• Priced Clutter for Oblivion

    Priced Clutter V1.0
    March 3, 06 - Release

    This mod changes the price of various clutter objects such as bowls, planters, cups, calipers, bones, and whatnot from 0 to 1, or in the case of hourglasses and crystal balls 5. I created this mod for two reasons. The first is that

    uploaded 22:49, 3 Apr 2006 1,144 38 37kb turgothh

  • Spell Removal Potions for Oblivion

    Changed in this version: Added removal potions for the 4 Mages Guild Quest Reward Spells. (Found in Cheydinhal)

    Spell Removal Potions for TES IV: Oblivion
    by Teh Noob (noobalicious@Gmail.com)

    Creates a potion for each spell that will remove that spell, and that spell only. It does nothing else. Won't make you ric

    uploaded 22:24, 3 Apr 2006 1,507 34 26kb supernoob

  • Magick Sanctum for Oblivion

    "House" mod for the magically inclined.

    Mages guild members will gain access by teleport spell.
    Includes: Bedroom, storage chests, display hall, posibility to teleport to mages guild halls. Includes couple nice spells including Mark/Recall learnable/unlearnable from spellbooks in the bedroom.

    Those high enough in mages guild to use sp

    uploaded 22:18, 3 Apr 2006 220 13 11kb tp_81

  • Thacadians Colored World Map for Oblivion

    Changes the world map to a colored, realistic looking map.

    v1.1 Now includes blue shaded water.

    uploaded 21:35, 3 Apr 2006 16,297 280 3,962kb Thacadian

  • Sapphire Glass Set for Oblivion

    Name: Sapphire Glass Set
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 4/3/2006
    Category: Weapons and Armor
    Author: Dirk Schüler (Ausweicher@hotmail.de)
    Readme Updated and File Re-Uploaded by: LHammonds
    Source: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2307

    What does it do?
    Replaces the Standard (Ugly) GREEN Glass Armour And Weapons with :

    a S

    uploaded 21:04, 3 Apr 2006 324 22 1,610kb Diranar

  • ObsidianGlassSet for Oblivion

    Obsidian-Glass-Set Modification for Oblivion (All Languages)
    Version 1.0
    by Dirk Schüler

    Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments -
    Version 0-0.9: 01 April 2006 - 02 April 2006
    - Messed around with the textures to

    uploaded 20:57, 3 Apr 2006 367 26 2,937kb Diranar

  • Turn a Vampire Potion for Oblivion

    Adds a potion called "Vampire Metamorphosis" into the game. Drinking it, turns you into a vampire at early stage.
    You can find the potion in Bravil, near the Chapel.

    uploaded 20:40, 3 Apr 2006 1,981 38 2kb Karko

  • Skill and Attribute Fixer for Oblivion

    tr0tsky's Skill and Attribute Fixer



    This mod creates an altar near the Imperial Prison exit where you start the game. Activating this altar will allow you to change the way the game handles racial/birthsign bonuses to skills and attributes. This will allow you to pass the 100 cap (so a Dark Elf with the "S

    uploaded 20:33, 3 Apr 2006 140 8 5kb tr0tsky

  • Tall Grass for Oblivion

    This mod makes the grass in oblivion a lot taller, I got a request to make this mod so I did, ENJOY!

    uploaded 19:46, 3 Apr 2006 218 7 16kb Slig

  • Forgotten Tomb for Oblivion

    Forgotten Tomb is a relatively small quest/dungeon mod that I made to get to grips with the newer version of the construction set. You can find Forgotten Tomb along the coastline slightly North of Anvil. Once inside, be prepared for innovative traps and zombies in a short story about a long-dead lute player called Eduard, who is in need of your hel

    uploaded 18:56, 3 Apr 2006 4,651 135 117kb eddwills

  • Light Spell Color Pack for Oblivion

    This pack have 5 different colors to choose from for your Light spell. I have changed the Nuclear Green color to something a little more pleasing. Take a look at the screenies to see the colors.

    **NOTE** Only enable one at a time!!!

    uploaded 18:50, 3 Apr 2006 739 35 2kb DarkTyrian

  • CMSC_UndergroundPalace for Oblivion

    Sorry, i forgot to remove a script from the sealed door. But i fixed it. Now you can open the door without having to complete the Benirus-Manor-Quest. (There was a script from this quest on a copied door, the original door in the quest has still the script) Please redownload!

    This mod is a product of my TES4CS learning-process.

    uploaded 18:33, 3 Apr 2006 980 45 90kb Canicula23