• Disable Weapon Membrane Shaders for Oblivion

    This small plugin disables the membrane shaders on enchanted weapons. I haven't tested it with *every* enchanted weapon, but the dozen or so I tried were all working.

    uploaded 22:37, 17 Apr 2006 1,924 75 8kb xzero87

  • Groene Rizlas Island home 0 5 for Oblivion

    This is my first official release its not completely done but eitherway i wanted to release it for coments and or bugg's

    This adds a small island to the west of Anvil

    >>>Fast travel is posible and you would be wise to do so or the land wil not load ? have to work this out <<<

    it Adds 1 home decorated with items
    A basement with good st

    uploaded 20:13, 17 Apr 2006 55 2 198kb GroeneRizla

  • Dimensional Pouch for Oblivion

    Very basic mod

    Creates a magic (easy to cast) that works as a container...
    So you cast it, then you can transfert items in and out...

    See the ReadMe to know how to get the spell
    Check out this forum too...

    uploaded 19:29, 17 Apr 2006 246 13 2kb EdgeDerakh

  • Infused Glass for Oblivion

    Infused Glass Armor

    This mod introduces a new armor type, similar to glass in appearance, but with a more daedric look.
    The armor is heavy, slightly better than daedric, and consists of a retexturing of the regular glass armor, with new glow maps, and modified normal maps.
    The normal maps add veins to the surface of the

    uploaded 19:08, 17 Apr 2006 313 14 6,337kb azathothgr

  • Armor Of the night for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that adds a new suit of light armor(great for sneakers) in a pond in leyawiin.Its fairly easy to find, but Blue lagoon mod may help.I didnt make any new textures or anything, this is fairly simple.If you need more info on how to find, refer to the readme, or ask me in the forum thingy.Hope you like it.Its basically DB cuiass wi

    uploaded 18:23, 17 Apr 2006 451 16 3kb The_Great_Shiniku

  • Thieves Guild Heirloom Quick Fix for Oblivion

    There is a bug that makes two rings appear some times - if you pick both of them up, Ahdarji refuses to believe you have one.

    This mod will remove quest item status from the ring, so you can drop one, complete the quest, fence the other one if you wish, then unload the mod. I expect it will be fixed in a patch soon, but until then this should do

    uploaded 18:18, 17 Apr 2006 73 2 1kb theeArkestar

  • BSA unpacker for Oblivion

    This is a utility for viewing the files contained within an oblivion bsa archive and unpacking them.

    This utility requires .NET 1.1.

    This is a standalone version of the BSA browser from obmm 0.6 beta 2. In order to target .NET 1.1 instead of 2.0, a couple of minor features have been cut out. See the readme for details.

    To use, just run the

    uploaded 16:59, 17 Apr 2006 232,888 3,164 13kb Timeslip

  • Reborns Chest mod for Oblivion

    Reborns Chest mod V1.01
    This mods adds a chest in The Imperial City next to The Best Defence shop. Many of these items are enchanted ( they are not godlike, but very usefull). The armor is a bit stronger than
    The Daedric armor cause its boring if you want to be a good guy and the best armor is a evil hellish armor.

    uploaded 16:47, 17 Apr 2006 124 4 2kb Reborn Born at Easter

  • 1st Way for Oblivion

    This mod includes the coolest weapon... EVER!!!
    It turns your victims into apples. lol. but that isn't what makes this weapon so cool. anyways, i stole the white glass textures from somebody (did search, can't find who's) & the dark glass icons from Diranar (http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2459).
    in order to obtain any items

    uploaded 16:39, 17 Apr 2006 2,508 38 0kb pop2pop

  • Crystal Glass Retexture for Oblivion

    This mod replaces the green glass textures with new shiny light blue ones.

    Version 1.0
    -New textures for glass armor

    Version 2.0
    -New textures for glass armor
    -New textures for glass weapons

    uploaded 16:37, 17 Apr 2006 10,315 277 2,029kb Laurinque

  • Fighters Guild Porter doesnt follow for Oblivion

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who found that having the Fighter's Guild porter constantly follow you around grated on their nerves. This mod fixes that by changing the AI settings for the porter so thye no longer follow you around. Save your game outside of the the guild before you load the plugin.

    uploaded 16:21, 17 Apr 2006 1,356 101 1kb Stabbey_the_Clown

  • PFMs Unofficial Equipment Rarity Patch mod pack v21 for Oblivion

    PlasticFoamMan's Unoffical Rarity patch 2.1! For 2.1 details, check here:


    There is far too much to explain here, so I refer the DLer to either the TES forums where you can find an ongoing discussion(s) of this mod and specifically the readme.

    Generally, this mod helps to sol

    uploaded 16:14, 17 Apr 2006 151 12 72kb PlasticFoamMan