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  • The Golden Arrow Archers Shop for Oblivion

    This adds "The Golden Arrow" Bow and Arrow Shop east of The Imperial City, near the fork to Cheydinhal along the road that circles the lake around the Imperial City.
    Loramir, the resident merchant/marksman trainer sells a vast assortment of bows and arrows.

    He sells:
    4 Levels of Fire Arrows
    4 Levels of Ice Arrows
    4 Levels of Shock Arro

    uploaded 5:23, 2 Apr 2006 11,293 327 62kb RM0099

  • Birthsigns NoMax for Oblivion

    Birthsign attribute bonuses no longer count against your limit of 100 in each attribute. So, if you're born under the sign of the steed, your maximum speed is 120, not 100.

    Note that if you are not playing a retroactive health mod, then this will cause the endurance bonuses from from The Warrior and The Lady to give you less HP as you gain

    uploaded 5:14, 2 Apr 2006 3,332 132 2kb skyranger-1

  • BurnesHouse for Oblivion

    This mod adds a house in Imperial City Market District next to Edgar's Discount Spells.

    Please note that this house, while small, has 5 chests full of equipment. If you do not want to use them, do not use this house, or use the CS to edit out the chests.

    tbd: chests in the house needs to be marked as owned, as a result

    uploaded 4:17, 2 Apr 2006 440 16 55kb Delanon

  • No Harvesting Failure for Oblivion

    Tired of failing to harvest that rare alchemy ingredient?

    Well fail no more!

    This mod changes a couple hundred values so that you never fail whenever you go to harvest an ingredient. This does not apply to standard food items such as corn, tomatoes, etc.

    Hope you enjoy, I was tired of being a master alchemist and failing to collect a patch

    uploaded 3:38, 2 Apr 2006 872 42 14kb relyks

  • The Cheater for Oblivion

    This is a simple plugin that adds a full
    set of Daedric Armor plus two Strength rings
    to a chest in the starting dungeon.
    plus lots of gold

    Right after the guards tell you not to follow them the wall crumbles,
    and fight the first to rats go through where the wall crumbles turn right an there it is.

    uploaded 3:05, 2 Apr 2006 588 31 1kb moorewsly123

  • DurableEquipment_HarderRepairs for Oblivion

    Elderscrolls Oblivion Modification

    HarderRepairs & DurableEquipment
    by Ely Soto (Tornnight)

    Download: http://www.sovanto.com/oblivion/DurableEquipment_HarderRepairs.zip
    Bug Reports: elysoto@gmail.

    uploaded 1:16, 2 Apr 2006 2,225 76 3kb tornnight

  • Realistic Armor Weights for Oblivion

    All the time I was playng Morrowind it bothered me that Daedric armor and weapons weighed SO much more than Iron, and the better the armor got the heavier it was. So, finally here in OB I've done something about it. Iron, Fur, and Chain weight more than they used to, Mithril and Steel weigh the same and the other high end armors all weigh less.

    uploaded 0:40, 2 Apr 2006 2,589 115 188kb Galn

  • Shum gro-Yarug - Skingrad House Fix for Oblivion

    This fixes the NPC Shum gro-Yarug who is in some peoples version of the game missing, meaning you cannot purchase the house in Skingrad. This mod places him in the Weald Inn in Skingrad. He will go about his old routine so if you havnt saved next to or in the inn he will have wandered out and back up to the castle, he then crosses the bridge and th

    uploaded 22:38, 1 Apr 2006 306 18 1kb ShiftyX2

  • Clothing Freedom for Oblivion

    This adds 7 skirts and 7 pants to the clothier in the imperial city market. The clothing items do not change depending on character gender.

    This means, males can wear the skirts, and females can wear the pants, unlike most of the garments in the game which are different depending on your gender.

    They look like items in the game, so it's mo

    uploaded 22:28, 1 Apr 2006 617 33 1,049kb Aianna

  • Light Glass Weapons and Armor for Oblivion

    This mod simply makes Glass weapons and armor half as heavy. I found it a bit difficult to be lugging around a lot of heavy equipment when (by using Glass in the first place) my goal was to use light armor and weapons. This mod is ideal for stealth types who need more inventory space to carry loot, and need their armor and weapons to not weigh them

    uploaded 22:07, 1 Apr 2006 285 16 2kb Harami

  • Soul Violator Sword Of Massacre for Oblivion

    Soul Violator Sword Of Massacre...

    Sword of Destruction will Soul Swipe your opponents...

    Sorry, forgot to Add the Bloody "esp" file...
    Now everything is in here...Plus I removed the Text of not having
    any Soul Stone and Tweaked for better play...

    ENJOY !!!

    uploaded 21:34, 1 Apr 2006 191 8 54kb NecroViolator

  • Arch Mages Robe Enchanted for Oblivion

    If you were disappointed after hours and hours of questing to receive a plain unenchanted arch mage robe with worse stats than the apprentice robe then this mod is for you.

    This mod adds to the robe +5 to all 7 schools of magic, +10 to willpower and intelligence. Additionally it adds 20pts of armor and 100pts of Magika.

    The hood adds +10 to

    uploaded 21:18, 1 Apr 2006 1,231 43 2kb xanthan22