• HealthFood for Oblivion

    Most foods will now heal you if you eat them. The value of the healing is based on the food types.

    Not all foods provide healing but most will. Some foods were better suited for Fatigue recovery.

    This mod will effect Alchemy Potions as the ingredients have had Fatigue replaced with Healing.

    Making healing potions will be much easier now t

    uploaded 21:30, 30 Mar 2006 557 9 5kb stoutbear

  • TeMpO Oblivion for Oblivion

    TeMpO Version 2.1

    New in 2.1 - I Changed the players Encumbrance to allow carrying a lot more stuff. Players that have 2.0 can safely overwrite it with 2.1.

    This mod provides a chest full of very powerfull custom made items, located inside the prison cell where the game begins.

    There`s also a new BirthSign (TeMpO ability) wich confers a pe

    uploaded 21:11, 30 Mar 2006 1,823 102 5kb TempoJMFS

  • Red Glass Gear for Oblivion

    RedGlassGear.esp 1.3

    --- Mod description
    Added recolored glass armor and weapons to the Fire and Steel shop in Chorrol. Does NOT replace the original glass armor. Red Glass armor and weapons are identical to the original green, except for the color.

    --- Update 1.3
    Item icons are now red (instead of purple/red) and

    uploaded 20:51, 30 Mar 2006 813 20 8,593kb PizzasRgooD

  • WIP Mysterious Chest Combine or drain soulgems for Oblivion

    V1.1- No longer contains all scripts due to recompiling

    Adds a Chest to the Arch-Mages room, which can combine two empty soul gems into the next capacity up and empty full soul gems.

    uploaded 20:00, 30 Mar 2006 232 6 10kb ultimate_death


    *Make sure read the "AUTHOR'S NOTES"*


    Meet... Softaco.
    She is a 21 year old, brown haired, blue eyed, Imperial beauty. She stands about 5 foot 10 inches and weighs in at just over 135lbs.

    This gorgeous woman is here at your FULL control, cloned at the age of 21 she has ALOT to learn. This my friend is up to YOU!


    uploaded 18:57, 30 Mar 2006 261 8 271kb SKiNBuS

  • Attractive Khajiit Female for Oblivion

    By request, here is a save file for Khali, my Khajiit female. The save is at the end of the sewers with a decent mix of equipment for an archer. For those wondering how to get an attractive Khajiit file, download and start this game and you can examine the slider positions. For those just wanting a fairly cute Khajiit, explore away.

    uploaded 18:50, 30 Mar 2006 247 6 271kb Waffle299

  • Short Grass for Oblivion

    Some people thought the grass was to tall and bogged down their systems, so i created this mod that should shorten the grass by a good margine.

    2.0 changes
    Was told my estimates of 50% was wrong due to the fact of what i was editing was not the total height but a range. removed the ranges completely so the standard model is the only height of t

    uploaded 18:48, 30 Mar 2006 4,187 96 15kb Slig

  • threebooks for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to carry 3 portable mini guides in the game world, to easy and quick inquire about:
    - Trainer locations
    - Triggers of sub quests
    - Alchemy item effects and location
    To locate the books, go Imperial City, southwest, the tree near the well (pls see picture).

    All information were gathered form 'Complete Oblivion Strategy

    uploaded 18:34, 30 Mar 2006 357 20 16kb ajun

  • Arena Loot for Oblivion

    [UPDATED - 31. March 2006]

    Fixed a major problem where the game wouldn't recognize that your Arena Raiment was equipped. Thanks Imgnryflagdotcom and DRAAX for reporting!

    "Arena Loot" enables you to loot fallen enemies in the arena. Both corpse-loot and separate weapon/armor loot.

    See the included README for more informatio

    uploaded 15:38, 30 Mar 2006 10,091 230 451kb ProxXect

  • No More Annoying Messages Lite version for Oblivion

    - Removed "Loading area..."

    uploaded 14:40, 30 Mar 2006 3,347 93 0kb MackeMan

  • More Arena Spectators Lite for Oblivion

    Get the normal version if you have a good pc!

    MoreArenaSpectatorsLite.esp 1.1

    --- Mod description
    Bethesda got a bit lazy and put about 10 spectators in the arena. This mod creates a couple hundred more spectators to cheer you up !

    uploaded 14:24, 30 Mar 2006 830 36 16kb PizzasRgooD

  • Harvest Flora for Oblivion

    This mod will make all flora behave more realistically by changing their appearance when you harvest them (whether you are successful or not). When you harvest a plant if its ingredient is a flower then the plant's flowers will disappear and so on, through some plants ingredients are roots which they don't have and you can't see them anywa

    uploaded 13:41, 30 Mar 2006 140,701 2,696 5,497kb XmirroR