• Shadowfax for Oblivion

    Replaces Prior Maborel's Paint Horse with Shadowfax, Lord of the Mearas and the horse ridden by Gandalf the White in LotR: The Two Towers and LotR: The Return of the King.

    He is a very fast horse, slightly faster than the Black Horse and is counted as an essential creature so he cannot die easily.


    uploaded 17:00, 12 Apr 2006 1,393 57 0kb vanuchris

  • Orcgonians for Oblivion

    Adds Orcgonians as a Playable race.
    Racial features are well suited (only suited?) to a powerful warrior class.
    They have a constant 75 spell absorption ability, however, unless they are very quick to use
    the mana it quickly dissipates from them. Also has a paralytic poisonous bite, with a drawback of draining
    their fatigue for some time afte

    uploaded 16:54, 12 Apr 2006 184 12 2kb Neela

  • Dark One New Race for Oblivion

    A new race called Dark One,

    Dark One is rumored to be the spawns of dragons, extremely powerful creatures able to stop time and breath fire. However to use their abilities they drain most of or all of their magicka and fatigue.

    they may seem overpowered at first, but if you use the time stop ability too much you will eventually slip up and ge

    uploaded 16:52, 12 Apr 2006 817 11 3kb Dramonicous

  • Warlock Outfit for Oblivion

    Giving 99% of the credit to Cameron Sorden of the Dark Mage Outfit (which can be found at http://www.3ddownloads.com/RPG/The%20Elder%20Scrolls%20IV:%20Oblivion/Mods/DarkMageOutfit.ace)

    All I did was tone down most of the bonuses and add some extras.

    This mod adds five custom items to the upstairs rooms of Rindirr's Staves in the Imperial

    uploaded 16:19, 12 Apr 2006 335 13 4kb zachhcaz22

  • Hunters Mod n Damaged Pelts for Oblivion

    The original hunters mod, which makes pelts/ hides more profitable , changes the way creatures act and stuff. And adds an addon, damaging pelts if you kill creatures with a blade.

    uploaded 15:46, 12 Apr 2006 203 9 51kb marcusklaas

  • Optimized LOD Landscape for Oblivion


    uploaded 15:38, 12 Apr 2006 830 45 605kb fuc847

  • More Realistic Sneaking BETA v17 for Oblivion

    Version 1.7 BETA

    This is a BETA version. For the most recent stable version, see here:

    The first part of this mod makes sneaking a little more difficult, and a LOT more difficult for the fully plate-armoured behemoth. Heavy cuirasses, shields and unsheathed weapons

    uploaded 15:35, 12 Apr 2006 197 7 12kb Polycrates

  • Green setand4swordkorea_ for Oblivion

    1. Green pearl (exept helmet)

    Green pearl Cuirass
    Green pearl Greaves
    Green pearl Gauntlets Green pearl Boots ()
    Green pearl Shield
    2. dokdo sword

    3. Eye of Myochung sword

    4. Tears of The Empress Myungsung sword

    uploaded 14:20, 12 Apr 2006 510 37 6,642kb ysjs123

  • Pepi fan mod for Oblivion

    Changes "adoring fan" to "Pepi" and he has a better sword (I made it so you can't pick it up because it is a really really good one) and he fights instead of running away.

    uploaded 12:43, 12 Apr 2006 29 1 1kb City 17

  • ParasiteX New Vampires for Oblivion

    This Vampire mod is based of the awsome vampire mod Kiyoshi created. It started out initially as simple bug fixing to his mod but quickly moved on to new functions and improvments.

    Because just about every single stat is treated as an disease this mod is fully compatible with any leveling mod that changes or modyfies the base stats.(ex

    uploaded 11:12, 12 Apr 2006 9,800 200 365kb ParasiteX

  • Dark Brotherhood Night Mother Money for Oblivion

    Dark Brotherhood Night Mother Money
    v3.0 - New Versions Released, Now Includes version that Changes Amount Based on Level

    This is a simple mod, it changes the amount of money you get each week from the earnings of the Dark Brotherhood that Arquen gives you.


    uploaded 10:38, 12 Apr 2006 2,319 91 10kb gsk_spurs

  • grtest for Oblivion

    this is a test for someone

    uploaded 9:53, 12 Apr 2006 46 2 274kb GroeneRizla