• Light Spell Color Pack for Oblivion

    This pack have 5 different colors to choose from for your Light spell. I have changed the Nuclear Green color to something a little more pleasing. Take a look at the screenies to see the colors.

    **NOTE** Only enable one at a time!!!

    uploaded 18:50, 3 Apr 2006 719 29 2kb DarkTyrian

  • CMSC_UndergroundPalace for Oblivion

    Sorry, i forgot to remove a script from the sealed door. But i fixed it. Now you can open the door without having to complete the Benirus-Manor-Quest. (There was a script from this quest on a copied door, the original door in the quest has still the script) Please redownload!

    This mod is a product of my TES4CS learning-process.

    uploaded 18:33, 3 Apr 2006 977 45 90kb Canicula23

  • Skill Level Balance for Oblivion

    Name: Skill Level Balance
    Version: 1.0
    Author: SirOnTheEdge (official forum name)
    Email: charlied@charliedavies.co.uk

    What this mod does:
    This mod attempts to balance the rate it takes for each skill to gain a point.
    The mod will make levelling take longer by making skills take longer to gain points.
    Some skills took longer than others t

    uploaded 18:15, 3 Apr 2006 52 3 2kb Chazn2

  • Detect Life Changer for Oblivion

    Changes the Detect Life Shader again.. Made new file in case someone still liked the other one better. I think this one is a much better improvement.


    Will not be compatible with other Detect Life Shader changes.

    Updated to now include different colors depending on your choice. Only one of the three files is needed. Purple maybe

    uploaded 17:16, 3 Apr 2006 4,014 113 2kb Neela

  • Beneath The Wall for Oblivion

    Upon hearing noises across many nights, the citizens of Bruma banded together and searched for the source of these noises. What they found surprised even the oldest residents of the city; A secret cave exists underneath one of the city walls! A door to the cave was found hidden behind some shrubbery.Apparently, others had recently come across the c

    uploaded 15:51, 3 Apr 2006 1,583 52 24kb Mod4You

  • Cheydinhal Petshop Deutsch for Oblivion

    Cheydinhal Petshop readme

    Ich habe das Plugin einfach nur übersetzt, darum wendet euch mit Lob an Lady E :)

    Place the Cheydinhal Petshop.esp in your installed directory of "/oblivion/data/" folder. (not the My Documents one!)


    * New pet Imp!
    - Imp pet added, this pet casts spells
    -- Imp

    uploaded 13:16, 3 Apr 2006 855 16 54kb Windauge

  • Ring of Wombweal for Oblivion

    This creates a Ring of Wombweal, for those who created a magick-based character born under the Atronauch, and then found at low levels, nothing attacks with magick, and there is little to conjure that will attack with spells.

    The result is this cheat. "Weal" means "well" or "health", so Wombweal counteracts Wombburn. It allows

    uploaded 11:58, 3 Apr 2006 47 3 2kb Lune

  • Detect Life X-Ray Vision for Oblivion

    This removes the purple gas created by Detect Life spells and replaces it with something that looks like X-Ray Vision.

    *NOTE* It looks a little funny when up close to NPCs but looks great through walls. If someone knows how to create a script that will tone down the alpha when you approach a NPC give me a shout.

    uploaded 10:59, 3 Apr 2006 11,710 275 0kb DarkTyrian

  • Permanent Arrows for Oblivion

    Never "lose" an arrow on a corpse ever again. This mod changes the chance to recover arrows from a corpse to 100%.

    uploaded 9:30, 3 Apr 2006 767 32 0kb kelpie

  • More Realistic Encumberment and Fatigue mod for Oblivion

    Wasn't it funny that your character could carry full steel plate armor and few swords, but after picking up 1 little strawberry he suddenly gets crushed under the mighty weight of his inventory? Well, this mod fixes that by degrading the character's performance in a 6 level system.

    Now included in .zip file are 2 different mods with two v

    uploaded 8:12, 3 Apr 2006 6,042 146 34kb Pauli

  • Vampire Frenzy for Oblivion

    Grants hungry vampires increased skills (Acrobatics, Athletics, Hand To Hand) and attributes (Endurance, Strength, Speed) when they near death. I find this makes combat a little more dynamic and gives some extra incentive to let your vampire go a little longer without feeding.


    - The mod runs on timers that rely on in-game time. If you

    uploaded 6:55, 3 Apr 2006 55 0 2kb TheOtherDude321

  • Demon Energy for Oblivion

    ---- NOTE: There is a possibility of the mod not working on a previous game. There isn't anything I can do about it from what I can see. Sorry. If it works, then GREAT! :)

    //////// New in Version 1.1!

    - Rebalancing ... made it so that there is a cooldown time in between uses of demon energy.
    - Warns the player just before he reaches the p

    uploaded 6:47, 3 Apr 2006 562 19 106kb Zshazz