• Annoius Race Distinctions noBS for Oblivion

    Same as my Race Distinctions but the changes it makes to birthsigns are removed.

    uploaded 20:52, 7 Apr 2006 33 2 13kb Annoiu

  • Retros Fletching and Imbueing 171 Mod for Oblivion

    Retro's Arrow Fletching and Imbueing v1.7.1


    1. Installation

    2. Description

    3. Location

    1. Installation

    Easy as can be, just un-rar this file to your oblivion/data dir and your ready to go.


    uploaded 20:08, 7 Apr 2006 2,644 133 3,571kb Retro42

  • Empty Soul Gems for Oblivion

    Ever got tired of picking up Grand soul gems with petty souls in them?
    Now you don't need to worry!

    This mod allows you to empty soul gems via a spell, which is bought from the mystic emporium in the market district.

    uploaded 20:05, 7 Apr 2006 1,761 76 7kb kaosnyrb

  • Oscuros oblivion overhaul for Oblivion

    The new version is here: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3042

    Downloading the new version will require a fresh restart, but I HIGHLY recommend you get the new one, since it includes major MAJOR updates and enhancements, and also includes Lyrondor's combat beh

    uploaded 19:59, 7 Apr 2006 4,846 132 1,192kb chardok

  • Annoius Race Distinctions for Oblivion

    Modifies all race characteristics so they exist at the end of the game as well as the beginning.

    e.g. A Breton's 25% bonus to Intelligence will be 25% with a base attribute of 40 for a modified value of 50 or with a base attribute of 100 for a modified value of 125. Likewise her penalty to endurance will be 25% at base skill values of 40 o

    uploaded 19:57, 7 Apr 2006 111 5 13kb Annoiu

  • Anvil Manor for Oblivion

    Anvil Manor is my first player home mod. It is located west of Avil Bay. The a key is provided outside. Anvil Manor is highly detailed house mod with plenty of room to store gear, etc. I did not include any storage boxes, as they often lead to missing items, but there are plenty of tables to display your highly prized items. Anvil Manor includ

    uploaded 19:11, 7 Apr 2006 708 33 208kb cd470

  • Better Bedroll for Oblivion

    This mod gives the player a bedroll that will work within the wilderness of Tamriel, and sleep nearly anywhere. Much like ANB's bedroll, you pick it up off the ground by going into sneak mode. The rest is rather self explanitory. The bedroll can be found in Jaffre's newbie helper chest. Don't expect to get a good nights sleep all the time

    uploaded 18:52, 7 Apr 2006 1,189 74 15kb Thojorkill

  • Global Chest for Oblivion

    The Global Chest is a single container witch can be accessed from multiple locations.
    I.E. anything you put in at one "access point" (or Portal) can be fetched out at another.

    You will find the chest under the Great Oak Tree in Chorrol. Activate it and it will disappear into the ether leaving you with 5 Global Chest Portals in your i

    uploaded 18:49, 7 Apr 2006 221 14 111kb timboe

  • Auto Potion for Oblivion

    Auto Potion is a configurable automatic potion drinker. It features...

    #Can restore your Health, Magicka and Fatigue when they drop below a certain percentage of their maximum (individually set for each).

    #Can be set to work all the time, only when in combat or never (again, individually set for Health, Magicka and Fatigue).

    #Can automatic

    uploaded 18:40, 7 Apr 2006 1,442 93 12kb timboe

  • BJs Guild Portals for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    BJ's Guild Portals v1.1
    by BJcuda






    uploaded 18:30, 7 Apr 2006 256 13 4kb BJcuda

  • Beautiful Stars for Oblivion

    This mod adds beautiful stars that twinkle and shimmer with color. It also clears up the TES constellations for better visibility. Behold the beautiful stars of Tamriel! :)

    Made by: CYLUME "Pokeil"

    *Install Instructions*
    Just place all three .dds texture files into your "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\textures\Sky" folder. and thats all^^

    uploaded 17:49, 7 Apr 2006 13,853 424 199kb Cylume

  • Horny the Flaming Black Unicorn for Oblivion

    he soon to be, cult classic, super smash hit of all times.....Horny the Flaming Black Unicorn. This is a basic version of my, soon to be, full feature and crazy little mod. Basically, Horny replaces a certain creature in the game, but im not telling because some people dont like spoilers. But if do like spoilers, he can be found here http://darthbu

    uploaded 17:46, 7 Apr 2006 627 18 0kb darthbutternutz