• New Nord for Oblivion

    I upped the Nord's Frost resistence from 50% to 75%.
    I also added a new class, Helgsven (Nordic Holy Warrior). No picture

    I also added a new spell, Aid (Heal touch 10 pts) which is added to the PC's spells when they major in Restoration (the only spell class with only one automatic spell).

    uploaded 6:32, 8 Apr 2006 102 4 0kb Vash_HS

  • LWB Unarmored for Oblivion

    This was the place I originally uploaded my mod. I'm not sure how to delete this entry and use the other, so I will just refer you to the link where I keep the updated one:


    uploaded 6:09, 8 Apr 2006 54 2 14kb Animation

  • Robes Upper Body Only for Oblivion

    This simply changes all Robes to use the upper body slot only so now you can wear greaves when wearing robes.

    uploaded 6:08, 8 Apr 2006 3,149 60 2kb sods

  • Simple Compass for Oblivion

    Changes the compass to a clean and less bulky design. See preview image for comparison.

    Unzip to your "Oblivion\Data" folder.

    Delete these files from your "Oblivion\Data" folder:


    uploaded 6:07, 8 Apr 2006 1,318 48 42kb ceski

  • Black Soul Merchant for Oblivion

    Evil doers rejoice! Gargamel located in All things Alchemical, Skingrad, sells black soul gems as well as regular ones. He can also train your cnjuration skill.

    uploaded 5:31, 8 Apr 2006 2,662 98 1kb Madakoo

  • TC Blank World for Oblivion

    This file is missing:
    Cell Data
    Worldspace Data
    Region Data
    Idle Animations (The program I am using makes the CS crash when these are added, unfortunately)

    I left in most everything else to give a general base to work with.

    This is no where near the level i'd prefer it to be, but I have gone as far as I can at the moment, given the too

    uploaded 4:28, 8 Apr 2006 198,489 3 0kb sven8136

  • All In One Basement for Oblivion

    This oblivion mod adds a basement to each house you can purchase. What makes this building mod unique is the fact that it's the same basement no matter which house you buy. Buy one house or buy all of them; the basement stays the same. This gives the player one consistent area to store all his loot.

    uploaded 3:56, 8 Apr 2006 32,013 840 15,048kb TomWithTheWeather

  • Merchant Fence for Oblivion

    Adds a new merchant fence in Faregyl Inn called Darius the Fence. As well as buying your stolen merchandise, Darius can sell you lockpicks and jewels (10 of each then reloads after 24 hour) Darius can also train your sneak skill.

    uploaded 2:30, 8 Apr 2006 270 7 2kb Madakoo

  • Shady Sam Enhanced Fence for Oblivion

    TES IV, Oblivion
    Shady Sam Enhanced 1.0

    Many people might not know Shady Sam, since many people may not ever discover him. Shady Sam is a merchant, a fairly shady one in fact, that is included in the Oblivion game by Bethesda. What Sam sells is various poisons and lockpicks to those casual thieves who arn't members of the Thieves Guild, in f

    uploaded 2:07, 8 Apr 2006 2,332 129 3kb Kilderon

  • Summon Creature Pack Beta for Oblivion

    NEW AND IMPROVED. Summon 19 different creatures! Boar, Bear, Rat, Dog, Wolf, Spriggan, Troll, Ogre, Wisp, Unicorn, Goblin, Mountain Lion, Ram, Deer, Slaughterfish, Mudcrab, Land Dreugh, Imp, Minotaur! NO COMPATABILITY PROBLEMS! Use all of them!


    Eventually will be balanced and the spells will be put in stores rather than you

    uploaded 1:53, 8 Apr 2006 1,823 35 7kb Xaziv

  • TeMpOs Jewellery for Oblivion

    TeMpO`s Jewellery 1.0

    This Mod gives you the following equipment:
    TeMpO`s Amulet of Power, TeMpO`s Ring of Attributes, and TeMpO`s Ring of Restoration.

    TeMpO`s Ring of Restoration Constantly restores all attributes, Fatigue, Health and Magicka. The Others, you`ll have to see for yourself.

    uploaded 1:06, 8 Apr 2006 1,166 76 1kb TempoJMFS

  • Difficulty Scaler for Oblivion

    This mod will make the hardest setting 5 times harder than normally hardest. and the easiest 5 times easier than normally easiest. just use the slider as usual, but remember, any change couts 5 times more.

    uploaded 0:57, 8 Apr 2006 492 29 0kb xuphor