• AnebetRa2 for Oblivion

    The City itself is on top of a hill/plateau, and is entered either by climbing up one peak or by Guar caravan from Balmora. 'Anebet-Ra' means 'Walled City of Ra' in Ancient Egyptian.
    This includes many buildings:
    - A Tailor
    - A Leather shop
    - A Tavern
    - Guest Housing
    - A Temple with some tombs, and the Holy Grail
    - A Deli
    - A B

    uploaded 10:14, 14 Feb 2006 142 3 0kb morsepone7

  • RTS Thrones Missing Texture Fix for Oblivion

    Oops, I forgot the fringe texture for the Golden and Bright Thrones Packs. Here it is.

    uploaded 1:11, 14 Feb 2006 25 1 0kb redwoodtreesprite

  • MWRandItem for Oblivion

    uploaded 1:24, 13 Feb 2006 152 5 0kb bjam

  • Acs Dungeon Generator GUI for Oblivion

    uploaded 22:53, 12 Feb 2006 253 6 0kb bjam

  • Mog Moogle Temple for Oblivion

    This mod adds a cliff dwelling southeast of Seyda Need, easily accessible for a greenhorn Moogle new to the land. No new quest, just a hireling NPC (king Laharl). Quests would be nice. Adds 8 new mog hairstyles, weapons and armor based of of Final Fantasy 7, 10, and 10-2. Yuna's Tiny Bee gun! Rikku's theif blade, cactaur staffs, EGL styles,

    uploaded 8:01, 12 Feb 2006 483 6 0kb nikikuriton

  • Dagger of Symmachus New Mesh for Oblivion

    It always bothered me that the Dagger of Symmachus lacked a unique mesh (and looked just like a regular old glass dagger). So, since I recently obtained a copy of 3DS Max, I decided to fix that! Here's the Dagger of Symmachus forged anew, with a brand new mesh and even two new textures. It looks, at least in my opinion, much cooler now, and much

    uploaded 4:38, 12 Feb 2006 531 11 0kb Plangkye

  • W32.D Hard NPC for Oblivion

    This mod will add two new very strong NPC one at Balmora and one at Seyda Neen for people that think their char is overpoweredim sure these NPC will give u a bit of a challange or maybe to much Good Luck!

    uploaded 17:31, 11 Feb 2006 21 0 0kb W32.D

  • The Zone for Oblivion

    The Zone(Tribunal) is compiled for Morrowind Tribunal .You can’t run The Zone (Tribunal) without having Tribunal add-on installed.
    The add-on contains a new race, new territory, armor, weapons and so on. Most part of objects (including buildings and containers) are new models.
    Territory of the Zone is a Myst-like puzzle island, w

    uploaded 14:56, 10 Feb 2006 0 2 0kb Tarazaur

  • MCA Knights of Tamriel Addon for Oblivion

    Adds the six released Orders of the Knights of Tamriel to MCA. Multiple races and sexes will appear around the island. Also some other NPCs (warriors, skeleton heros, etc) may wear a few pieces of the various armor.Requires Morrowind Comes Alive v4.1, and you must have all the Knights of Tamriel files installed on your computer.You can

    uploaded 8:38, 7 Feb 2006 104 3 0kb Marbred

  • Extra Classes by Arakhor Vorac for Oblivion

    Five NPC classes (Necromancer, Noble, Priest, Savant and Warlock) have been tweaked and made playable and four new classes - the Blackguard (evil Crusader more-or-less), Swashbuckler (fast-talking roguish fighter), Vigilante (gentleman-pugilist) and Patriarch (vampire noble) are also available.

    uploaded 1:03, 7 Feb 2006 114 1 0kb Arakhor

  • LegibleScrolls.rar for Oblivion

    Legible Scrolls .01 plugin by MrDarkSimWhat does it do?It changes the scrolls font from daedric to legible text.For those of us that aren't daedric fluent :DInstallationIt depends on what expansions you have.If you have all 3 parts of Morrowind use Legible Scrolls MWGOTY.esp.If you just have Morrowind use Legible Scrolls

    uploaded 22:37, 6 Feb 2006 56 1 0kb MrDarkSim

  • Energy Balls for Oblivion

    Ever wanted to jump around thowing energy beams like on Dragonball Z? Well here is your chance! They come in 2 variations Small and Large. They are in the Mage's Guild supply chest in Balmora.

    uploaded 8:10, 4 Feb 2006 220 0 0kb LAZEO