• Black Gold tapestries for Oblivion

    adds 36 tapestries with a (mostly) golden design layed out on black background which will either be fully opaque or semi-transparent, there are also screens/curtains which only contain the gold design. can be placed in any position via the script. Sold in vivec, st. delyn's plaza from Lucretinaus Olcinius. Values range from 600 to 900 so bring l

    uploaded 22:05, 26 Feb 2006 250 11 0kb ithilwen morgilion

  • Overunity 1.9a for Oblivion

    Eliminate the pain of managing large numbers of plugins, ensure all of your custom content is included with any plugin you wish to distribute, export object definitions for merging with TESTool when it sometimes crashes on a particular plugin for no reason...

    uploaded 18:13, 24 Feb 2006 235 14 0kb Shanjaq

  • New Dwemer Coin for Oblivion

    I decided to ditch that boring grey coin for a more interesting one. I deformed the coin just a little to make it more worn/weathered, and changed the texture. The texture is an old Dwemer design that I picked up from Aldrien's Chalice.

    uploaded 3:57, 24 Feb 2006 175 4 0kb mrmistophelees

  • W32.D Zombie_Spoon for Oblivion

    Created by:W32.DEmail:CrazyFox_444@hotmail.comRequirements:-This Plugin(MOD) requires Bloodmoon.esm to runInstallation:-Simply unzip to your Morrowind->Datafiles folderDescription:-Have u always wanted to kill someone whit a spoon? well now's your chance-Somewhere in Balmora a spoon can be found no

    uploaded 20:24, 20 Feb 2006 14 1 0kb W32.D

  • Mod Text Merger for Oblivion

    uploaded 19:11, 18 Feb 2006 74 3 0kb bjam

  • Mod Text Importer for Oblivion

    uploaded 19:10, 18 Feb 2006 93 3 0kb bjam

  • Mod Prepare for Oblivion

    uploaded 19:10, 18 Feb 2006 111 4 0kb bjam

  • Mod Info for Oblivion

    uploaded 19:10, 18 Feb 2006 135 3 0kb bjam

  • DDS Convert for Oblivion

    This is a GUI that allows you to convert image files (bmp, tga, gif, ppm, jpg, tif, cel) to dds format while choosing the options that you want for the dds image (mipmap & compression).
    It also allows you to convert from dds to tga.

    uploaded 19:09, 18 Feb 2006 416 14 0kb bjam

  • RTS Wig Scans N for Oblivion

    Two scans in two sizes and one long scan of a pink, fluffy and wavy long costume wig. Also two closeup textures. These wig scans color-adjust better to softer fantasy colors.

    uploaded 18:08, 17 Feb 2006 23 0 0kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Wig Scans M for Oblivion

    Three scans in three sizes of a blue, wavy long costume wig, and two closeup textures of the wig hair. Also there is a scan of the back of a yellow, straight long costume wig, and two different closeups. The scans of these two wigs color-adjust better to fantasy colors.

    uploaded 7:12, 17 Feb 2006 28 0 0kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Wig Scans L for Oblivion

    Two scans in three sizes of a purple colonial wig. Also, two closeup textures of the wig hair. This is a brushed out wig, with just the two side ringlets remaining and the rest is straight, without the ponytail. This hair is easily color-adjusted to many different hair shades, but any adjustments to natural colors look a bit drab.

    uploaded 4:37, 17 Feb 2006 50 0 0kb redwoodtreesprite