• Laps Spell Pack for Oblivion

    -Spells that damage undead and heal allies depending on the target
    -Shrink Spells
    -Enlarge Spells
    -Paladin Doomstone (Lay on Hands)

    Lap's Spell Pack v1.1
    By: Lap
    Email: l_a_p@hotmail.com

    Table of Contents
    I. Features
    II. Summary
    III. Ins

    uploaded 5:24, 6 Apr 2006 681 6 9kb Lap

  • Easy Drop for Oblivion

    So I got fed up with the shift-click system in Oblivion, so I made my first ES mod EVER!

    It's a very simple mod, but very useful. Especially if you want to mess around with the Havok system.

    It lets you drop an item in a stack instantly by shift-clicking without the pop-up of the window asking you how many you want to drop (it always drops

    uploaded 5:07, 6 Apr 2006 561 21 0kb JigenD

  • Oblivion Objects for Oblivion

    Oblivion Objects is a collection of the objects in the CS rendered as jpg images. The construction set does not have a 'view object' option, so this is a replacement for that. Each image is 400x400 with the object in question in the center of the image.

    Included in this version:
    Static furniture, partial doors, partial Fort Ruins

    uploaded 4:21, 6 Apr 2006 104 9 3,530kb frijoles

  • Light Bound Armor for Oblivion


    I got tired of when binding armor, 2 pieces were heavy, made no sense to me when most people using conjuration to wear armor would be the mage class and would have been wearing light armor to begin with. So i changed greaves and cuirass to be light armor now.

    uploaded 3:24, 6 Apr 2006 460 22 1kb Slig

  • Johns Race Changing Ring for Oblivion

    The ring is found in the Cheydenhal Abandoned House. There is a chest in front of you when you enter, the ring is inside. Equip the ring to begin sequence, close out of menu. When you close out of the menu, the race menu pops up. Change race/sex/face/name and go back to game. Unequip the ring to regain your stats.

    To install, simply put it in yo

    uploaded 3:23, 6 Apr 2006 862 33 6kb JONJONAUG

  • Survival Suite Hunger thirst sleep for Oblivion

    Needs are hunger thirst and sleep. Each is calculated separately however each plays into the other.
    All needs are tallied every hour, and effects are carried out then.

    For New Users: Unzip the whole directory to your /oblivion/data/ directory

    For old users: After installing please load your game WITHOUT the plugin, Save in game (to erase it)

    uploaded 2:19, 6 Apr 2006 14,619 275 900kb hughesdylan

  • Dual wielding for Oblivion

    The mod adds ability to dual-wield weapons in the game.
    You can purchase a weapon you can use in your off-hand in Imperial City Market District in a shop called "A Fighting Chance" (check the armor tab).

    How it works:
    Basically the off-hand weapon is a shield with sword's mesh so don't expect to be able to attack with it, althoug

    uploaded 2:10, 6 Apr 2006 6,820 77 630kb Felkroth

  • Heaven and Hell Shop for Oblivion

    What's in it: Since this is such an early beta, it only has 2 stories, upper story is completly empty. bottom story has a seller that sells Daedric Armor ONLY. I will, of course MAJORLY increase this later. The entrance fire or any fire inside the shop does NOT hurt you.

    Known Issues:
    FIXED IN BETA .1 - 1 - Sever Texture overlapping, the fl

    uploaded 2:04, 6 Apr 2006 428 6 17kb xuphor

  • Attribute Spells Fix for Oblivion

    A quick-and-dirty fix to add the Damage Attribute and Drain Attribute spells that already exist in the game (but were not available to players) to vendors. Edgar Vautrine, Druja, Adrienne Berene, Borissean, and Vigge the Cautious now carry a selection of these. This mod may be incompatible with other mods which modify those specific NPCs.


    uploaded 1:06, 6 Apr 2006 218 7 5kb shimeru

  • Additional Spells for Oblivion

    Spell Additions
    by Supernoob


    There's a few spells missing from the game. Namely the "Damage Attribute" and "Drain Attribute" lines. They exist *ONLY* on leveled lists, so you could possibly never see them. Don't think that's quite fair, so I've added them to Borissean in

    uploaded 1:02, 6 Apr 2006 796 42 3kb supernoob

  • Oblivion File Merger for Oblivion

    * The Oblivion File Merger
    * (c) 2006 by White Bit
    * Thanks to Bethesda Softworks
    * www.ame-game.de

    You could only merge complete Groups, i.e. Activators. In Version 0.1.5 you can merge Objects, too.
    Merging is real

    uploaded 0:59, 6 Apr 2006 1,187 70 1,411kb WhiteBit

  • Blue HUD Reticle Crime Icons for Oblivion

    Blue HUD Reticle Crime Icons
    Version 1.0
    by shaja


    Version 1.0: April 5, 2006
    - Initial Release

    What does it do?
    People with a degree of red-green color blindness have a hard time seeing the difference between crim

    uploaded 0:48, 6 Apr 2006 387 23 2kb shaja