• No Obsolete Loot and Enemies for Oblivion

    Makes it so that none of the items or enemies in the levelled lists become obsolete. No matter your level you might encounter an imp while wandering the forests of Cyrodiil or have a bandit wearing leather armor attack you. This also somewhat alleviates the problem with everyone and their mother dropping high end stuff when you have reached a certa

    uploaded 19:33, 28 Mar 2006 1,828 77 1kb Myrrdin

  • Color Map Mod zipversion for Oblivion

    Oblivion Color Map Mod - zip-version
    v 1.1


    New texture for the worldmap in oblivion. Based on
    the original texture but with added colors.

    This version is unsupported
    Please us the omod-version if possible

    Included files:

    uploaded 17:57, 28 Mar 2006 8,247 262 3,091kb p1p3

  • Color Map Mod for Oblivion

    Oblivion Color Map Mod
    v 1.1

    New texture for the worldmap in oblivion. Based on
    the original texture but with added colors.

    Official forum thread:


    Added maps for low resolution players

    Initial release

    uploaded 17:39, 28 Mar 2006 142,684 2,905 2,442kb p1p3

  • Potion Unlimiter for Oblivion

    The mod restores Morrowind's impossible to reach potion limit by changing Oblivion's to 9999. Enjoy as many potions as you like!

    uploaded 15:44, 28 Mar 2006 2,249 64 1kb qazumation

  • Quickstart for Oblivion

    When starting a new game, skip directly to the end of the tutorial dungeon.

    uploaded 14:46, 28 Mar 2006 21,762 340 10kb Cloud Ruler

  • passive wildlife for Oblivion

    A very minor mod that stops the wildlife attacking you on sight, kinnda like reality. That really annoyed me in morrowind and now in oblivion too. It was just going to be a personal mod but i was asked to release it.

    it only affects actual wild animals not deadra or magical creatures and only affects the random spawns not special cases like in t

    uploaded 14:02, 28 Mar 2006 1,048 63 8kb watchinthewheels

  • TES4 Pretty Elves for Oblivion

    ||| PRETTY ELVES 0.80 |||

    What does this mod changes?

    This mod changes the faces of all High Elves males and females. Now they looks much more younger and lovely than original High Elves. Also this mod changes faces of Wood Elves females to more beatiful.

    Why it is 0.80 version?

    Because I also want to change Dark Elves and Wood Elves ma

    uploaded 13:34, 28 Mar 2006 857 30 223kb HellFell

  • ESP<->ESM Changer for Oblivion

    This Program changes your ESPs to ESMs (and back).

    uploaded 12:21, 28 Mar 2006 2,346 68 38kb WhiteBit

  • Alchemy Effect Spreadsheet for Oblivion

    Oblivion is pretty good about letting you know which ingredients you can use for what effect, by default only showing you those that mix well with your current choices. But what if you want to plan a potion for a specific effect when you don't have the ingredients?
    This is a simple colour-coded spreadsheet with (almost) all of Oblivion's ing

    uploaded 11:53, 28 Mar 2006 1,746 77 17kb wodashgsj

  • Light Elven Weapons and Mithril Armor for Oblivion

    Harami Amun-Ra's Light Elven Weapons and Mithril Armor

    As I played Oblivion, I thought it was not very realistic that Dwarven weapons and armor were actually lighter than Elven weapons and armor. Hence, I decided to cut all the weights for Mithril armor and Elven weapons in half. I think this is a bit closer

    uploaded 8:28, 28 Mar 2006 589 33 2kb Harami

  • Oblivion INI Tweaker 110 for Oblivion

    -- Development has been halted at least for the moment, too busy to continue. Sorry --

    Oblivion INI Tweaker was developed for the quick tweaking of Oblivion's INI, these tweaks generally help in the performance or visual quality of Oblivion. The Tweaker relies on ini lists created by Oblivion gamers to utilize it's full tweaking ability.

    uploaded 7:51, 28 Mar 2006 6,492 163 24kb Relics

  • OrcRACEMOD for Oblivion

    OrcRACEMOD v1.0
    Released by UBERGOD

    This plugin modifies the orc race and rebalances them in order to fix some of the problems that Bethesda overlooked when balancing them. Basically the "Resist Magic" skill is bugged in that it will actually weaken the amount of strength you gain from the "Berserk" skill. In addition to this Berser

    uploaded 7:50, 28 Mar 2006 122 3 3kb UBERGOD