• Green setand4swordkorea_ for Oblivion

    1. Green pearl (exept helmet)

    Green pearl Cuirass
    Green pearl Greaves
    Green pearl Gauntlets Green pearl Boots ()
    Green pearl Shield
    2. dokdo sword

    3. Eye of Myochung sword

    4. Tears of The Empress Myungsung sword

    uploaded 14:20, 12 Apr 2006 510 37 6,642kb ysjs123

  • Pepi fan mod for Oblivion

    Changes "adoring fan" to "Pepi" and he has a better sword (I made it so you can't pick it up because it is a really really good one) and he fights instead of running away.

    uploaded 12:43, 12 Apr 2006 29 1 1kb City 17

  • ParasiteX New Vampires for Oblivion

    This Vampire mod is based of the awsome vampire mod Kiyoshi created. It started out initially as simple bug fixing to his mod but quickly moved on to new functions and improvments.

    Because just about every single stat is treated as an disease this mod is fully compatible with any leveling mod that changes or modyfies the base stats.(ex

    uploaded 11:12, 12 Apr 2006 9,809 201 365kb ParasiteX

  • Dark Brotherhood Night Mother Money for Oblivion

    Dark Brotherhood Night Mother Money
    v3.0 - New Versions Released, Now Includes version that Changes Amount Based on Level

    This is a simple mod, it changes the amount of money you get each week from the earnings of the Dark Brotherhood that Arquen gives you.


    uploaded 10:38, 12 Apr 2006 2,324 92 10kb gsk_spurs

  • grtest for Oblivion

    this is a test for someone

    uploaded 9:53, 12 Apr 2006 46 2 274kb GroeneRizla

  • Character Changer for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to change your characters' race, sign and class without starting a new game, I hated having to start a new game to change from a mage to a warrior ect.

    uploaded 8:51, 12 Apr 2006 4,209 123 3kb webby_0005

  • Menu Video Replacement Broken Warrior for Oblivion

    This video replaces the default map video that plays on the TES IV: Oblivion main menu.

    The video was created by running "Set TimeScale 1500" in the console for the time lapse effect, "TM" to remove HUD elements, and recorded using Fraps at 1280x800 30fps. The recorded video was edited with VirtualDub 1.6.14 and encoded using Rad Gam

    uploaded 7:37, 12 Apr 2006 1,366 42 34,689kb Rehevkor

  • The Real Barenziah Uncensored for Oblivion

    The Uncencsored version of The Real Barenziah volume 2.
    Location of book is in the readme along with installation instructions.

    uploaded 7:29, 12 Apr 2006 1,096 67 11kb Limbro

  • Soul Reaver for Oblivion

    -Adds 1 weapon, the Soul Reaver.
    -Weapon is wielded/guarded by a vampire in a Fateful Cavern on the Bravil River.
    -The Soul Reaver has full collision, etc.

    To install, unzip the files, read the readme, and move the files as you are directed.

    uploaded 7:26, 12 Apr 2006 1,381 56 272kb Lingarn

  • Hunters Mod + Pelts Addon for Oblivion

    The original hunters mod, which makes pelts/ hides more profitable , changes the way creatures act and stuff. And adds an addon, damaging pelts if you kill creatures with a blade.

    uploaded 7:06, 12 Apr 2006 530 17 7kb marcusklaas

  • Moguras Realistic Merchant Storage Mod for Oblivion

    Mogura's Realistic Merchant Storage Mod
    (MRMSM v0.8)


    I'd like to announce that, due to a lack of available time, and the fact that I really cannot do this without a scripter to help sort out the bugs, there would be little point in me continuing my original plans for the mod. As

    uploaded 6:07, 12 Apr 2006 884 41 77kb Moogiefluff

  • Organics Mod Resource Blade01 for Oblivion

    This is a custom mesh+textures for a one hand blade weapon.
    Originally released by myself as a Morrowind mod I'm making it
    available as a modders resourse for Oblivion.

    Usage is anything, play with the mesh texture or whatever I don't care.
    Just give me credit if you use it in a mod, as the original creator.

    The normal map could u

    uploaded 4:59, 12 Apr 2006 143 4 1,908kb Organics