• Blindeyes Resilient Creatures for Oblivion

    Resilient Creatures version 1.0

    What this mod does:
    Every Creature has had their health multiplied by 3.
    So if a Mountain Lion had 175 health, it now has 525.
    If a Rat had 4 health, it now has 12, and so on…

    What this mod does not do:
    Touch Leveled Lists
    Touch NPC’s (maybe in the next release) .
    Touch Loot.
    Touch game setting or

    uploaded 1:02, 16 Apr 2006 106 3 26kb BlindEye

  • skarpos replica to real mod for Oblivion

    this mod is made for people with either low to mid theivery skills, who need money. i have changed ALL the stats on All the replica items in the game to equall their better counterparts. i am looking to make more mods this is my first ive made so please dont flame.

    uploaded 1:00, 16 Apr 2006 29 0 4kb skarpo

  • Nevycat Bound Items for Oblivion

    Improves the bound items in the following ways:
    All bound armors now considered Heavy Armor (Some were considered light)
    All bound weapons now have a fire damage enchantment
    The bound shield now has a reflect spell enchantment
    The bound helmet, greaves, boots, gauntlets, and cuirass now have a resist normal weapons enchantment

    uploaded 0:59, 16 Apr 2006 160 4 4kb Nevarie

  • Borgars Shop for Oblivion

    I created shop for archers.
    There is a set of expensive items, for this players, who have a lot of gold.
    I created bow and arrows that are 2x times faster then normal, and a set of dark robe + light armor (looks like Savoires Haid or something). They are very expensive but if u are on level 20+ you will have no problem with gold.
    Arrows are resp

    uploaded 0:17, 16 Apr 2006 726 18 51kb SOB

  • Alternative Start for Oblivion

    Alternative Start v1.3
    This mod starts your character out just outside of Leyawiin. He is a wanderer who has finally found a land he can start over in. This version starts the game off with a charGen box and with the mainQuest started off. Changes may be had later on that changes this.

    In this RAR, there are two version of this plugin. One

    uploaded 23:55, 15 Apr 2006 7,905 176 11kb TheDCProject

  • Jumpmore for Oblivion


    Lodurr's Jumpmore Mod



    This mod makes two small changes: changes the base fatigue cost for jumping from 30 to 20, and reduces falling damage by 50%.


    Feel free to use any info or ideas contained in this mod.



    uploaded 23:06, 15 Apr 2006 538 20 1kb Lodurr

  • Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture for Oblivion

    Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture v1.0

    All info is contained in the readme file.

    Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture v1.1

    Made the red hand on the left arm bloody.

    uploaded 22:16, 15 Apr 2006 3,298 111 990kb digital_me

  • Umbra Armor for Oblivion

    This really is nothing more than a reskinned Imperial Legion armor with buffed up stats. Why did I create this? Well, when I first killed Umbra, I was quite excited, as the sword was the stuff of legend. However, I was sorely disappointed when I found out that Umbra was not very stylish, and used nothing more than a renamed set of Ebony armor. I wa

    uploaded 21:56, 15 Apr 2006 872 49 6,969kb TheHoMan

  • Requiems DAI KATANA Umbra for Oblivion

    Hello guys, we dreamt of it, i made it !
    2 Handed Dai-Katana Umbra !
    This mod sword will replace normal one handed umbra by a Two handed umbra dai katana with 30 base Damages. (to match two handed weapons power)

    Theres two version availlable :
    -Fire umbra

    -Sould Trap umbra

    Both in the pack, only use one at a time with his respective par

    uploaded 21:50, 15 Apr 2006 428 14 724kb Requiem2004

  • The One Ring for Oblivion

    I wanted a cool ring of invisibility, and got this idea, of course,
    from Lord of the Rings...
    I merged Invisibility with Night-Eye to create the illusion of "The One Ring".
    You can find "The One Ring" in Veyond...



    uploaded 21:44, 15 Apr 2006 981 52 1kb InDoMiNaE

  • Mob Reskin Pack 1 for Oblivion

    Mob Reskin Pack 1 by Akareiu (a.k.a. Akaraiu -.-)


    extract data.rar into your Oblivion folder.


    This is a modders' resource that adds three new textures for both the Ogre and Troll models in TES IV: Oblivion, as well as the associated .nif files. Please note that THIS PACK ADDS NO NEW CREATURES TO THE WORLD, instead

    uploaded 21:43, 15 Apr 2006 85 5 0kb Akaraiu

  • Zardalu Seducer Redux for Oblivion

    Behavior mod for Daedric Seducer.

    For my first mod, I've stolen someone else's work. This is basically a behavior modification of Zardalu's Daedric Seducer creature. Zardalu did some great artwork for this creature, but I was a little disappointed in her behavior, so I modified it.

    I changed her factions so that she will not fight

    uploaded 20:50, 15 Apr 2006 376 27 4,616kb ProgKen