• Display Rooms for Oblivion

    Add's rooms to each purchasable house (excluding the waterfront shack) for
    the purpose of displaying your various trophies.

    No upgrade purchase is required, the doors to each trophy room is around the outside of the house,
    excluding the house in skingrad (the door is in the basement).
    The large pedestals are meant for

    uploaded 22:39, 31 Mar 2006 1,465 48 67kb Nibato

  • nosundamage for Oblivion

    This mod makes it so all kinds of weather no longer cause sun damage

    I know this is the same concept as the daywalker mod but it didn't appear to work for some people, so... here is an alternative

    uploaded 20:40, 31 Mar 2006 472 10 4kb cerdom

  • Augmented Imperial Watch Armor for Oblivion

    I was tired of having Daedric Armor being the highest quality heavy there was, this mod enables the Imperial Watch Armor AND sets it to the exact same stats as the Daedric set, allowing for diversity in whether you want to look noble of demonic. Simple mod, no known issues however if engaged in combat with Imperial Watch be known that they will be

    uploaded 20:38, 31 Mar 2006 510 19 2kb JorgWalther

  • Trainer Book for Oblivion

    Trainer Book v1.0
    by Cameron Sorden

    This mod places a book in the game which lists all skill trainers in the world, their location, and gives tips for the quests which you need to do to access the master trainers. It's sorted alphabetically by skill name, and the first letter of each skill se

    uploaded 20:08, 31 Mar 2006 1,790 80 6kb cdsorden

  • TESsnip for Oblivion

    TESsnip is a low level plugin editor that allows you to open esm/esp files, view the record structure and cut/copy/paste records and subrecords between different parents, including different esp's. You can also view and edit the data saved in a subrecord, in either hex or string format, as well as editing record headers.

    Installation is not r

    uploaded 19:56, 31 Mar 2006 8,624 315 22kb Timeslip

  • Hedgewizards Hovel for Oblivion

    This plugin adds a new theme house on the shores of Topal Bay, just south of Leyawiin, and on the very edge of the map.. It will show up as a tent marker on the ingame map, and can be fast traveled to.

    The house itself is a wizard's hovel, with a small attached garden. Inside you will find a bed, a restocking food cupboard, a restocking ing

    uploaded 19:51, 31 Mar 2006 675 41 77kb bkrisher

  • swpretties for Oblivion

    swpretties v1.0

    This adjusts the price of basic jewelry and gems. The prices seemed a little too low.

    Rings: 25% increase.
    Amulets: 50% increase.
    Necklaces: 25% increase.
    Gems: 100% increase.

    Note: This does not touch enchanted items. I plan on sorting through those later.

    uploaded 19:45, 31 Mar 2006 134 7 14kb senkor

  • swclock for Oblivion

    swclock v1.12
    This plugin informs you of time, day, month, or year changes in the form of a message.
    Year changing may report wrong - not tested.
    The script will not run while you are in combat to prevent message clutter.
    The time is printed about every 1.5 minutes.

    *** Fixed the timing. Now it should really upda

    uploaded 19:43, 31 Mar 2006 241 9 20kb senkor

  • The Nexus for Oblivion

    This mod is intended for those players who prefer to walk and explore the land instead of using fast travel, but still would like to have some means of traveling faster between the towns you have already visited.

    The mod adds a Nexus Stone in each of the eight major cities.
    After you have activated a Nexus Stone in any of the cities, you can t

    uploaded 18:51, 31 Mar 2006 226 11 37kb Felkroth

  • Fathis Fix for Oblivion

    FATHIS FIX 1.1
    by Johnny
    Thanks to the creator of the "Fathis Ules Comes Home" mod for inspiration for this mod.

    This mod fixes a number of bugs left in the Fathis Ules NPC/Thieves Guild Fence.

    -Fathis now properly sleeps in his own house, not the house of a nearby orc.

    -Fathis no longer gets "stuck" in Chorrol after the completion of the Weatherle

    uploaded 18:24, 31 Mar 2006 2,916 146 4kb Kwaichang

  • Faster Arrows for Oblivion

    I loved the concept of the Marksman Velocity mod, but I thought it would be better (and would make more sense) if all the arrows went the same speed. So I made this real fast. Comes in 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 225%, and 250% speed varieties. Remember, only enable one of them. Works with mods that increase bow/arrow damage, and the like.

    v1.1: Now

    uploaded 17:21, 31 Mar 2006 25,424 866 2kb daeger

  • Sneak Master Perk Replacement for Oblivion

    Er, alright. This was fairly simple to do. I felt like the mod 'Deadlier Sneak Attacks' went a little overboard just because the Master perk didn't work correctly, supposedly. This simply makes the Sneak master perk into x4/x8 damage. Enjoy.

    uploaded 17:17, 31 Mar 2006 351 23 2kb daeger