• Mithril Armor Weight Reduction for Oblivion

    Reduces weight of all Mithril armor (and enchanted armor that uses the Mithril models) by 50% to 75%. During the time you are using Mithril armor, some pieces' effective AR is the same as Chainmail. It made more sense to reduce it's weight than to increase it's protection, since all the light armor is crammed together pretty tightly as i

    uploaded 7:47, 27 Mar 2006 161 15 18kb Deathbane27

  • Elven Weapon Weight Reduction for Oblivion

    Reduces weight of all Elven weapons (and enchanted weapons that use the Elven models) by 20-70%. Seriously, they should not weigh more than Dwarven weapons!

    v 1.1 - Somehow missed battleaxes. Corrected.

    uploaded 7:43, 27 Mar 2006 463 33 20kb Deathbane27

  • More Generic Faces for Oblivion

    It just resets all of the FaceGen sliders to 0 for character creation. This is a step backwards for many, but I was frustrated in not being able to set all slider values to zero to "start from scratch". I haven't yet figured how to start the age/complexion slider at far left, maybe someone can tell me how to do that too.

    All the player-

    uploaded 7:02, 27 Mar 2006 3,082 85 28kb brash

  • Quick Start for Oblivion

    This is basically just a save file that you can load to start at the end of the Imperial Sewers so you don't have to rush through again.

    There are no items equipped except the starting clothes, the torch, and the Amulet of Kings.

    I believe the only skill leveled up is Athletics by 1 or 2 points

    The player is the default Imperial, and is

    uploaded 5:28, 27 Mar 2006 1,387 19 215kb allcopsarewankers@yahoo.com

  • Elvaan Race for Oblivion

    This is a small mod that simply adds the new race, Elvaan. This is NOT balanced, good with bow and swords. This does not have a readme. I have not encountered any problems. Enjoy

    uploaded 5:04, 27 Mar 2006 50 1 0kb theprogrammer

  • Benirus Basement Expanded for Oblivion


    Benirus Basement Expanded

    this mod, for players who have bought and completed the quest associated with the Benirus Manor in Anvil makes the secret basement room a usable space and i

    uploaded 4:31, 27 Mar 2006 465 15 40kb deltas

  • Longer Summons for Oblivion

    This modification increases the duration of all summon spells included with the game. There are two versions of the mod included, one which increases the summon durations to be twice as long, and one which increases the summon durations to be three times as long.

    uploaded 3:02, 27 Mar 2006 3,561 68 3kb nefariousD

  • Dimensional Pocket of Ether for Oblivion

    Here is a new Dimension which is just a small confined space suspended in a white void with 5 chests in it.

    These mods are standalone. Different dimensions will not conflict. You just get a new spell to some a different door with. The previous ones you have installed are completely unaffected. Just don't hop to a different dimension while sti

    uploaded 1:52, 27 Mar 2006 461 20 6kb Skullguise

  • Companion Gabrielle for Oblivion

    This is the WIP version of Companion Gabby. An imperial pirate whos tired of her life at sea and looking for new, drier, adventures.


    Updated to v0.86
    *Companion Share has been moved to a Dialog Option. Now trying to pickpocket her gives a message of not being able to pickpocket your companion.
    *Should have) Fixe

    uploaded 1:33, 27 Mar 2006 8,455 233 31kb aridale

  • Jump Mod for Oblivion

    Basic mod that doubles the max jump height for those hard to reach places.

    uploaded 1:25, 27 Mar 2006 1,677 53 0kb Niblem

  • Rhajiit for Oblivion

    This mod adds a new race to Oblivion known as the Rhajiit. The Rhajiit are a game balanced modification of the Khajiit and are made based on game story, not wanting to be super powerful. It's also not a desaturated version of the Khajiit, and time and effort went into giving them a plesant fur shade that matches that of a snow leopard.


    uploaded 0:52, 27 Mar 2006 1,168 28 2,471kb Destinystrike

  • Real Arena for Oblivion

    This is my simple plugin for TESIV:Oblivion.
    I didn't think that it was too realistic that
    someone could become Grand Champion of the
    Arena before hitting level 5, so I stopped the
    combatants in the Arena from leveling. Pit Dogs
    start at level 1, and the Gray Prince is level 32.
    I finished the game and most of the sidequests
    at level

    uploaded 0:49, 27 Mar 2006 1,631 15 23kb moxie