• Muffins Golden Dishes Modders Resource for Oblivion

    Muffin's Golden Dishes Modder's Resource v1.1

    This mod adds some golden dishes, vases, urns, knives, forks, spoons, and such for the player to purchase. Try mixing and matching with some of the silver stuff for some nice effects.

    This is the modder's resource version of the dishes, so th

    uploaded 21:51, 11 Apr 2006 412 26 438kb pseudomuffin

  • Sheogoraths Plane of Oblivion for Oblivion

    Okay, first thing's first. This is my first attempt at modding, it's not so much a mod as just a little dungeon, but you know. Don't expect anything too great. Was just me learning the CS tools, so hopefully there are no severe bugs or problems that this could cause. But there very well could be, since I'm still such a newbie, so, be wa

    uploaded 21:48, 11 Apr 2006 403 11 117kb Infornography

  • Blackjack 300 for Oblivion

    New Weapons: BlackJack

    Blackjack: A Thief's best friend is the Blackjack. This weapon isnt one to use in combat, oh no, this is to avoid combat. IF you bop someone on the back of the head with this, they will drop like a board and wont wake up as long as you dont hit em, or 10 mintes real-time, whichever happens first. While sapped the victim

    uploaded 21:24, 11 Apr 2006 6,133 86 2kb ByblosHex

  • Weapons 300 for Oblivion

    New Weapons:

    Damage Changes:
    Claymore Damage Bonus: +7
    Warhammer Damage : +8
    Battle Axe Damage : +10

    Weight Changes:
    Elven Weapons : -Weight
    Glass Weapons : -Weight
    Akaviri Weapons: -Weight

    To my suprise all of the game's two handed swords do 2 more damage then one handed swords, thats right, only 2 damage more. Fact

    uploaded 21:22, 11 Apr 2006 372 21 14kb ByblosHex

  • Muffins Golden Dishes for Oblivion

    Muffin's Golden Dishes v1.1

    This mod adds some golden dishes, vases, urns, knives, forks, spoons, and such for the player to purchase. Try mixing and matching with some of the silver stuff for some nice effects.

    The new golden dishes can be purchased from Palonirya at Divine Elegance in the Imperial City Market

    uploaded 21:17, 11 Apr 2006 576 31 438kb pseudomuffin

  • Cyrodiil Terrain Map No Text v25 for Oblivion

    This is a replacement for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's default in-game map. It was made using the game's landscape files, resulting in a fairly accurate representation of Cyrodiil's terrain. The map was made as an alternative to some of the excellent stylized maps that have already been created. NOTE: This is the text-free version of the

    uploaded 20:29, 11 Apr 2006 3,072 124 15,459kb whisselj

  • TweakOblivion for Oblivion

    Tweak Oblivion 5.10 (Build:370) by Fawzib Rojas (f_rojas@spectron-msim.com)

    This program will let you edit the Oblivion.ini file with ease. You can also make backups and restores so you can experiment easily (the backup is a XML file). The .NET 2.0 Framework is required.

    It also has a description for some key fields explaining what they do. Y

    uploaded 19:31, 11 Apr 2006 16,370 629 334kb Faw

  • NudeSpell for Oblivion

    Getting an NPC's clothes off is a snap with the new Disrobe spell!

    Purchase the spell at Edgar's. Equip, then point and shoot. Your target will immediately unequip his or her shirt or robe. Perfect for those late-night parties in the Archmage's quarters!

    This spell contains no nudity. You're responsible for what's under your NP

    uploaded 19:11, 11 Apr 2006 21,707 561 3kb junge

  • Armor Pack for Oblivion

    This is a Armor Pack of Armor from ingame BUT with a twist...

    If you put on all 5 Pieces you get a nice Bonus...Like in Diablo...
    There is no new Models, since there is no NIF Import/Export yet...
    But the Textures have been changed a little...Not New Textures but touched a little to give a different feel to the Armor...

    The Armor can be bou

    uploaded 18:57, 11 Apr 2006 418 14 35,565kb NecroViolator

  • SteelBalence and PFMs Equipment Rarity Merge Plus for Oblivion

    Arriere2's modification to the creature's hand to hand attack conflicted with PFM's Loot mod for 13 monsters. I moved the attack values to PFM's Equipment Rarity v2.0 from Steelbalence rev 3.

    Also included is a version of Steelbalnce that does not modify creatures.

    The files is in 7-zip format (good free program but ti only zip

    uploaded 17:48, 11 Apr 2006 24 0 94kb Vash_HS

  • Cocoa the Horse for Oblivion

    You know what the worst horse in the game is? Prior Morbels horse, it sucks I know thats why I made Cocoa! Cocoa replaces prior morbels horse and can be obtained the same way as the old horse and is also compatible with ALL mods, (call steed/saddlebags etc).

    Cocoa is a chestnut brown horse with blue eyes, and rivals the strength and speed of Sha

    uploaded 17:07, 11 Apr 2006 457 17 1kb Montross87

  • Bloodworm Helm + Necro Amulet for ArchMage for Oblivion

    During the quest line for The mages guild you acquire two extremely powerful items, and then have to turn them over in order to continue in the mages guild. This mod allows you to get them back once you advance to Archmage. Once you're Archmage go to your new quarters and a message should appear, check your nightstand.

    uploaded 17:01, 11 Apr 2006 3,777 119 1kb Moist