• More Arrows Recovered for Oblivion

    As a marksman, it gets pretty annoying to lose so many arrows on my adventures, so I figured I'd release a mod to help that. Instead of the standard 50% chance of recovering arrows from a slain opponent's body, there's a 75% chance. Arrows stick around for a lot longer before they disappear (10 minutes now I believe) and up to 100 arrows c

    uploaded 14:26, 1 Apr 2006 12,065 245 0kb daeger

  • Better Imperfect Water for Oblivion

    This mod aims to make the water in Oblivion less murkey without having you feel like you're swimming in perfect water.
    The default underwater view distance is very close and seems quite unrealistic considering you can see quite far underwater from above the water.



    uploaded 14:07, 1 Apr 2006 4,513 157 1kb Kitna

  • Althirs Balanced Actors for Oblivion

    Althir`s Balanced Actors

    The english Version of this mod can be found here:


    Edit: 14. April 2006

    Version 1.2 ist draußen.

    Änderrungen gegenüber Version 1.0:

    - Die „LeveledItems“ wurden nachgebessert. Ich hatte vorhe

    uploaded 10:34, 1 Apr 2006 301 8 1,369kb Althir

  • Sir Rasor Realistic Archer pack v2_0 for Oblivion

    Realistic archery mod by Sir Rasor. Arrows speeded up, also new shooting glove, bows which are slightly stronger :) Available anywhere to purchese.

    uploaded 10:10, 1 Apr 2006 230 18 3kb SirRasor

  • Brothers Help for Oblivion

    This mod is my gift to my fellow members of "The Family". Hail Night Mother and Dread Father. This mod adds a new topic to talk to Vicente before the "Accidents Happen" quest. If you do, you'll recieve a very useful ring. All you have to do is humble yourself and ask.

    uploaded 9:30, 1 Apr 2006 175 9 2kb lordxidar

  • Less NPC Conversations for Oblivion

    This mod greatly reduces the likelihood of NPC conversations. No more constant chatter all around you. You will still get all the informations you need.

    uploaded 9:20, 1 Apr 2006 1,409 36 1kb Zarkis

  • Whistle Mod (dogs and horses) for Oblivion

    Whistle Mod
    This is a mod which allows you to whistle and call your dog or horse
    --Having to do with the horse whistle
    There is a pet trainer who wanders with a pack of dogs by the stables near the Imperial City, go see the trainer to recieve the horse whistle. After you cast horse whistle, your last ridden horse will shortly ride up to you

    uploaded 9:02, 1 Apr 2006 1,499 54 361kb mechtech

  • No Quest Items for Oblivion

    No Quest Items v.1.0
    by Jayson

    This plugin removes the "Quest Item" tag from certain items allowing the player to drop or sell them.

    All Quest Items have weights and values now.


    uploaded 9:00, 1 Apr 2006 2,337 75 39kb Hard_Rocker

  • More Enemies for Oblivion

    More Enemies Beta

    This Mod adds 160 Hostil Npc to morrowind
    Adds a few random items.

    Orc Barbarians (mostly In groups of 2-5)
    Nord Barbarians (mostly Ingroups of 2-5)
    Hostile Mages
    Moonsugar Junkies

    This mod adds more challenge and fun (Might be a litte to much Hack and Slash for some)
    If You have a NPc enhancer Lik

    uploaded 8:33, 1 Apr 2006 224 6 0kb TheBretonMage

  • Texture Replacer for Oblivion

    A tool to reskin the .NIF models used by Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas. Works well as a windows-program, but shows it's true power when used in the commandline, where it can replace several textures, in several files at once.

    Update v2.0 (07.Aug.06)

    - Broken texture-names that don't begin with "textures\" are r

    uploaded 8:09, 1 Apr 2006 5,499 189 44kb jog

  • Fast Home Travel for Oblivion

    Home Travel - Version 1.1

    Massive apologies to everyone who fell victim to my idiotic mistake in the last release! I moronically recomplied ALL scripts for the plugin (overriding every other mod script if this was selected) and massively bulking out the file size. This simply fixes that. Apologies again, other than fixing this problem, nothing h

    uploaded 7:37, 1 Apr 2006 699 21 7kb johnmedgla

  • Security Rebalance Traps and Bash Locks v126 for Oblivion

    -Bashable locks on doors and chests
    -Disarmable traps on doors and chests
    -Detect traps Spell
    -Better chest loot
    -No more lockpicking in combat
    -"Fixed" the skeleton key
    -Established minimum security requirements to pick certain levels of locks
    -The ability to trap mostly hard locks instead of them all equally.
    -The ability to extract

    uploaded 7:03, 1 Apr 2006 1,281 56 24kb Lap