• RealismMod for Oblivion

    RealismMod v1.0:


    Mein Anliegen war es, ein realistischeres Oblivion zu gestalten, dabei waren mir 3 Dinge wichtig:

    1.) Man sollte sich im Spiel, vor allem im späteren Verlauf, auch als Held fühlen, dh es sollte einen Unterschied geben,
    zwischen dem "abenteuer-erprobten, hart-trainierenden, durch-alle-mögl

    uploaded 16:05, 10 Apr 2006 11,008 153 1,336kb kompott

  • Illusionary Nothings Better Horses for Oblivion

    This Mod:
    - Increases the speed of all horses.
    - Increases the jumping height of all horses.
    - Maintains type differences.

    THIS MOD IS PURIST SAFE. It is completely balanced. It just seemed a bit silly that at lower levels you could already out-run and out-jump your horse.

    uploaded 16:03, 10 Apr 2006 479 22 13kb Illusionary Nothing

  • Count Burns for Oblivion

    Name: Mr. Burns

    Author: dethduck
    version: 1.0

    Simple face change of the Skingrad count to make him look like Mr. Burns

    uploaded 15:02, 10 Apr 2006 81 13 1kb dethduck

  • The Black Hand for Oblivion


    -Adds The Black Hand as a playable faction.
    -Lets you join and become Puppet and eventually Puppeteer.
    -All new weapons and armor for rewards for carrying out contracts/assassinations.
    -New Lesser Power called Puppet Strings for when you become Puppeteer. (it's no spell p

    uploaded 14:15, 10 Apr 2006 2,912 65 74kb ZosoSTH

  • Warlocks House by Zealot for Oblivion


    Updates in 1.3:
    Bugfixes, better transitions

    Updates in 1.2: Added a Greenhouse with lots of cool stuff, door from laboratory leads to a tower which will take you to the Greenhouse :) Check it out!

    New house for people who have achieved the rank of "Warlock" within the Mages Guild.

    The House is located within the walls of t

    uploaded 13:25, 10 Apr 2006 112 8 62kb Narax

  • dark brotherhood Listeners Quarters for Oblivion


    Ok This Is my first mod EVER!

    this Update doesnt change normal version in anyway it just adds darker version!

    There are 2 files in there the normal edition and the darker edition [recomended] which i have just released... the darker version adds some mist to the corridor and more

    uploaded 12:54, 10 Apr 2006 672 43 14kb Lord Caltor

  • Fargoth the Fan for Oblivion

    This mod renames the Adoring fan into Fargoth.

    uploaded 12:11, 10 Apr 2006 31 1 1kb Faderkaka

  • No Daedra Turrets for Oblivion

    Some people think the Daedra turrets are the new Cliffracers. This mod turns them off.

    uploaded 11:20, 10 Apr 2006 442 34 1kb joke_dst

  • Apnea Template for Oblivion

    A female redguard character template I've created! Enjoy!

    uploaded 9:44, 10 Apr 2006 124 13 264kb drcolossus

  • Shadow Hot Wood Elf for Oblivion

    Name: Shadow
    Race: Wood Elf
    Birth Sign: The Thief
    Class: Thief
    Level: 1

    There are 2 Save Games:

    Save 1 - Shadow - Imperial Prison, Level 1, Playing Time 00.12.28.ess
    ^^ is saved inside the prison right after the character was created.

    Save 4 - Shadow - Sewers, Level 1, Playing Time 00.47.36.ess
    ^^ was saved just at the exit of the se

    uploaded 8:46, 10 Apr 2006 117 10 474kb Shadowrealm

  • Scales of Pitiless Justice Mod and Enhanced Sands of Resolve for Oblivion

    Instead of using ModActorValue the Scales of Pitiless Justice now rely on fortify / damage attribute. I just felt this led to the stat changes being displayed in a better way.

    Additionally I've enhanced the Sands of Resolve to fortify endurance while carried, as I felt such a cool item deserved at least a minor effect.

    uploaded 8:09, 10 Apr 2006 90 2 1kb emorym

  • Althirs Balanced Actors english Version for Oblivion

    Balanced Actors - English Version

    Edit 16.04.06: I have fixed some smaler problems within the "LeveledItems" list. The new version uploaded is called 1.2

    Edit 11.04.06: The problem with too much german "stuff" in the english mod should be fixed now. A lot of thanks Toran :-)

    So, i hav

    uploaded 8:05, 10 Apr 2006 78 2 1,365kb Althir