• More Arena Spectators for Oblivion

    Get the lite version here; Half the spectators, half the fps hit:

    MoreArenaSpectators.esp 1.0

    --- Mod description
    Bethesda got a bit lazy and put about 10 spectators in the arena. This mod creates a couple hundred more spectators to cheer you up !

    uploaded 10:16, 30 Mar 2006 3,128 100 28kb PizzasRgooD

  • Ultimate Archer for Oblivion

    Become the ULTIMATE ARCHER!

    * Lighter Arrows (carry more!)
    * Faster Arrows (lead less!)
    * More Powerful Bows & Arrows (fire less!)
    * Better Snipe-Zoom for a clear shot (guess less!)
    * Almost double the range! (close-in less!)


    The closest you can get to Springfield rifle using bows!

    uploaded 10:04, 30 Mar 2006 4,695 120 28kb dbolivar

  • Ride Wild Horses for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to ride wild horses that you find scattered in the wild.

    uploaded 7:39, 30 Mar 2006 424 17 2kb Slig

  • EncumbranceMod for Oblivion

    This mod changes the multiplyer give to boost your Encumbrance to 75 times your strength ability level. Requested by DecayAway in the Official Oblivion Forums.

    Extract EncumbranceMod.esp to your Oblivion\Data directory.
    Then enable the mod in the Data Files menu in the launcher.

    uploaded 7:21, 30 Mar 2006 845 29 1kb myxomatosisman

  • Improved Atronach for Oblivion

    No pain, no gain!

    This mod makes The Atronach a slightly better birthsign by adding a second way to regain Magicka. Any time an Atronach is damaged in combat, they'll regain 20% of that damage in magicka. The damage isn't reduced, it's just magicka regeneration from the pain.

    The Atronach still has 150 extra magicka, 50% spell absorp

    uploaded 7:05, 30 Mar 2006 387 15 2kb Digizen

  • Rays Leveling Mod for Oblivion


    Weapons list created. The files to add to desired NPCs are LL1NPCWeapon*Chance. Unlike armor, the weapons list was designed to drop a weapon EVERY time, as to not ever allow an NPC to go unarmed. Sorry, didnt mess with arrows, ill mess with that hornets nest sometime in the future. For now, I will start adding the lists to NPCs so I can hav

    uploaded 6:59, 30 Mar 2006 37 3 33kb sparkin50

  • Saddlebags Test for Oblivion

    Proof of concept of horse saddlebags functionality. Feel free to use as a starting point for a complete mod.

    uploaded 5:46, 30 Mar 2006 81 6 3kb Cloud Ruler

  • Specular Fix 1.1 for Oblivion

    This mod fixes the crashes associated with incorrect specular lighting on some objects. The 30 objects found have now been removed. If problems still occur in some areas, PM me and I will investigate.

    To install just put the file in your data directory and enable it in the splash window under the data files category.

    uploaded 5:06, 30 Mar 2006 1,969 93 8kb Odweaver

  • service amulet for Oblivion

    This amulet will give you carry more 9000 pound items,and provide follow services:
    spellmaking, enchantment, change birthsign, change level, clearcrimegold, cure , cheats

    ----LAST CHANGE--
    1.1.1 change level without other change, can set to lv1, or cur lv +1 +5 +10 -1 -5 -10


    dagger's service amulet

    2006-3-30 v1.1

    uploaded 4:54, 30 Mar 2006 3,842 171 3kb dagger

  • Cheaper Recharge for Oblivion

    All this does is changes the recharge cost on enchanted equipment from 1 gold per point of charge to 0.4 gold per point. This makes the enchantment recharge cost 2.5 times cheaper.

    uploaded 4:09, 30 Mar 2006 458 21 1kb Amodeus

  • My House for Oblivion

    My House by Encifer

    This will put a house right next to the East gate in Cheydinhal.
    It's impossible to miss it. There a lot of large desks and display cases that are perfect for showing of your massive collections. You'll also notice my tribute to Morrowind just inside the front door.

    Install instructions are in the readme.

    uploaded 3:48, 30 Mar 2006 205 20 9kb Encifer

  • Imperial Watch Armor Enabler for Oblivion

    A simple toggle to the properties of Imperial Watch armor (worn by palace guards and captains such as Lex) which makes it possible to loot and wear this armor. The armor is unmodified, and is Heavy and functionally identical to ordinary Steel (perhaps slightly better, I haven't checked fully). No spawns have been made so expect a difficult time

    uploaded 3:22, 30 Mar 2006 815 25 2kb Nakar