• Your Imperial City House Mod for Oblivion

    Version 4.1

    Fixes up and makes the mod very solid and stable on all systems.

    -Fixed Orge Problem
    -added 2 scrolls for those players telling them about the respawning
    Arrow chest, and the deal with the Cage and creatures.
    -Fixed resapwning containers
    Version 4.0
    Changes & Fixes

    uploaded 4:28, 12 Apr 2006 8,773 307 32kb Pigface

  • Lightning Strikes during Storms for Oblivion

    This mod causes lightning to strike the ground around the player during thunderstorms. Various parameters can be set if you want to modify the frequency of lightning strikes. I have included some counter variables in case other modders want to use lightning strikes in their mods.

    uploaded 3:58, 12 Apr 2006 1,230 54 4kb mrflippy

  • Ramseus Mythic Dawn Armor for Oblivion

    Uhhh.... yeah. Download the one on the top, the other seems to be non-existant.... don't ask me why.


    I was dissapointed with the other Mythic Dawn armor mods that came out, so I decided to do it right.

    The female gauntlets were set to the wrong .nif mesh and thus were causing some funky screwed-up-ne

    uploaded 3:46, 12 Apr 2006 2,198 89 6,765kb Ramseus

  • Upper Nibben House Pack for Oblivion

    These two data files consist of two houses on the Upper Nibben River.
    Both, on the same island, in the same spot.
    One, a small hut perfect for a great vacation or just a leisurely getaway.

    The other, a more homey, 3-story home complete with its own bar and seperate rooms, as well as storage.
    As soon as you exit one of them you'll r

    uploaded 3:34, 12 Apr 2006 217 13 110kb Xires

  • ModMans Custom Plugins for Oblivion

    These mods are for those who want to experiment with changing their Oblivion playing experience for Oblivion. These plugins are, for the most part, simple fixes that are not unbalancing and have been playtested. These plugin files change ONLY what they say, so you know what you exactly what you are getting here. The WinRAR file contains each plugin

    uploaded 3:25, 12 Apr 2006 894 43 8kb eldredd

  • Better Horse Eyes for Oblivion

    This mod gives new eyes for all the horses in the game. I thought the original horse eyes the game came with looked terrible, so I decided, as my first mod, to repaint and replace them with deeper, more realistic eyes. Like I said, this is my very first mod, so let me know if something doesn't work right. Version 2.0 adds REAL eye shines.


    uploaded 3:05, 12 Apr 2006 13,707 460 40kb Joshawowo

  • Inebriation + Skooma addon for Oblivion


    Adds the drunk effect to skooma.

    This is an addon file so you must have Lap's Inebriation mod v1.21 in order for this mod to work. Download the Inebriation mod here:

    uploaded 2:58, 12 Apr 2006 1,495 47 0kb Sumguy21

  • Ethereal Horses for Oblivion

    SeiGGy's Elemental
    V 3.0 FINAL

    1. Installation

    Extract archive to your Oblivion/Data installation folder
    Launch TES4, go to Data Files, and make sure the check box
    for Elemental Horses.rar is checked...

    2. Ver

    uploaded 2:37, 12 Apr 2006 5,827 123 3,669kb seiggy

  • Larger Ogres and Trolls Etc v12 for Oblivion


    Author: Neeboo Nine
    File Size: 1.74 Mb

    New troll sounds more appropriate to the larger size
    to replace the

    uploaded 2:30, 12 Apr 2006 1,503 77 1,544kb neeboo9

  • WPHealthRegen for Oblivion

    WPHealthRegen mod
    Version 1.0
    by Willow's Puppy

    Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments - <[email protected]>


    Version 1.0: 4/11/2006
    - Initial Release.

    This mod adds a constant health re

    uploaded 1:55, 12 Apr 2006 7,830 322 2kb willowspuppy

  • Rizzts Manor v11 for Oblivion

    A quite large house North od Bruma. Containers and everything shall work.

    uploaded 1:49, 12 Apr 2006 904 29 17kb rizzt

  • Improved Barter Gold for Oblivion

    By default, merchants are given an arbitrary maximum amount of gold that they will pay for an item. Even if that shiny suit of armor is worth 5,000 gold, most merchants won't give you more than 1,200 for it.

    This mod changes that maximum barter gold amount based on your character's Mercantile skill level. A merchant's maximum barter gol

    uploaded 1:40, 12 Apr 2006 1,555 114 59kb Rehevkor