• Palisades Plain Staffs for Oblivion

    Plain staffs with no enchantment on them are now sold at Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City which can be enchanted with a sigil or via an enchanter.

    Also available for download from:

    uploaded 9:28, 7 Apr 2006 276 9 1kb palisade

  • Blood Draconian for Oblivion

    new race. need to install red glass gear mod by pizzasrgood:
    miniature argonians... i'm not good at skinning. basically, they think themselves as dragons, and can create powerful daggers from their own blood (lesser power). there are a total of 20 enchanted daggers possible, but creating provi

    uploaded 7:40, 7 Apr 2006 298 8 39kb pop2pop

  • Inebriation v121 for Oblivion

    Wanna get drunk? This mod makes all alcoholic drinks actually give a drunken affect. Don't drink too much or you might end up passing out and getting a nasty hangover. This goes especially for those light weight characters.
    New to 1.2 is the ability to brew your own wine, beer, and cider!

    uploaded 7:37, 7 Apr 2006 9,661 298 14kb Lap

  • Mage Guild Teleports for Oblivion

    This mode is for those who dont like fast travel but still like to travel fast sometimes

    Features :
    * A new room at the arcane university called the Teleportors Room
    * Added a teleport in each mages guilds
    * Added a teleport in the lobby at the arcane university

    uploaded 7:29, 7 Apr 2006 256 18 4kb Olythebest

  • Companion Upgrade for Oblivion

    Companion upgrade. Upgrades the player's companions. Includes Dark Brotherhood, Mage's Guild, and Adoring Fan companions. Also added are extra npc's in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

    uploaded 7:01, 7 Apr 2006 755 33 28kb Madakoo

  • Arena Static Leveling for Oblivion

    Ive seen so many different Arena Leveling mods. You know what Im talking about:
    "Agronka wuz 2 hard s0 i m@de he lvl 1 alwys!!!11!"
    "After doing every quest in the game I did the the arena and I one hit killed everyone, so I made them all 60 levels higher than you"

    This mod is neither of those. It starts at 5 and ends the normal ba

    uploaded 4:36, 7 Apr 2006 234 5 25kb ScaredSleeper1

  • Nivea - Beautiful wood elf for Oblivion

    Here's Nivea, my beautiful redhead wood elf. Begin from prison cell. Modify if you wish. Enjoy.

    uploaded 4:18, 7 Apr 2006 330 20 205kb tranx

  • Maquissars Oblivion Tweaks for Oblivion

    This mod is something I whipped up for personal enjoyment, - even if saying that I "whipped up" something that took a few days of work is maybe a little reductive :) It's my first attempt at mod-making for any game, and it's probably not going to be perfect right away. But everything I changed can be corrected if you find some inconsist

    uploaded 3:34, 7 Apr 2006 43 3 698kb Maquissar

  • Borderless Map Icons for Oblivion

    Map markers (including those in the compass) now appear as purely the icon, no more square backgrounds! This flows with the map much better, but still remains as clear and visible as the originals.

    This has been tested on most resolutions and texture quality settings with no known issue.

    To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Oblivio

    uploaded 3:29, 7 Apr 2006 4,774 216 21kb xythen

  • King Crab for Oblivion

    Adds a Giant Mudcrab near the Talos bridge. Try and kill him if you dare

    uploaded 3:14, 7 Apr 2006 494 21 1kb Psycho Muppet

  • Deadlier Sneaking (Unofficial Lesser) for Oblivion

    Deadlier Sneaking (Unofficial Lesser) mod for Oblivion
    by isthar
    Version 1.0, 2006-04-06

    A mod intended to make sneak attacks deadlier (from the default Master 6x melee, 3x marksman multipliers, this mod reaches 10x/7x), and allowing a better chance (by a factor of 4) at being undetected when pick-pocketing a sleeping person.

    uploaded 2:13, 7 Apr 2006 1,029 37 1kb

  • Automatic Spell Learning for Oblivion

    Adds a book that will teach your character spells as his skill advances to new levels. Read the book upon obtaining a new rank (Apprentice, Journeyman, etc.) in any school of magic.

    Automatic Spell Learning v. 1.2
    by Shimeru/Foxmaiden

    == Changes ==

    1.2 - Altered spell lists slightly. Some spells are now learned at different levels than

    uploaded 1:29, 7 Apr 2006 741 36 13kb shimeru