• Dragonbone Armor Retexture for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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    Dragonbone Armor Retexture
    by Shiraishi


    This mod overwrites Hard_Rocker's Dragonbone Armor mod and adds extra armor pieces and a sword to complete the set.
    To inst

    uploaded 3:00, 14 Apr 2006 204 8 7,195kb Shiraishi

  • Goblin War Party for Oblivion

    Goblin War Party 1.2

    NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay. It does not require you to start a new game.

    This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7 Goblin Tribes of Cyrodiil. Those are the:

    Bloody Hand tribe of Cracked Wood Cave.
    Rock Biter tribe of Timberscar H

    uploaded 2:27, 14 Apr 2006 3,580 157 6kb DrGamut

  • BanditMarauders wear Helmets for Oblivion

    Basically it adds helmets to the randomly generated bandits/marauder melees/archers. The helms are scaled to level, and they are just the base items, nothing new or special really. I made this mod because I wanted a full glass set, and I went through three dungeons before I realized none of the npcs I was killing were even spawned with helmets, so

    uploaded 0:55, 14 Apr 2006 951 44 39kb Nino929

  • Local_Map for Oblivion

    second version of my Printable Local Map

    All city in the same scale (exept imperiale city - same file but 50% scale)

    I apologize for the size of the file

    uploaded 23:34, 13 Apr 2006 221 15 9,146kb trucatus

  • Oblivion Cats v02b for Oblivion

    New release, which fixes some main things for now. It includes new cats, random cat spawns, dead cats now respawn and new cat sounds (among other things). See the readme for a more detailed list, aswell as info for the next version.

    uploaded 22:50, 13 Apr 2006 13,376 540 5,853kb tegeal

  • Ivory_Armor for Oblivion

    Fixes V1.3

    name change for the shield
    npc are harder

    Fixes v1.2
    Name is now wolfstanus
    lvl atributes (now he is at lvl 45)
    Agression lvl in now at 100

    Titen fixed so now he is a little stronger
    fixed the floatin candle (added a chair)
    Fixed Titens size. Now he isnt as big.
    Cuirass in now a little better.

    This mod gives you res

    uploaded 22:28, 13 Apr 2006 185 16 3,666kb Sleeper25

  • Get Wet for Oblivion

    Eldar Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Get Wet Mod v0.9

    by Zepar

    * Mod Description

    This mod allows your character and all npcs/creatures to become wet in the rain. The player can also get wet by swimming. This was originally created just for myself to play around with the Oblivion shaders and scripts but I decided to release it anyway.

    uploaded 21:17, 13 Apr 2006 21,266 753 118kb Zepar

  • Oblivion Dungeon Drones for Oblivion

    --Oblivion Dungeon Drones by Mr.Quark--

    Greetings again! I decided today to do some creepy dungeon drones. I used my Ibanez js1000, Boss GT-8, and Magix audio studio 2005 deluxe. I was thinking some creepy atmospheric stuff would darken the dungeons some more.


    unzip the file. Put the MP3s in the Oblivion\data\music

    uploaded 20:20, 13 Apr 2006 215 10 9,534kb Mr.Quark

  • Improved Arrows for Oblivion

    -Increases amount of arrows that can stick as well as their time on ground.
    -Takes a little longer to pull back string for fast effective shot. Because of this there is increased velocity for all arrows.

    Pull back longer = your arrows go faster and further.

    However, this does make arrows from NPCs harder to dodge

    uploaded 20:07, 13 Apr 2006 166 11 0kb Snowyman

  • Mighty_Bows_Mods_Set for Oblivion

    Mighty_Bows_Mods_Set is a set of independent mods which somehow or other change ranged combat gameplay. Each mod can work with others (from this set) without any conflict with one exception - Mighty_Bows_Sneak_DMG_Bonus_Alt and Mighty_Bows_Sneak_DMG_Bonus mods.


    ver 1.05 (17 April 2006)

    uploaded 19:54, 13 Apr 2006 3,379 90 10kb ss7877

  • Armored Robe for Oblivion

    This is a very simple mod which adds a Light Armor Robe and Hood. You can find it outside Mystic Emporium in IC Market District. Feel free to edit armor ratings and/or add it to leveled lists, whatever. You can add this to your own mods, credit would be nice.

    It's just a Mythic Dawn Robe and Hood although you can now equip gloves and boots. A

    uploaded 19:26, 13 Apr 2006 245 6 1kb spaceroach486

  • Nightbreed Race for Oblivion

    After Playing with Race mods i find that most of them are overpowered so i have created a new race called Nightbreed, Yes they are inspired from the movie of the same name :P

    you can see the thread here


    uploaded 17:24, 13 Apr 2006 164 4 5kb Golgotham