• Bound Alchemical Apparatus for Oblivion

    From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the "vn_boundapparatus.esp" file.

    This plugin adds five new spells to Athragar at the Chorrol Mages guild. These spells allow you to bound alchemical
    apparatus (mortar & pestle, calcinator, retort, and alembic).

    uploaded 0:05, 5 Apr 2006 135 9 4kb VenomByte

  • JuvenileMod for Oblivion


    Are you tired of killing NPCs just to get their clothes off? Now you can just ask!

    This very simple mod that adds a topic to the Generic quest greeting:

    "Show Me Your T**s!"

    Clicking this topic causes the NPC to get a surprised look on his or her face and unequip h

    uploaded 23:51, 4 Apr 2006 803 45 2kb junge

  • Bigger Dremora for Oblivion

    Simply makes the Dremora a more imposing foe by increasing their height and weight (from 1.1 to 1.5).

    To install, simply place the .esp in your Oblivion/Data folder and check the box next to "BiggerDremora" in your Data Files.

    uploaded 23:39, 4 Apr 2006 913 30 2kb Twitchmonkey

  • Frenzy for Oblivion

    This is just a simple mod that took me a few minutes. I decided to make a spell that will make people go crazy and attack other people in town. Was originally made just for me and my friends but i thought u guys might like it to.

    uploaded 22:58, 4 Apr 2006 235 8 1kb Gleem

  • Spectral Boxer for Oblivion

    This adds a spell that both summons and dismisses a "Spectral Boxer" to practice combat with. Cast the spell once to summon your boxer and again to dismiss it when you're done practicing. Learn the spell by using the scroll placed in the Arch-Mage's Lobby at the Arcane University.

    This mod is mostly a hold-over until I or somebody el

    uploaded 22:38, 4 Apr 2006 131 10 2kb seorin

  • Visually Enchanted Weapons 2.1 for Oblivion

    Welcome to the new release of my Enchanted Weapons mod. This release has changed a little thing here and there. As always only use 1 of these files at a time.

    -New white membrane on ice weapons
    -Added shock particles to shock weapons
    -Tweaked the shock membrane just a little


    uploaded 21:46, 4 Apr 2006 19,602 395 4kb DarkTyrian

  • Horse AI for Oblivion

    Horse AI.esp
    Author: Kaldais

    With this mod it's possibile to steal horses and, if the player isn't detected, get ownership of it. So, no
    worries about use stealed horses near guards.

    Latest changes:
    * Now stealing horse depends on your sneak skills.
    Here's the table:

    Paint horse - 20
    Bay horse - 40
    Chestnut horse - 60

    uploaded 19:32, 4 Apr 2006 2,178 57 11kb Kaldais

  • Akaviri Armor Upgrade for Oblivion

    to install place the AkaviriUpgrade plugin in your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder.

    this shouldnt affect any of your current mods. everything thats added has its own item ID's

    this mod does not have my 2handed Akaviri Royal Katana mod in it. they are seprate so it shouldnt affect my other mod in any way.

    What does thi

    uploaded 19:01, 4 Apr 2006 703 21 3kb WildAce

  • Better Undies for Oblivion

    Makes the underwear in game to look like they are actually "containing" something ;)

    uploaded 15:30, 4 Apr 2006 520 25 254kb Darkblade686

  • AceAkaviri2H for Oblivion

    this is a simple mod that adds a 2 handed Akaviri Royal Katana to the Cloud Ruler Temple Armory. the stats on it are 1.2 range 1.0 speed 22 damage
    in comparison a Ebony claymore is 1.3 range .8 speed 24 damage.

    and its not enchanted.

    uploaded 15:12, 4 Apr 2006 376 18 1kb WildAce

  • Realistic Creature Rarity for Oblivion

    Last updated: 12 April,2006

    12/4/2006 - 1.23 release

    In the original game the low level creatures disappear when your characer reaches a certain level, on the other hand a level 1 character will never see the high level creatures except a few hand placed bosses, this breaks the immersion factor.The purpose of this mod is

    uploaded 14:48, 4 Apr 2006 448,890 84 443kb ramad

  • A Really Sexy Imperial Girl for Oblivion

    Just a savegame in front of the exit of the sewers of a nice blond imperial girl. Feel free to use it. It tooks me about 2 hours to create her, but I think she was worth the work(I suggest installing the mod natural faces v0.7 for better quality)

    For Installing simply copy the .ess file into My Games\Oblivion\Saves in your My Documents des

    uploaded 12:48, 4 Apr 2006 4,822 100 204kb psychoflash