• Daedric Katana and Daikatana for Oblivion

    NOTICE: There is a newer version of the mod here:

    This is my first released mod for Oblivion, so I am open to any rational and constructive criticisms from anyone who has tried this mod.

    This mod adds the Daedric Katana and Dai-katana to the game. These elegant and powerful weapons can be

    uploaded 13:43, 13 Apr 2006 302 12 463kb Alastor117

  • Adventurers Spells for Oblivion

    This mod adds 4 new spells to the game. They are:
    1. Mark - Places a mark at your location.
    2. Recall - Moves you to the placed mark.
    3. Magic Storage - Summons a magical storage space to place your stuff.
    4. Sleep Spell - Puts you to sleep for however many hours you wish, acts like a bed.

    These spells are added to your list once you read a

    uploaded 13:25, 13 Apr 2006 3,504 107 6kb Me.v1

  • Book Placement Wine Addon for Oblivion

    This is a requested extension of Bookplacer to help with wine racks. As with Bookplacer this only works when the Winerack is standing facing directly North, South,West and East.

    Require Bookplacer .esm (Version 1.2) to run.

    Barely tested as of yet, so make sure to backup your safe files first. Just copy into \data order and select to run

    uploaded 10:47, 13 Apr 2006 588 23 8kb jepeter

  • AXEFACES Blades Ceremonial Armour omod for Oblivion

    "This Oblivion mod adds a new set of Heavy armour to the Cloud Ruler Temple armoury, the Blades Ceremonial Armour. This glorious suit of armour was commissioned by Uriel Septim himself as a reward and thankyou to his blades."

    This is an .omod version of Axeface's Blades Ceremonial Armour. Simply unpack and open the file to install the m

    uploaded 10:10, 13 Apr 2006 2,144 85 2,611kb phat39

  • Darker Vampirism for Oblivion

    Adds new vampirism gameplay changes.

    - You can hide your face with a hood of full helmet, so NPCs don't see you are a vampire
    - Any vampire hit with a silver weapon suffers great fire damage.
    - You cannot use weapons made of silver.
    - There is no sun damage on vampire level 4, but every HP loss is deadly for you. (sun weakness)
    - You can

    uploaded 9:25, 13 Apr 2006 885 29 60kb Tibixe

  • Realistic Blocking for Oblivion

    This is as simple as it gets. This mod changes two values:

    fBlockMax = 1 vs vanilla 0.75
    fBlockSkillMult = 3 vs vanilla 1

    This means that with a shield, you will end up blocking 100% of the damage at the block skill level of 33 (well 99% technically), but only 50% with a weapon, which will max out at 100% at level 66. The Journeyman perk i

    uploaded 9:21, 13 Apr 2006 3,912 97 1kb Neural Eclipse

  • Home outside the cities for Oblivion

    I was tired of having to live in a city. This mod adds an abandoned house in the wilderness next to a small waterfall that you can claim as your own (the key is in the locked crate next to the door). The screenshot shows on the map where it is. Follow the Orange Road East from Chorrol. If you want to be able to fast travel to it, there is a cave at

    uploaded 9:13, 13 Apr 2006 242 12 9kb pongsifu

  • Tougher Regen Settings for Oblivion

    While playing the game I noticed something rather peculiar. In the manual it states that you lose fatigue while running. But in the game this is not the case. In Morrowind you run, you lose fatigue. In Oblivion I could run the entire length and breath of Cyrodiil and not lose an ounce of fatigue. Delving into the game settings I found the reas

    uploaded 8:59, 13 Apr 2006 354 16 1kb Valamir

  • Adrenaline Oblivion for Oblivion

    Now up to version 0.2b

    You've felt it. You've been playing with a realism mod, like Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. You see one bear every five square miles, maybe three deer. You entered the lair of the Worm King and discovered it was staffed by maybe ten necromancers. You've been to Oblivion, and fought ten to 15 daedra.. not much of a

    uploaded 7:33, 13 Apr 2006 30,289 757 11kb CuteUnit

  • Far and away 3D Moons for Oblivion

    Far & Away bump mapped and enhanced moons of Oblivion.

    uploaded 5:55, 13 Apr 2006 3,157 153 1,353kb Gorric

  • Map Markers for Oblivion

    Map Markers 0.3 by Xebeth [16/04/06]

    Created a model for the marker
    Created custom textures for the signs.
    Added "Quest Related" and "Creatures Type" tags.
    Removed the item/spell requirements.
    Map Markers now show instantl

    uploaded 4:36, 13 Apr 2006 8,789 247 155kb xebeth

  • Sigil Stone SKillup for Oblivion

    WHAT IT DOES: This mod adds a script to every sigil stone so that, when activated in the world (it doesn't count if activated in the menu, you need to drop the stone and click on it) a menu will pop up asking you if you want to pick the stone up, upgrade combat, magicka, or stealth, or leave the stone where it is. If you choose to upgrade comb

    uploaded 4:04, 13 Apr 2006 236 11 5kb Demon_Fire_9842