• Platinum Armor and Weapons for Oblivion

    Adds a new complete set of heavy armor and weapons to the game intended to be an alternative to Daedric -- more visually appealing for "good" characters.

    The entire set can be bought from the vendor at The Dividing Line in Leyawiin.

    Installation: Extract the .esp file to your Oblivion\data folder and activate the .esp file in the Dat

    uploaded 15:24, 5 Apr 2006 1,177 93 2kb blah238

  • Visually Enchanted Customizer for Oblivion

    There seemed to be a split between who liked what effect from which version. So now you can pick and choose whichever effect you want. They are all in their own single .esp. All you need to do now is rifle through the picture that correlates with the similarly titled .esp file and load the one you prefer.

    As always only load one of the .esp’s

    uploaded 14:23, 5 Apr 2006 12,093 267 747kb DarkTyrian

  • Multicolored Glass for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    Multicolored Glass
    by Zynthar & PizzasRgooD

    06.04.2006 - 10:30 PM (+1 GMT)


    1. ABOUT


    New in

    uploaded 12:47, 5 Apr 2006 727 22 12,018kb Zynthar

  • Mehrunes Razor Montross87 for Oblivion

    This is a new dagger that can be found inside The Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, Its Located in Vincentis chest next to his bed.

    You can find a note and book inside the chest with the dagger, containing a bit of info on the dagger and how it was obtained by vinceti.
    I think this is a great weapon to use when carrying out the Dark Brotherhood quest

    uploaded 11:02, 5 Apr 2006 239 13 2kb Montross87

  • Darkness-Glass-Set for Oblivion

    Darkness-Glass-Set Modification for Oblivion (All Languages)

    Version 1.0

    by Dirk Schüler
    - Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments

    Version 1.0: 01 April 2006

    - Initial Release of Saphire and Obsidian Glass Set's

    Version 1.0: 05 April 2006

    - Initial

    uploaded 10:46, 5 Apr 2006 1,719 68 2,650kb Diranar

  • No More for Oblivion

    I got sick of getting that "How Many" prompt every time I wanted to sell a stack of items. This mod turns that prompt off so items sell one-at-a-time. Still clunky, but makes raising your merchantile skill a bit easier.

    To install: Simply put the .esp file into your /data/ directory.

    uploaded 9:48, 5 Apr 2006 2,875 113 0kb myste

  • Mythic Dawn Armor for Oblivion

    MythicDawnArmor.esp 1.0

    --- Mod description
    Adds a chest with the Mythic Dawn armor (light and heavy) to the Market District. It doesn't have normal ground models, so I edited them from daedric. Looks good as long as you don't throw it on the ground :)
    Note: You can NOT see your arms in first person view, when we

    uploaded 9:24, 5 Apr 2006 1,055 31 1,361kb PizzasRgooD

  • Dark Leather Armor for Oblivion

    DarkLeatherArmor.esp 1.0

    --- Mod description
    Added recolored dark leather armor, and a leather armor hood to Maro Rufus (light armor vendor) at the Best Defense in the Market District. The leather hood is almost as good as the leather helmet, the dark leather armor is about as good as the mithril armor.

    --- How to i

    uploaded 9:20, 5 Apr 2006 3,111 153 7,370kb PizzasRgooD

  • Wood elf lady save for Oblivion

    Just a save of wood elf girl at the sewers exit


    uploaded 8:52, 5 Apr 2006 487 17 252kb lestrix

  • SpellKeys - Hotkeys Enhanced V1 7 Arcanist Edition for Oblivion

    SpellKeys - Hotkeys Enhanced Version 1.7 (Arcanist Edition)
    By: EvilGrinch

    By popular request, this mod has had its name and description changed to better convey what it does for the oblivion community.

    Its previous name was Arcane University Ethereal Link. U

    uploaded 6:44, 5 Apr 2006 599 16 5kb EvilGrinch

  • More Merchant Money balanced for Oblivion


    Version 1.1 changes:

    Fixed Gunder at Colovian Traders in Skingrad, now up to par with the rest of the merchants.

    Mild increases to merchants gold and mercantile skill in more affluent cities (Skingrad, Cheydinhal, Chorrol).


    This mod increases the amount of gold merchants can spend on a single i

    uploaded 5:57, 5 Apr 2006 14,779 429 72kb el_giacomo

  • Phantom Horse for Oblivion

    This mod adds a summonable Phantom Horse. The horse is a decent amount faster than other available horses, but is also a bit more difficult to acquire. As a further bonus you can summon the horse with a spell and he can't be killed (well... again). Begin your search for this ethereal steed at Cheydinhal's Black Waterside Stables.

    Known Iss

    uploaded 4:41, 5 Apr 2006 2,430 59 39kb seorin