• Aleanne Blue Glass armor for Oblivion

    A modification of the glass armor suited for females only. This is the blue variation.

    Screenshots are those of the red version.

    uploaded 18:22, 14 Apr 2006 1,149 56 5,784kb Aleanne

  • Aleanne Black Glass armor for Oblivion

    A modification of the glass armor suited for females only. This is the black variation.

    Screenshots are those of the red version.

    uploaded 18:05, 14 Apr 2006 2,224 98 5,123kb Aleanne

  • Curicass combinated with Robe for Oblivion

    You are now able do wear a robe combinated with a Curicass

    uploaded 15:59, 14 Apr 2006 255 10 8kb denjo

  • Hoods combinated with Helmet for Oblivion

    U can now where a hood combinatet with a helmet.

    uploaded 15:56, 14 Apr 2006 489 14 5kb denjo

  • Better Alchemy Mixing for Oblivion

    Since there doesn´t seem to be a way to change the Alchemy mixing system to some choosing by effect way, I created some "basis" ingredients.
    These have only one effect on them and are named like this.
    So the ingredient with the Fire effect is called
    "aa Fire Damage" the one with Restore Health "aa Restore Health" and so on.

    uploaded 15:33, 14 Apr 2006 72 3 11kb Schnupps

  • Oblivion ESM ESP Script Dumper for Oblivion

    Oblivion ESM/ESP Script Dumper v2.8
    By: MofoMojo
    This application takes an ESM or ESP file and extracts/dumps all of the scripts in it to a \esmfilenameScripts directory in the location where the application is running. So, if the app is run against the oblivion.esm the scripts will be dumped to the \OblivionScripts directory.
    It then crea

    uploaded 15:30, 14 Apr 2006 2,898 109 14kb MofoMojo

  • Incremental Saver for Oblivion

    Simply put, creates a new save every time you quicksave or autosave, as if you had pressed escape, gone to the save menu and clicked 'new save'.
    For those of us who love to save early and save often.

    Discussion Thread:

    v1.3 build 13
    Quick fix to

    uploaded 15:05, 14 Apr 2006 3,310 143 209kb jobabob

  • Mostly_Weightless_ Ingredients for Oblivion

    I've now tried to set the weight of ingredients according to their in-game size. This should help alchemy freaks like me.

    uploaded 13:08, 14 Apr 2006 606 28 7kb Napoleon Blownapart

  • Tribal Tattoos for Oblivion

    This is a simple retexture. It adds some tribal tattoos to the female upperbody texture. I made three different tattoos for version 1.0. Maybe I'll do some more later on ...

    uploaded 13:01, 14 Apr 2006 1,547 40 2,201kb bazz24

  • Spell of Partying Hard for Oblivion

    Let's face it, we all want to start a huge riot whenever there are more than 4 NPCs nearby in a town or city. Or at least that's what I want to. Nothing funnier than watching the NPCs take on the guards and get slaughtered like sheep.

    Party Hard casts Disrobe, Rally, Frenzy up to level 50 and Restore 3 pts for 30 seconds in a 100 ft radius

    uploaded 11:52, 14 Apr 2006 597 18 4kb SAgiZm

  • New Spell Line Bottle Elements for Oblivion

    Line of Spells - Bottle Elements
    A mod for the PC game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" by Bethesda Softworks
    Mod made by Elfenstein


    This mod gives you a new line of spells:

    All the spells can be bought at the Imperial Cities Arcane University - Praxographical Center. The vendor is

    uploaded 11:40, 14 Apr 2006 87 1 8kb elfenstein

  • Ayleid Weapon Enchantments for Oblivion

    this mod adds about 20 new weapons into the game with enchantments that do not use charge. However, these enchantments do not occur on each hit, rather they have a random chance to occur on each hit, reducing the power of the weapon to an equivilent weapon except that the weapon never loses its magical ability and never needs to be recharged.


    uploaded 9:36, 14 Apr 2006 743 32 6kb torann