• Call Steed for Oblivion

    Hello everyone! This is my first mod, and I hope you all find it useful. smile.gif This mod should work great if you just want to leave your horse somewhere, take care of business, and then call him to you when you're done. This will allow you to keep you horse out of harm's way when getting near hostiles and then you can safely call him to y

    uploaded 15:22, 27 Mar 2006 224 6 4kb mcallon

  • Random Item Level for Oblivion

    To install just unzip in oblivion/data, after that select it on data file to run.

    What it does- this mod has all leveled items levels set to one, so that a monster can have any item it could independent of your lvl. Basically you can be a lvl 2 and fight a bandit with a glass longsword or be a lvl 25 an

    uploaded 15:02, 27 Mar 2006 466 10 28kb tobias321

  • Revealed Classes 1.1 for Oblivion

    Added classes:

    Ordinary citizens of the Empire, they are equally ill-suited for all endevours.
    Personality, Endurance (Stealth)
    Mercantile, Armorer, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Speechcraft

    These sorcerers prefer to use magic to summon beings to fight alongside them or for them.
    Willpower, Intelligence (Mag

    uploaded 15:02, 27 Mar 2006 283 11 4kb chuckybob

  • Merchants Buy Your Clutter for Oblivion

    This mod changes various clutter prices (Think dishes and plates and forks) from 0 to 1-2
    Bigger things like shovels and rakes are worth arround 5 gold
    Jewels are worth more now, so are silver and gold nuggets

    Makes stealing more profitable.

    Also makes animals drop more pelts/meat and tweaks those, so hunting is better. Animals now drop 5 m

    uploaded 13:40, 27 Mar 2006 653 35 10kb killaer

  • Mercenary Svenja for Oblivion

    Adds Svenja Hammerhand, a Nord mercenary, to the fighter guild in Chorrol.
    You can hire her for 5 days if you can afford the gold she asks for her service.
    She is set to the player level whenever the fighter guild cell is reset and she is there
    (3 days after the players last visit...that's at least what I think how it works).
    Not much more f

    uploaded 11:55, 27 Mar 2006 345 7 58kb Zarkis

  • Alchemy Perks More Potion Effects for Oblivion

    This mod reinstates the developers original idea to increase the possible number of simultaneous potion effects based on a character's Alchemical Mastery.


    Think back, if you will, a number of months ago, long before Oblivion graced your computer screen. We

    uploaded 11:48, 27 Mar 2006 1,302 53 1kb dysesothymteric

  • Necromancy Spells for Oblivion

    Necromancy Spells v1.0

    -Adds three spells to the game which allow you to raise dead humans, without needing a particular quest item.

    >Revive Dead - 30 seconds, 45 cost
    >Greater Revive Dead - 60 seconds, 90 cost
    >Grand Revive Dead - 120 seconds, 180 cost

    -They can be purchased from one of the spell merchant

    uploaded 10:59, 27 Mar 2006 1,812 38 2kb Menome

  • More Training for Oblivion

    This simple plugin changes the number of times a player is allowed to train between levels from 5 to 50. It does not reduce (or increase) the cost of said training in any way.

    uploaded 10:40, 27 Mar 2006 4,926 178 0kb Asgate

  • Quick Draw for Oblivion

    This mod adds the Quick Draw Composite Bow and Quick Draw Arrows to the shop "A Fighting Chance" in the Market District of the Imperial City. The Bow can be drawn and fired rapidly for quick takedowns.

    uploaded 8:08, 27 Mar 2006 657 15 1kb wingus

  • Mithril Armor Weight Reduction for Oblivion

    Reduces weight of all Mithril armor (and enchanted armor that uses the Mithril models) by 50% to 75%. During the time you are using Mithril armor, some pieces' effective AR is the same as Chainmail. It made more sense to reduce it's weight than to increase it's protection, since all the light armor is crammed together pretty tightly as i

    uploaded 7:47, 27 Mar 2006 161 15 18kb Deathbane27

  • Elven Weapon Weight Reduction for Oblivion

    Reduces weight of all Elven weapons (and enchanted weapons that use the Elven models) by 20-70%. Seriously, they should not weigh more than Dwarven weapons!

    v 1.1 - Somehow missed battleaxes. Corrected.

    uploaded 7:43, 27 Mar 2006 461 32 20kb Deathbane27

  • More Generic Faces for Oblivion

    It just resets all of the FaceGen sliders to 0 for character creation. This is a step backwards for many, but I was frustrated in not being able to set all slider values to zero to "start from scratch". I haven't yet figured how to start the age/complexion slider at far left, maybe someone can tell me how to do that too.

    All the player-

    uploaded 7:02, 27 Mar 2006 3,067 83 28kb brash