• Smooth Leveling Mod version 1.1 for Oblivion

    (Version 1.1 fixes the vampire bug.)

    This mod eliminates most of the min/maxing required to build a great character in oblivion, allows attributes to pass 100, improves attributes with use, AND bases current health solely on current attributes.

    Four supported versions are included, with different leveling requirements:

    1) 10 points in majo

    uploaded 21:00, 27 Mar 2006 437 12 53kb Digizen

  • Arena Modification for Oblivion

    Current version: 0.9 (April 21, 2006)
    This mod removes the level scaling from Arena opponents (though additional plugin is available that adds it back for those who want it) and adds TEAM fights. (2vs2, 4vs4 and 6vs6 available).

    NOTE: Please do NOT save&exit the game after a team battle before you get a message about team fights being available

    uploaded 19:50, 27 Mar 2006 3,733 51 65kb Kaene

  • Updated Gem Price Fix for Oblivion


    Added Perfect Gems which are more valuble than the Flawless, adjustted prices more to put more spread between flawed and flawless. Added the new gems to the levelled lists.
    Added a easter egg, no cheating by opening up the CS to peek, now!

    Adjusts the prices of all gems and nuggets to make them more valuable. 50 gold for a gem see

    uploaded 19:33, 27 Mar 2006 3,588 68 9kb Galn

  • Everburn Torches for Oblivion

    Version 1.1 Adds a larger light radius to torches.

    A simple mod that changes the value of torches so that they will never burnout. Now Torches have a larger light radius.

    Just drop the file in your Oblivion/Data folder.

    uploaded 16:56, 27 Mar 2006 1,101 38 0kb stoutbear

  • Irresistible Allure Spell for Oblivion

    This is a new script effect spell that Thaurron at the Anvil Mages Guild will sell to you. It causes any NPC you cast it on to follow you for 60 seconds. Very useful if you need to lure someone away from the guards so you can kill them, steal from them, etc. Enjoy.

    The ESP file goes into \Oblivion\Data. Select it in the "Data Files"

    uploaded 16:23, 27 Mar 2006 297 12 2,187kb Oblivion Contrib

  • Marksman Chaos for Oblivion

    Adds a chest outside of the Gray Mare in Chorrol, filled with respawning arrows, custom-made for special effects and fun, and a custom-designed bow.

    Elastic Arrows: Stretch a person out and makes them fly away

    Paralysis Arrows: Paralyzes a person in place

    Explosion Arrows: Explodes with fire, killing anyone nearby and blowing them away

    uploaded 16:15, 27 Mar 2006 1,585 34 3kb Oblivion Contrib

  • fun tweaks for Oblivion

    Unzip this to oblivion/data then select it from data files when you start up the game

    There are now three files in there- below is fun tweaks

    These are just some little modifications to the game that shouldn't really affact the gameplay but will make it a little more fun

    1) increase in jump dist

    uploaded 15:25, 27 Mar 2006 630 21 1kb tobias321

  • Call Steed for Oblivion

    Hello everyone! This is my first mod, and I hope you all find it useful. smile.gif This mod should work great if you just want to leave your horse somewhere, take care of business, and then call him to you when you're done. This will allow you to keep you horse out of harm's way when getting near hostiles and then you can safely call him to y

    uploaded 15:22, 27 Mar 2006 231 7 4kb mcallon

  • Random Item Level for Oblivion

    To install just unzip in oblivion/data, after that select it on data file to run.

    What it does- this mod has all leveled items levels set to one, so that a monster can have any item it could independent of your lvl. Basically you can be a lvl 2 and fight a bandit with a glass longsword or be a lvl 25 an

    uploaded 15:02, 27 Mar 2006 474 11 28kb tobias321

  • Revealed Classes 1.1 for Oblivion

    Added classes:

    Ordinary citizens of the Empire, they are equally ill-suited for all endevours.
    Personality, Endurance (Stealth)
    Mercantile, Armorer, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Speechcraft

    These sorcerers prefer to use magic to summon beings to fight alongside them or for them.
    Willpower, Intelligence (Mag

    uploaded 15:02, 27 Mar 2006 290 12 4kb chuckybob

  • Merchants Buy Your Clutter for Oblivion

    This mod changes various clutter prices (Think dishes and plates and forks) from 0 to 1-2
    Bigger things like shovels and rakes are worth arround 5 gold
    Jewels are worth more now, so are silver and gold nuggets

    Makes stealing more profitable.

    Also makes animals drop more pelts/meat and tweaks those, so hunting is better. Animals now drop 5 m

    uploaded 13:40, 27 Mar 2006 674 41 10kb killaer

  • Mercenary Svenja for Oblivion

    Adds Svenja Hammerhand, a Nord mercenary, to the fighter guild in Chorrol.
    You can hire her for 5 days if you can afford the gold she asks for her service.
    She is set to the player level whenever the fighter guild cell is reset and she is there
    (3 days after the players last visit...that's at least what I think how it works).
    Not much more f

    uploaded 11:55, 27 Mar 2006 348 11 58kb Zarkis