• No More Annoying Messages for Oblivion

    Removes annoying messages that apperes now and then. For example "Your horse is stabled outside the city gate." and the infamous "Loading area...".

    - Messages that shouldnt disappear should now be fixed.
    - Now you don't know if the Dark Brotherhood is watching you.
    - Renamn

    uploaded 19:58, 25 Mar 2006 10,799 325 2kb MackeMan

  • Passive Beasts for Oblivion

    A very simple mod, this removes the aggressive tendencies of most normal animals, such as bears, wolves, lions,

    rats, etc. Note that this includes any leveled creatures of this sort in dungeons, though I have left alone any

    uniquely named animals, or animals with scripts attached. This does not affect leveled beasts such as trolls,


    uploaded 19:56, 25 Mar 2006 11,791 102 3kb kartikeya

  • Magicka Regen for Oblivion

    I was finding it pretty frustrating to be carrying and using so many potions to restore my Magicka, so I created this mod that increases the Magicka regeneration rate.

    There are three versions of this mod (be sure to load ONLY ONE when playing!):

    x1.2: Increases Magicka regeneration x1.2
    x1.4: Increases Magicka regeneration x1.4
    x1.6: Incre

    uploaded 19:43, 25 Mar 2006 29,797 477 2kb Dark Necromancer

  • No persistant enchantment glow fix for Oblivion

    I grew tired of the horrible enchantment glow that seemed to persist after I equipped an enchanted piece of armour/equipment. So I decided to make a little mod to remove it.

    This mod simply removes the glow that occurs when you equip a piece of enchanted armour. (The initial glow is still there, but the horrible glow/aura that stays afterwards h

    uploaded 19:26, 25 Mar 2006 19,185 577 4kb kweeky

  • Brighter Torches v1_2 for Oblivion

    A simple mod that makes torches brighter. They light up an area a bit over twice as far away as the old ones.


    Also, please post any feedback on the forums (TESS or elderscrolls.com ones) as any changes will only come if they are requested. (Given I like them of corse) :P

    Increased the radius a bit more.

    v1.2: Increased the

    uploaded 19:18, 25 Mar 2006 7,105 247 1kb Rakeris

  • All hair and eyes for Oblivion

    I was informed that their was a problem loading my hair and eyes together, probably due to the fact im editing the exact same area with construction set, so here is a version where they are together, and there should not be any problems now. just load it up in your data folder.

    uploaded 17:32, 25 Mar 2006 21,161 288 28kb Slig

  • ChaseCameraMod for Oblivion

    This mod changes the behavior of the camera when in 3rd person view. Essentialy, the 3rd person camera now works like it did in Morrowind.

    I had to make this mod... without it I get motion sickness.

    - Removes camera swing delay.
    - Removes elastic camera when moving forward and backward.
    - Removes camera shake when moving.

    Release Hi

    uploaded 16:53, 25 Mar 2006 108,136 1,720 1kb Woodman

  • PA Eye Colors 2 for Oblivion

    Another simple mod to add new eye colors for the races I hadn't done before. 10 new eyes for Dark Elves (all shades of red and pink), 8 for Orcs, and 6 for Argonians.

    You should be aware that changing your character's appearance after leaving the sewers at the beginning of the game is really buggy. To work around this issue, try feywulf's race changer ring: http://www.tessource.net/fil

    uploaded 16:22, 25 Mar 2006 574 27 483kb Daleth

  • PA Eye Colors for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that adds 23 new playable eye colors for Human, Wood Elf and High Elf races. It also adds a solid black eye color for Wood Elves and 6 new feline-type eye colors for Khajit.

    You should be aware that changing your character's appearance after leaving the sewers at the beginning of the game is really buggy. To work around

    uploaded 16:19, 25 Mar 2006 1,257 51 823kb Daleth

  • Eccentric Spells for Oblivion

    Well basically this mod is just a taste of the things you can do with scripted spells. No readme included, there's not much to say at the moment. To install it put it in your Oblivion/Data folder and select it in the launcher in Data Files. I'd save before you install though, as you should with every mod, because it's really fun to mess ar

    uploaded 16:11, 25 Mar 2006 382 9 5kb Arsonide

  • Lighter Alchemy Ingreds for Oblivion

    This mod simply reduces the weight of the majority of the alchemy ingredients.

    Update: Version 1.2 - Now includes a version in German. Jetzt auch auf deutsch!

    Update: Version 1.11 - Updated readme concerning localized versions

    Update: Version 1.1 - Includes an optional second version of the esp which also slightly lowers the weights of the

    uploaded 15:52, 25 Mar 2006 8,475 158 40kb dysesothymteric

  • LiteArrowszip for Oblivion

    Install into: \Oblivion\Data
    Enable LiteArrows.esp in the Oblivion Launcher Data Files.

    A very simple mod that reduces the weight of all arrows in the game to either nothing or reduces their weight by up to fifty percent for top end arrows.

    uploaded 7:53, 25 Mar 2006 273 14 3kb Ninepin