen Castle is on a new island complex south of Ebonheart. The castle itself
    is very large. This is not intended to be a cheat plugin, so there is no
    fantastic treasure. There are a couple of things that assist with travel,
    but they are reasonable and balanced. What this plugin does provide is a
    huge keep for the player's use, a min

    uploaded 17:48, 11 May 2005 480 11 0kb

  • The Masks Of The Gods Project for Oblivion

    This Project adds:The Masks of the Gods. This project is based on the gods of Morrowind. It adds the mask of Dagoth Ur, Sotha Sil, Almalexia and Hircine. The masks are own made meshes but the textures are from the Tribunal BSA, Morrowind BSA and Bloodmoon BSA. Check the screenshots for a good look of the masks.You need both they exp

    uploaded 16:13, 8 May 2005 213 1 0kb

  • The Almalexia Project for Oblivion

    This Project adds: The Almalexia armor is based on the armor of the goddess Almalexia in the game. We made the mask and the whole complete armor + we added a full armor with nice gold rims that really shine! Check the screenshots for a good look of the armor. The Almalexia race is based on the looks of the goddess Almalexia in game.

    uploaded 15:17, 8 May 2005 272 4 0kb

  • Wooden longbow for Oblivion

    from the read me:wooden longbow by anoldfriend and The_inwah********************************************************************************************Installation:Installation should be pretty simple... meshes (nif file) goes into the meshes folder,texture (the bmp file) goes into the textures folder. and the icond (tga fi

    uploaded 16:47, 7 May 2005 101 1 0kb