• Sniper Crosshair for Oblivion

    Thin line crosshair calibrated for long range bow shots . Beside 4 notches (for
    standard, medium, long and clipping range) it contains 2 helper lines to
    estimate distance to target . It also moves sneak icon above crosshair so it
    doesn't interfer with aiming.

    Compatible with 3d person crosshair mod
    Compatible with variou

    uploaded 7:04, 2 Apr 2006 5,698 194 4kb Dark_MadMax

  • Jump Adjustment for Oblivion

    Very basic mod, it adjusts jump so to be more realistic--no more jumping with moon gravity. In general, the PC will rely on a high acrobatics score to make significant use of jump.

    uploaded 6:48, 2 Apr 2006 8,446 156 1kb PlasticFoamMan

  • Landscape LOD Texture Replacement Border regions for Oblivion

    Landscape LOD replacement textures for Oblivion
    Tamriel worldspace border regions
    Version 1.1
    by shaja

    Redistribution and/or repackaging of this texture package is expressly permitted, provided that this readme is not removed.
    These textures are based on the original Bethesd

    uploaded 6:46, 2 Apr 2006 49,420 1,041 35,769kb shaja

  • PFMs Unofficial Rarity Patch v2.0 for Oblivion

    PlasticFoamMan's Unoffical Rarity patch 2.0! For 2.0 details, check here:


    There is far too much to explain here, so I refer the DLer to either the TES forums where you can find an ongoing discussion(s) of this mod and specifically the readme.

    Generally, this mod helps to solv

    uploaded 6:45, 2 Apr 2006 83 1 65kb PlasticFoamMan

  • Dark Brotherhood Chapel-Memorial for Oblivion

    [Spoilers] Please do not read any further if you have not completed the entirety of the Dark Brotherhood story-line. The modification described in this post contains spoilers. If you're even remotely interested in the story-line and plan to finish it at some point, please do so before downloading this mod. You have been respectfully warned. [Spo

    uploaded 6:41, 2 Apr 2006 3,993 138 472kb aralina81

  • Arch Mages Robe Enchanted -- Expert Level for Oblivion

    Enchanted Arch Mages Robe with higher mods. This robe grants +250 magika fortification, +10 to all schools of magic and +15 to Willpower and Intelligence. It has an armor level of 30. The Arch Mage Robe is obtainable via quest.

    If you found the master version too unbalancing or my regular version too weak, then this is the mod for you. Unlike

    uploaded 6:02, 2 Apr 2006 765 24 3kb xanthan22

  • Better Destruction 1.01 for Oblivion

    Transcendant Destruction-

    Destruction skill bonuses for mages who have taken their Destruction skill above 100 via the many +skill items in the game, which without this mod become useless once the skill is capped at 100 naturally. In the default game, mana costs do not continue to go down after 100 skill, for example

    What this mod does:


    uploaded 5:41, 2 Apr 2006 750 38 3kb CuteUnit

  • Arch Mages Robe Enchanted -- Master Level for Oblivion

    This is the MASTER LEVEL enchanted Arch Mage's Robe, for higher level players and has a +450 magika fortification and Shield level 40. Additionally it has a Magika regeneration bonus of 10x. Like my other modded arch mage's robe it has bonuses to all 7 schools of magic although this shouldn't really be an issue at higher levels.

    The hi

    uploaded 5:35, 2 Apr 2006 2,260 86 2kb xanthan22

  • The Golden Arrow Archers Shop for Oblivion

    This adds "The Golden Arrow" Bow and Arrow Shop east of The Imperial City, near the fork to Cheydinhal along the road that circles the lake around the Imperial City.
    Loramir, the resident merchant/marksman trainer sells a vast assortment of bows and arrows.

    He sells:
    4 Levels of Fire Arrows
    4 Levels of Ice Arrows
    4 Levels of Shock Arro

    uploaded 5:23, 2 Apr 2006 11,334 341 62kb RM0099

  • Birthsigns NoMax for Oblivion

    Birthsign attribute bonuses no longer count against your limit of 100 in each attribute. So, if you're born under the sign of the steed, your maximum speed is 120, not 100.

    Note that if you are not playing a retroactive health mod, then this will cause the endurance bonuses from from The Warrior and The Lady to give you less HP as you gain

    uploaded 5:14, 2 Apr 2006 3,340 134 2kb skyranger-1

  • BurnesHouse for Oblivion

    This mod adds a house in Imperial City Market District next to Edgar's Discount Spells.

    Please note that this house, while small, has 5 chests full of equipment. If you do not want to use them, do not use this house, or use the CS to edit out the chests.

    tbd: chests in the house needs to be marked as owned, as a result

    uploaded 4:17, 2 Apr 2006 440 16 55kb Delanon

  • No Harvesting Failure for Oblivion

    Tired of failing to harvest that rare alchemy ingredient?

    Well fail no more!

    This mod changes a couple hundred values so that you never fail whenever you go to harvest an ingredient. This does not apply to standard food items such as corn, tomatoes, etc.

    Hope you enjoy, I was tired of being a master alchemist and failing to collect a patch

    uploaded 3:38, 2 Apr 2006 874 43 14kb relyks