• NudeSpell for Oblivion

    Getting an NPC's clothes off is a snap with the new Disrobe spell!

    Purchase the spell at Edgar's. Equip, then point and shoot. Your target will immediately unequip his or her shirt or robe. Perfect for those late-night parties in the Archmage's quarters!

    This spell contains no nudity. You're responsible for what's under your NP

    uploaded 19:11, 11 Apr 2006 21,925 581 3kb junge

  • Armor Pack for Oblivion

    This is a Armor Pack of Armor from ingame BUT with a twist...

    If you put on all 5 Pieces you get a nice Bonus...Like in Diablo...
    There is no new Models, since there is no NIF Import/Export yet...
    But the Textures have been changed a little...Not New Textures but touched a little to give a different feel to the Armor...

    The Armor can be bou

    uploaded 18:57, 11 Apr 2006 428 14 35,565kb NecroViolator

  • SteelBalence and PFMs Equipment Rarity Merge Plus for Oblivion

    Arriere2's modification to the creature's hand to hand attack conflicted with PFM's Loot mod for 13 monsters. I moved the attack values to PFM's Equipment Rarity v2.0 from Steelbalence rev 3.

    Also included is a version of Steelbalnce that does not modify creatures.

    The files is in 7-zip format (good free program but ti only zip

    uploaded 17:48, 11 Apr 2006 24 0 94kb Vash_HS

  • Cocoa the Horse for Oblivion

    You know what the worst horse in the game is? Prior Morbels horse, it sucks I know thats why I made Cocoa! Cocoa replaces prior morbels horse and can be obtained the same way as the old horse and is also compatible with ALL mods, (call steed/saddlebags etc).

    Cocoa is a chestnut brown horse with blue eyes, and rivals the strength and speed of Sha

    uploaded 17:07, 11 Apr 2006 457 18 1kb Montross87

  • Bloodworm Helm + Necro Amulet for ArchMage for Oblivion

    During the quest line for The mages guild you acquire two extremely powerful items, and then have to turn them over in order to continue in the mages guild. This mod allows you to get them back once you advance to Archmage. Once you're Archmage go to your new quarters and a message should appear, check your nightstand.

    uploaded 17:01, 11 Apr 2006 3,818 125 1kb Moist

  • Target Practice for Oblivion

    Creates a target that you can use to level up your combat


    Creates a new creature - "Practice Target".

    Derived from Will-o-the-Wisp.
    Stops combat after each hit.
    Resets position after each hit.
    Resets health to 1000 after each hit.

    Creates a new spell - "Deploy Practice Target".
    Places Practice Target near player

    uploaded 16:47, 11 Apr 2006 419 30 3kb VagueBlur

  • Fake HDR lighting for Oblivion

    This mod adds a fake HDR effect usable by anyone with a sm2.0 graphics card, and which is also fully comptable with AA. There is a speed hit, and it probably doesn't look as good as the real thing either. (Since I don't have a sm3.0 graphics card, and can barely play oblivion without it CTDing anyway, I cant see what the real thing looks like

    uploaded 16:37, 11 Apr 2006 8,189 221 33kb Timeslip

  • Unfinished staff merchant for Oblivion

    this is a little mod for any mage characters, i got annoyed of being able to enchant anything but not make another staff
    so i added a merchant to the arch mages lobby that sells unfinished staffs which you can enchant yourself.

    thats about it really, The merchant doesnt have any AI at the moment though so he will just stand there, he will tal

    uploaded 16:35, 11 Apr 2006 205 3 2kb watchinthewheels

  • Oblivion Savefile Manager for Oblivion

    Oblivion Profile Manager:

    THis Utility allows you to manage save games, and backups of save games, by creating profiles. Each character will then have separate save files and you will never be confused again.

    Version Changes:

    Version 1.5:
    >User interface restructured.
    >Minor additions to backup manager.
    >Improved oblivion.ini file dete

    uploaded 15:56, 11 Apr 2006 1,573 63 78kb sriramkashyap

  • The Weather Wizard with Arena Fix for Oblivion

    *** VERSION: Version 1.0mdbm - RELEASE
    *** AUTHOR: Kweeky
    *** ARENA FIX: Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja
    *** ACTORS: Edgefilm, M0N0XiDe-Naarik, Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja and Randy

    This is Kweeky's original The Weather Wizard quest with my fix for the Arena. I contained all the original files as well so new players don't need to

    uploaded 15:08, 11 Apr 2006 529 57 5,249kb MDarkbladeM

  • Reduced Backward Speed for Oblivion

    This mod reduces the speed you can run backwards so you can't sprint backwards as fast as you can forwards. I tried to go for a happy medium between walking and running speed.
    I made the mod because it was requested and because I've discovered the backpedaling archer/mage to be too imbalancing and boring.

    If, while running backwards, you

    uploaded 15:07, 11 Apr 2006 438 29 3kb krytonix

  • FirstEdGuidetotheEmpire for Oblivion

    First Edition Guide to the Empire Books(2E864)

    What does this do?
    It adds a rare collection of books about the lands of Tamriel circa End of the 2nd Era.You can buy them at where else?First Edition Bookstore.This work was made by Bethesda from an earlier game in the series.

    THIS IS NOT the Pocket Guide to the Empire that

    uploaded 14:07, 11 Apr 2006 268 16 422kb MrDarkSim