• Classes 300 for Oblivion

    Inspired by,
    -Neverwinter Nights

    Sound Effects by,
    I feel that choosing a class should award the player with something unique to that class instead of the generic

    master of all trades chars we have.

    The mod is used by returning to the Imperial sewers entrance and activating the Heroic, Rogue or Wizard Statue

    there, you w

    uploaded 20:52, 12 Apr 2006 1,962 65 1,152kb ByblosHex

  • The Duke of Cheydinhal: Ring of Vampirism for Oblivion

    This mod adds a ring into the game which allows the player to take on 100% vampirism while wearing it.

    The focus of the mod is the quest itself which contains a considerable amount of lore on the ring and a few new locations to discover. The quest starts with a note in the headquarters of The Order of the Virtuous Blood (IC: Temple District base

    uploaded 20:48, 12 Apr 2006 1,486 52 410kb aaronmoxxley

  • Color Map of Cyrodiil Spoiler Release 2 Updated for Oblivion

    This is a printable hi res colored map of Cyrodiil in case you did not get a full game map or want to print a small travel sized map. Quite handy! (Spoiler Version that shows ALL of the map locations for ALL places)

    Update 1.1 - I removed all the wrongly placed Gates listed on the map per request.

    uploaded 19:35, 12 Apr 2006 1,239 96 894kb prowlinger

  • Color Map of Cyrodiil NonSpoiler for Oblivion

    This is a printable hi res colored map of Cyrodiil in case you did not get a full game map or want to print a small travel sized map. Quite handy! (Non Spoiler Version)

    uploaded 19:22, 12 Apr 2006 996 30 3,336kb prowlinger

  • quotes death for Oblivion

    -------quotes - death -------
    What this mod does:
    replaces a lot of the loading screen texts with quotes of people about death.
    loading screens bound to regions / places aren't changed, some others neither, those last ones because of a lack of quotes ^^
    anyway, I don't think i

    uploaded 19:11, 12 Apr 2006 627 8 13kb ApellA

  • Assassinaces Leveling Mod for Oblivion

    **Important info** the wizards house official Beth plugin introduces an exploit to my mod. If you use the alchemy lab from that mod I suggest not using this mod at least until I fix the problem.
    Update *1.1 fixes a bug with alteration just replace the new version over the old*
    This is a very basic, fair, and simple leveling mod.
    It leaves all n

    uploaded 19:06, 12 Apr 2006 174 5 3kb Assassinace

  • Assassinaces Smithy Mod for Oblivion

    This is the beta of my smithy mod.
    Adds many anvils and forges throught the world. Get ingredients from the coffin in the elven district. You can use anvils to navigate the menu's and when done you will have created the armor you want. (assuming your armorer skill is high enough and you have the right ingredients)
    read the readme for more in

    uploaded 18:41, 12 Apr 2006 565 12 4,180kb Assassinace

  • Zombies! for Oblivion

    This is the mod used to make the Oblivion Zombies video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7822589164632637598

    It's not polished, could probably work better than it does, and it has pretty much no practical use except to run around and watch zombies take over towns. The scroll to learn the appropriate spell is sitting under a bench in

    uploaded 17:40, 12 Apr 2006 302 12 21kb seorin

  • Shadowfax for Oblivion

    Replaces Prior Maborel's Paint Horse with Shadowfax, Lord of the Mearas and the horse ridden by Gandalf the White in LotR: The Two Towers and LotR: The Return of the King.

    He is a very fast horse, slightly faster than the Black Horse and is counted as an essential creature so he cannot die easily.


    uploaded 17:00, 12 Apr 2006 1,393 57 0kb vanuchris

  • Orcgonians for Oblivion

    Adds Orcgonians as a Playable race.
    Racial features are well suited (only suited?) to a powerful warrior class.
    They have a constant 75 spell absorption ability, however, unless they are very quick to use
    the mana it quickly dissipates from them. Also has a paralytic poisonous bite, with a drawback of draining
    their fatigue for some time afte

    uploaded 16:54, 12 Apr 2006 184 12 2kb Neela

  • Dark One New Race for Oblivion

    A new race called Dark One,

    Dark One is rumored to be the spawns of dragons, extremely powerful creatures able to stop time and breath fire. However to use their abilities they drain most of or all of their magicka and fatigue.

    they may seem overpowered at first, but if you use the time stop ability too much you will eventually slip up and ge

    uploaded 16:52, 12 Apr 2006 817 11 3kb Dramonicous

  • Warlock Outfit for Oblivion

    Giving 99% of the credit to Cameron Sorden of the Dark Mage Outfit (which can be found at http://www.3ddownloads.com/RPG/The%20Elder%20Scrolls%20IV:%20Oblivion/Mods/DarkMageOutfit.ace)

    All I did was tone down most of the bonuses and add some extras.

    This mod adds five custom items to the upstairs rooms of Rindirr's Staves in the Imperial

    uploaded 16:19, 12 Apr 2006 335 13 4kb zachhcaz22