• znasts long bow mod for Oblivion

    adds new bows to the game (currently sitting in cheydinhal abandoned houses first floor)

    these bows are slower firing / higher damage. useful for devastating first attacks useless in a firefight really though.

    tried to balance them a bit. its still in BETA stages so feedback is appreciated


    uploaded 1:37, 9 Apr 2006 674 14 5kb znast

  • Thoras Dunmer for Oblivion

    Thoras the Dunmer, handsome and dangerous.

    uploaded 1:18, 9 Apr 2006 118 8 403kb donpedro28

  • Race Jaffa Stargate SG1 for Oblivion

    This adds the race Jaffa to Oblivion.
    Yes the Jaffa from Stargate SG-1.

    Also included is the CustomRace fix.
    With this you don't have problems when choosing a custom race in the beginning.


    Base Attributes:
    STR: 50/40
    INT: 30/30
    WIL: 40/40
    AGI: 40/40
    SPD: 40/40
    END: 50/50
    LUC: 40/40
    PERS: 30/40

    Skill Bon

    uploaded 1:10, 9 Apr 2006 538 13 249kb ErikRedbeard

  • Buster sword *UPDATED* for Oblivion

    oblivion weapon - Clouds Buster sword
    UPDATE #2: now fixed zfighting in the menu screen, and added inventory icon (thanks to chaper for this update

    UPDATE #1: NOW with physics, normal and specular mapping!


    uploaded 0:54, 9 Apr 2006 4,444 102 4,899kb bonebrew22

  • Better Lighting and Better Torches for Oblivion

    This Mod is specifically designed to work with, “Darker Nights Burning Kvatch and Darker Dungeons by Teenk” if you do not have these Mods installed you will not get the full impact of these lighting Mods. Teenk Mods added a touch of realty that this game really needed the problem was that the default lighting in Oblivion did not work realistica

    uploaded 0:39, 9 Apr 2006 5,616 160 9kb Gorric

  • Cornell for Oblivion

    He's a young Imperial looking like a typical Disney hero.

    CASS_EYES_FACES_BALD_V1.1 needed!!

    uploaded 0:35, 9 Apr 2006 75 2 468kb donpedro28

  • Power Wavers for Oblivion

    This mod contains nine new swords, each with diffirent powers. Three of them are only avilable to get from WEAPONs - giant monsters, which souls were trapped in Wavers. There are three WEAPONs - ULTIMA, OMEGA and RUBY. To find ULTIMA, go to Abandoned House in Cheydinhal and look for Wav

    uploaded 0:25, 9 Apr 2006 382 17 361kb RiXeD

  • biger trolls and ogres for Oblivion

    this mod makes trolls and ogres a little bigger than before

    uploaded 23:31, 8 Apr 2006 746 31 16kb joejoeself

  • SEDUCERS for Oblivion


    What this mod does:

    This mod adds a new Daedra to the Oblivion Daedric levelled lists. It is an alteration and retexturing of the spriggan mesh, but does not replace anything in the game. The Daedric Seducer has appeared in at least a couple of Elder Scrolls games, so I thought I would enrich the Oblivion bestiary by bri

    uploaded 23:27, 8 Apr 2006 795 41 4,615kb Zardalu

  • 300 Weapon Necro Edition for Oblivion

    this is a slight modification to the great 300 weapon 1.7 mod, all it does is simply make all axes bladed instead of blunt!

    uploaded 22:54, 8 Apr 2006 780 21 87kb Necro-

  • Black Hand Questline V1 for Oblivion

    V.1- Update

    -Adds Sanctuary Undercroft (to access you must be ranked atleast Listener in DB)
    -Dremora who gives you a pretty damn hard quest (you need to get a amulet, sorry :P)
    -No quest compass.
    -He gives you no hints. (I'll give you one, it is located a previous DB mission. Oh, and not a dead drop)
    -Your new Mentor for the Black Hand

    uploaded 22:46, 8 Apr 2006 831 23 40kb ZosoSTH

  • OHs Resized Creatures for Oblivion

    Changes the size of some creatures to make them more "realistic".

    uploaded 22:37, 8 Apr 2006 4,360 32 8kb Officer Half