• Clothing Freedom for Oblivion

    This adds 7 skirts and 7 pants to the clothier in the imperial city market. The clothing items do not change depending on character gender.

    This means, males can wear the skirts, and females can wear the pants, unlike most of the garments in the game which are different depending on your gender.

    They look like items in the game, so it's mo

    uploaded 22:28, 1 Apr 2006 608 31 1,049kb Aianna

  • Light Glass Weapons and Armor for Oblivion

    This mod simply makes Glass weapons and armor half as heavy. I found it a bit difficult to be lugging around a lot of heavy equipment when (by using Glass in the first place) my goal was to use light armor and weapons. This mod is ideal for stealth types who need more inventory space to carry loot, and need their armor and weapons to not weigh them

    uploaded 22:07, 1 Apr 2006 284 15 2kb Harami

  • Soul Violator Sword Of Massacre for Oblivion

    Soul Violator Sword Of Massacre...

    Sword of Destruction will Soul Swipe your opponents...

    Sorry, forgot to Add the Bloody "esp" file...
    Now everything is in here...Plus I removed the Text of not having
    any Soul Stone and Tweaked for better play...

    ENJOY !!!

    uploaded 21:34, 1 Apr 2006 191 8 54kb NecroViolator

  • Arch Mages Robe Enchanted for Oblivion

    If you were disappointed after hours and hours of questing to receive a plain unenchanted arch mage robe with worse stats than the apprentice robe then this mod is for you.

    This mod adds to the robe +5 to all 7 schools of magic, +10 to willpower and intelligence. Additionally it adds 20pts of armor and 100pts of Magika.

    The hood adds +10 to

    uploaded 21:18, 1 Apr 2006 1,207 41 2kb xanthan22

  • Death Inc for Oblivion

    What this does:
    This mod gives you a chance to be visited by death when you die. If he comes for you, he will resurrect you and teleport you back to the area outside the beginner dungeon. This gives you an alternative to reloading. You will, of course, leave all your stuff(except quest items) behind with your corpse, which you can go back for late

    uploaded 20:55, 1 Apr 2006 458 14 6kb WetWarev7

  • Landscape LOD Texture Replacement for Oblivion

    Landscape LOD replacement textures for Oblivion
    Version 1.1b
    by shaja

    Redistribution and/or repackaging of this texture package is expressly permitted, provided that this readme is not removed.
    These textures are based on the original Bethesda Softworks files, and copyright r

    uploaded 20:53, 1 Apr 2006 114,536 2,562 21,213kb shaja

  • DarkElf_Male for Oblivion

    Pretty face of male

    uploaded 20:52, 1 Apr 2006 146 5 223kb holer23

  • oriental add for Oblivion

    Simple (but oriental) plugin for TESIV: Oblivion
    It adds 3 new (oriental - Akaviri) playable classes:
    GEISHA, RONIN (classic), RONIN (yari-spear) & some tweaks

    by marcmat,Poland
    relase ver.1_3

    uploaded 20:39, 1 Apr 2006 465 22 209kb marcmat

  • Compleat Enchanter for Oblivion

    Both versions of this mod make enchanting easier and enchanted weapons better. DO NOT USE BOTH VERSIONS TOGETHER. They will conflict with each other. Choose the version you would like to use and install only that version.

    Compleat Enchanter v. 1.4
    by Shimeru/Foxmaiden

    == Changes ==

    1.4 - Corrected bug related to scripted dialogue seque

    uploaded 20:36, 1 Apr 2006 2,122 58 10kb shimeru

  • Natural Faces DV for Oblivion

    Natural Faces Plugin for Oblivion
    Version 0.5
    by Maboroshi Daikon


    Version 0.5: 28 March 2006
    - Initial Release

    What does it do?
    Adds a higher resolution base texture for the following races:

    Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial

    uploaded 18:42, 1 Apr 2006 7,580 236 1,762kb d3m3nt0r

  • Better Berserk for Oblivion

    Changes the Orc Berserking ability to enhance agility instead of drain it. I was tired of being staggered over and over again by enemies when berserking.

    It also enhances speed by a small, but considerable amount, and gives you 60 extra health instead of the previous 20.

    Should work fine with any mods that dont use the Berserk Spell for anyth

    uploaded 18:30, 1 Apr 2006 286 9 1kb Thorm

  • More Sky Climates for Oblivion

    [Sky Climates Mod By j4m3sb0nd - Readme]

    The purpose of this mod is to add a larger array of weather types to be seen & immersed in, to add an even larger sense of variation & realism to further enhance the atmospheric gameplay of the game. Version 1.00 of the mod adds the following new weather systems to be encountered: Smokey Cl

    uploaded 16:43, 1 Apr 2006 1,965 76 453kb j4m3sb0nd-