• no wind for Oblivion

    this mod removes the windy effect given to tree leaves and grass which gives a performance increase at the loss of the wind effect given to tree leaves and wind

    uploaded 11:49, 8 Apr 2006 10,131 175 7kb joejoeself

  • BetterVampires for Oblivion



    added "sleepy Voices" ability to first and second stage.if you use this on an npc he will try to find a bed near him he is allowed to use,or if he owns
    a house he will go to his bed and sleep there for a while so you can feed on him.if the npc doesnt own a bed somewhere and theres
    no bed near him he can use it wont work.(

    uploaded 11:18, 8 Apr 2006 2,954 94 19kb Lilliane

  • Lord Codicus Wizard Tower And NPC for Oblivion

    well this mod took a bit of work, it consists of
    -a wizards tower on an island north of Bravil
    -a NPC inside the tower
    the tower is very basic and is open for use as a starting point for building a full-fledged wizards tower and quests

    uploaded 10:42, 8 Apr 2006 245 9 3kb lordcodicus

  • ShadowMere11 for Oblivion

    this is v1.1 of my ShadowMere mod which adds a few little things that are cool to shadowmere. this is the less intensive version which he does not run faster or do more damage.

    3.i have made him a little bit bigger than he was before
    4.he is now a unicorn!
    5.he will follow you around the wilderness.
    6.he can now walk/run on water!
    7.he no lo

    uploaded 10:09, 8 Apr 2006 142 1 1kb joejoeself

  • ShadowMere for Oblivion

    this mod adds a couple of cool thing to the horse shadowmere which is acquired in the dark brotherhood quests.

    1.he is now about 2/5 faster than he was before.
    2.he now does about 3 times as much damage as he did before.
    3.i have made him a little bit bigger than he was before
    4.he is now a unicorn!
    5.he will follow you around the wilderness

    uploaded 9:29, 8 Apr 2006 390 15 5kb joejoeself

  • Flight! Travel Points alpha for Oblivion

    CenturiJon's Flying Mod (a baby Travel Points mod)

    *note* very very beta, not meant for playing but as a reference so other's can
    make flying mods
    I want to make a mod that will create flight paths between the major cities
    (kinda like WoWarcraft) because I don't like the idea of auto-travel but
    getting between pla

    uploaded 8:18, 8 Apr 2006 159 3 444kb centurijon

  • Level Modifier Counter for Oblivion

    Adds A Journal of Progress to First Edition in Imperial City, Market District that keeps track of skill progression and when read shows skill increases and attribute modifiers.

    uploaded 7:57, 8 Apr 2006 569 41 64kb mmmpld

  • Vampire Frenzy v2 for Oblivion

    With this mod, player vampires who are in danger of dying sometimes enter into a "frenzy" state, which grants them increased attributes (Endurance, Speed, and Strength) and skills (Acrobatics, Athletics, and Hand to Hand).

    Changes for V2.0:

    - In addition to low health triggering a possible frenzy, critical damage to the player can now a

    uploaded 7:06, 8 Apr 2006 267 3 2kb TheOtherDude321

  • New Nord for Oblivion

    I upped the Nord's Frost resistence from 50% to 75%.
    I also added a new class, Helgsven (Nordic Holy Warrior). No picture

    I also added a new spell, Aid (Heal touch 10 pts) which is added to the PC's spells when they major in Restoration (the only spell class with only one automatic spell).

    uploaded 6:32, 8 Apr 2006 102 4 0kb Vash_HS

  • LWB Unarmored for Oblivion

    This was the place I originally uploaded my mod. I'm not sure how to delete this entry and use the other, so I will just refer you to the link where I keep the updated one:


    uploaded 6:09, 8 Apr 2006 54 1 14kb Animation

  • Robes Upper Body Only for Oblivion

    This simply changes all Robes to use the upper body slot only so now you can wear greaves when wearing robes.

    uploaded 6:08, 8 Apr 2006 3,124 58 2kb sods

  • Simple Compass for Oblivion

    Changes the compass to a clean and less bulky design. See preview image for comparison.

    Unzip to your "Oblivion\Data" folder.

    Delete these files from your "Oblivion\Data" folder:


    uploaded 6:07, 8 Apr 2006 1,290 44 42kb ceski