• Male Darkelve Face for Oblivion

    Created a Male Darkelve Face. Maybe you like it if you plan to play a Assasin, Thief and Vampire. You start at the End of the Tutorial.

    uploaded 1:42, 1 Apr 2006 56 2 259kb Dorn

  • Oblivion Static Alchemy Mod for Oblivion

    Oblivion Static Alchemy Mod
    v 1.0
    by: Shawn Dworshak a.k.a. Academician Nwahs

    This mod is primarily made for my fellow modders, as it does not add any of the static alchemy apparti to the game world itself. But puts all the necessary pieces into place so all one need do is drop one of the activators into the w

    uploaded 1:40, 1 Apr 2006 621 24 310kb Academician_Nwahs

  • Ride Wild Horses 2.0 for Oblivion

    This is version 2.0 of my wild horses mod for oblivion.

    2.0 changes:
    Aggression lowered and confidence increased. This should stop the horses from trying to kill everything they can possibly find, and stop them from running away for people who want that.

    uploaded 1:28, 1 Apr 2006 1,124 29 1kb Slig

  • Female Woodelve Face for Oblivion

    I created a, hopefully, nice looking female Woodelve. You start just at the End of the Tutorial and no Plugins are needed. Just extract the File and copy it to your Savegames Folder.

    uploaded 1:22, 1 Apr 2006 114 6 259kb Dorn

  • noreplicas for Oblivion

    If you have ever spent the time picking those fancy display cases, only to be rewarded with a useless replica, this mod is for you.

    I have replaced every replica in the case with the 'real'version of the replica. Lockpickers rejoice!

    This mod should have no conflicts with anything, unles

    uploaded 1:18, 1 Apr 2006 330 14 8kb ryunnsun

  • CASS_Half-Orcs Race for Oblivion

    Half-Orcs, THE new magickal answer
    the Half-Orcs race, a magickally potent race with an orchish looks for those who can't stand playing a smelly Elf or a vapor-mind Breton.

    many eyes colors, a new face texture and the Bald HairStyle

    What you need
    If you want to star

    uploaded 1:04, 1 Apr 2006 374 4 913kb BlackGorath

  • Invincibility Potion for Oblivion

    Invincibility Potions Readme

    Version: 0.9 Early Release

    by: jackmix69

    What this mod does is adds types of "Invincibility" Potions to the shop in the Imperial City Market District called the Gilded Carafe. This is NOT a cheat mod,

    uploaded 23:25, 31 Mar 2006 79 2 2kb jackmix

  • Quest Award Leveling for Oblivion

    This mod makes level-scaled rewards from quests be upgraded to their higher versions as you reach the level for those versions.

    Firstly, an introduction. The items, spells, and sigil stones you get as rewards for many quests in the game are scaled to your level. Some of the these rewards are among the best items in the game... but only if you do

    uploaded 22:52, 31 Mar 2006 21,952 703 19kb Namegduf Live

  • Display Rooms for Oblivion

    Add's rooms to each purchasable house (excluding the waterfront shack) for
    the purpose of displaying your various trophies.

    No upgrade purchase is required, the doors to each trophy room is around the outside of the house,
    excluding the house in skingrad (the door is in the basement).
    The large pedestals are meant for

    uploaded 22:39, 31 Mar 2006 1,472 51 67kb Nibato

  • nosundamage for Oblivion

    This mod makes it so all kinds of weather no longer cause sun damage

    I know this is the same concept as the daywalker mod but it didn't appear to work for some people, so... here is an alternative

    uploaded 20:40, 31 Mar 2006 473 12 4kb cerdom

  • Augmented Imperial Watch Armor for Oblivion

    I was tired of having Daedric Armor being the highest quality heavy there was, this mod enables the Imperial Watch Armor AND sets it to the exact same stats as the Daedric set, allowing for diversity in whether you want to look noble of demonic. Simple mod, no known issues however if engaged in combat with Imperial Watch be known that they will be

    uploaded 20:38, 31 Mar 2006 516 21 2kb JorgWalther

  • Trainer Book for Oblivion

    Trainer Book v1.0
    by Cameron Sorden

    This mod places a book in the game which lists all skill trainers in the world, their location, and gives tips for the quests which you need to do to access the master trainers. It's sorted alphabetically by skill name, and the first letter of each skill se

    uploaded 20:08, 31 Mar 2006 1,812 89 6kb cdsorden