• JP_Canine_Pack for Oblivion

    Canine Pack 1.0 (By G()5u)

    This Mod adds 3 New Canines to Tamrial.

    1. Warg - Not mine (Could the Author PM me so I could Say Thanks for the Inspiration)

    2. Hell Hound (Total Re-Skin, Can Cast Certain Fire Spells
    Can be found in mountain reqions, Oblivion gates and more.)

    3. Ice Wolf (Much the

    uploaded 7:58, 11 Apr 2006 477 25 2,951kb Gosu

  • CallSteed 30a for Oblivion

    Call Steed 3.0a (Standalone)

    How To Install This Mod:

    1) Go into the "Data" folder of your Oblivion installation

    2) Place "CallSteed3.0a.esp" in the DATA folder

    3) Run Oblivion and, when the launcher appears, select "Data Files" and check the box by the file you just placed in the Data directory.

    4) Click "Play

    uploaded 7:31, 11 Apr 2006 4,243 170 7kb mcallon

  • Happy Spike Hunger for Oblivion

    Happy Spike Hunger Mod v1.0
    Mod by by Happy Spike
    All foods are scripted diferently so will satisfy different amounts of hunger. How long you can go without food depends on your endurance. But how much food you need to eat also increases with more endurance. You CAN DIE from hunger but only after nearly a wee

    uploaded 6:54, 11 Apr 2006 300 6 8kb happy_spike

  • Fisheyes Unicorn Mount for Oblivion

    Fisheye's Unicorn Mount README

    Installation: Extract the .rar file to you Oblivion/Data directory.

    This mod adds an NPC in the Chorral Stables area that will sell you a unicorn. (15,000 gold - a lot of money, but the unicorn can't be killed)

    The Unicorn is owned by the player, and will act like any other owned horse. It will follow

    uploaded 5:12, 11 Apr 2006 1,527 74 3,668kb fisheye

  • Map Loop Replacement Video for Oblivion

    Ok I know not so much a game play mod, but hey it does change/modify something about the game so hence a mod!

    Really just wanted to see if this could actually be done and YES it can. I thought it was cool, so now I will pass it on!

    I used the videos that were from the countdown videos that Bethesda was putting out as a little teaser througho

    uploaded 5:03, 11 Apr 2006 308 19 17,836kb Maimas

  • Spell Names By Effect for Oblivion

    This mod replaces the pre-made spell names with the effect name and specifications (e.g. "Captivating Touch" is "Charm, 24, 30s"). The new spell names make it easier to locate your intended effect and follow the format "Spell Name",

    • , [magnitude], [radius], [duration] (where "*" or lack thereof denotes a Ranged (Target)

    uploaded 4:37, 11 Apr 2006 542 18 303kb JSLSlim

  • BALOR LEVELLING QMans Modified VEHEM EDITION for Oblivion

    This is a slight modification of Vehem's Balor Mod, v1.1c. The aim is to gain levels only when combat skills increase, thus hopefully making creatues not too powerful for non-combat types to kill. It changes the existing mod as follows:

    -Reverts levelling back to skills gained, rather than stat points gained
    -Gaining 5 skills causes a level

    uploaded 3:46, 11 Apr 2006 67 1 43kb theqmann

  • Kumiko Manor for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    Kumiko Manor | V2.15

    By: Shawn Dworshak of S & G Productions
    A.K.A Academician Nwahs

    1- You MUST have the latest Oblivion patch is installed!

    2- Run KumikoManorInstaller.exe which w

    uploaded 0:34, 11 Apr 2006 26,438 766 11,480kb Academician_Nwahs

  • Listener Quarters for Oblivion

    This mod adds a private section in the dark brotherhood cheydinall sanctuary, you get the key once you become listener trough a dialogue topic from arquen.

    The listener quarters are made of five rooms:
    Training room: With targets for melee/ranged combat and weapon racks
    Library: With some books, alchemy tools and flora to gather igredients for

    uploaded 23:08, 10 Apr 2006 656 17 1,079kb abos

  • Black Hand horse armor for Oblivion

    This will REPLACE the steel horse armor by a black hand horse armor, so when u purchase the steel horse armor ingame u get this black hand one. Enjoy!

    **IMPORTANT** u must have the horsearmor plugin in order to use this texture

    Hail sithis!

    uploaded 22:58, 10 Apr 2006 2,050 66 2,039kb hoodz

  • Warp Reality Spell for Oblivion

    "Warp Reality Spell" v0.5 by Istarius
    April 10, 2006

    Adds a new spell called Warp Reality. This spell exchanges the location of the caster and its target. Currently, it can be purchased from Agata in the Leyawiin Mages' Guild.

    0.5 - First release.


    uploaded 22:56, 10 Apr 2006 927 13 3kb kokorozashi

  • Improved Potion of Exploration for Oblivion

    Version 1.1 - (See Author's Notes for the changelist)

    This adjusts the reward for the "Seeking your Roots" quest. For all the collecting of Nirnroots that is required, the potion you get for your troubles isn't that great. It seems that all the potions were aimed for the quest to be done at level one. Unfortunately, if you just occas

    uploaded 21:40, 10 Apr 2006 356 16 3kb Stabbey_the_Clown