• Chameleon-NoRefraction for Oblivion

    Disables the refraction effect when you use chameleon. The result is that you are just partially see through depending on how much % chamelion you are using.

    At 100% you still dissapear, but at 20, 60, 80% it looks much nicer and you can still see yourself.

    You may have to unequip/re-equip your gear to trigger the change.

    uploaded 18:17, 5 Apr 2006 13,928 357 0kb demuerte

  • InterfaceFixesv1.3 for Oblivion


    so jetzt reichts !!!


    Mit dieser version gilt das menü als offiziell - FERTIG.


    Kleinere Ungereimtheiten wurden ausgebessert, sowie ein paar passendere Übersetzungen eingefügt.


    Änderungen aller Namen und Einträge die zu lang waren, und über den Button hinausgingen zB.: "Alles nehmen" bei den Kist

    uploaded 18:11, 5 Apr 2006 155 8 70kb kompott

  • Dark Brotherhood Hood for Oblivion

    THis is my first Plug-inn and is (probably) nt so good..
    I have just been sooo annoyed by the look of the darkbrotherhood hood (like a gnome hat)...

    My solution: I have given the same stats of the hood to the hood Lucien has ... its much better!!

    U will find it in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary... on atable in the main room!!

    I hope u enjoy!!

    uploaded 18:10, 5 Apr 2006 197 13 2kb Druchii

  • dkHearthStone for Oblivion

    This plugin adds a small object you can drop in your house or base of operations, and a spell that will teleport you back there instantly. Quite handy for looting five times your maximum encumberance from a dungeon...

    uploaded 17:51, 5 Apr 2006 1,521 26 3kb FoboldFKY

  • Deadly Weaponry for Oblivion

    Like Arriere2, I didn't like the idea of a world where steel weaponry is suddenly useless. Unlike him I wanted weaponry to be much more varied in speed, damage, weight and durability. I wanted two handed weapons to be a viable choice and I wanted bows not to be something players and monsters alike shrug off to the most part.

    I feel Oblivion

    uploaded 17:18, 5 Apr 2006 297 9 155kb Azragal

  • Well Used Map, Version 1 for Oblivion

    This is a map mod, inspired by the excellent colour maps done by p1p3 and Thacadian ("Color Map Mod" and "Thacadians Colored World Map" respectively). I wanted to give the effect of a map that had been used a lot; dragged through dungeons, forests and cities for hundreds of hours :)

    Known Issue: Map may become abnormally blurry on lo

    uploaded 16:32, 5 Apr 2006 1,235 31 4,102kb xythen

  • SeasonalWeather for MoreSkyClimates 16 for Oblivion

    With the kind permission of j4m3sb0nd and his wonderful MoreSkyClimates mod (http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2172)
    we can now make Oblivion's weather seasonal, more varied and more beautiful!

    This mod gives you the extra skies from j4m3sb0n

    uploaded 16:06, 5 Apr 2006 3,619 113 450kb bloodystump

  • Countess Dress Reskin for Oblivion

    !! OUTDATED !! Get V2.0 here at TES:S!

    I was bored of the standard blue Countess Dress after a while.
    Black is more beautiful if you ask me.

    Recolor to black-gold
    Doubled base texture resolutions (1024x1024)
    Added additional details to dress to fit higher resolution
    Doubled normal maps (1024x1024)
    Added normalmap details to fit h

    uploaded 16:02, 5 Apr 2006 418 21 3,121kb Try4Ce

  • Platinum Armor and Weapons for Oblivion

    Adds a new complete set of heavy armor and weapons to the game intended to be an alternative to Daedric -- more visually appealing for "good" characters.

    The entire set can be bought from the vendor at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin.

    Installation: Extract the .esp file to your Oblivion\data folder and activate the .esp file in the Dat

    uploaded 15:24, 5 Apr 2006 1,185 101 2kb blah238

  • Visually Enchanted Customizer for Oblivion

    There seemed to be a split between who liked what effect from which version. So now you can pick and choose whichever effect you want. They are all in their own single .esp. All you need to do now is rifle through the picture that correlates with the similarly titled .esp file and load the one you prefer.

    As always only load one of the .esp’s

    uploaded 14:23, 5 Apr 2006 12,160 283 747kb DarkTyrian

  • Multicolored Glass for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    Multicolored Glass
    by Zynthar & PizzasRgooD

    06.04.2006 - 10:30 PM (+1 GMT)


    1. ABOUT


    New in

    uploaded 12:47, 5 Apr 2006 730 26 12,018kb Zynthar

  • Mehrunes Razor Montross87 for Oblivion

    This is a new dagger that can be found inside The Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, Its Located in Vincentis chest next to his bed.

    You can find a note and book inside the chest with the dagger, containing a bit of info on the dagger and how it was obtained by vinceti.
    I think this is a great weapon to use when carrying out the Dark Brotherhood quest

    uploaded 11:02, 5 Apr 2006 239 15 2kb Montross87