• Cass_Eyes_Faces_Bald_V11 for Oblivion

    Cass - Eyes, Faces, Bald HairStyle merging V1.1 !!!!
    ( Now updated with version 1.1 )
    --- "Natural Faces" and "Oblivion Eyes v1.7" plugins from Maboroshi Daikon
    --- "PA Eyes Colors 1 and 2" plugins from Daleth
    --- "Bald Hairstyle" plugin from Trigger190
    --- "Eyes Selections" p

    uploaded 6:13, 31 Mar 2006 1,900 77 4,019kb BlackGorath

  • Potion Sorter for Oblivion

    Changes names of all potions to use the format "Effect, Power level", so your potions will now be sorted in alphabetical order by effect. Within an effect, player made potions will appear first, then Diluted (formerly Weak), Normal, and Potent (formerly Strong).

    uploaded 5:46, 31 Mar 2006 1,577 58 62kb Deathbane27

  • Spawnless People for Oblivion

    This mod removes the respawn tag from npcs.

    uploaded 5:41, 31 Mar 2006 156 5 356kb Slig

  • Locksmith for Oblivion

    This mod creates a NPC named Lenny the Locksmith who is a locksmith located in Imperial City Waterfront. He is availible to supply you with an unlimited number of lockpicks. However, he can only sell 100 lockpicks at a time and they respawn within the next day or two.

    --update 1.3--
    --Lenny has a house now
    --Lenny sleeps in his house inste

    uploaded 5:37, 31 Mar 2006 588 19 285kb chriz945

  • Arks Tutorial Terminator for Oblivion

    It removes all those annoying tutorial pop-ups. Don't use this unless they have nothing more to teach you.

    Ark's Tutorial Terminator Plugin for Oblivion
    Version 1.0
    by Arkenor Oakshadow

    Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or com

    uploaded 4:53, 31 Mar 2006 431 18 3kb Arkenor

  • No Essential NPC for Oblivion

    This mod removes the essential tag from every single npc, this will deffinately ruin some parts of the game, so be cautious on who you kill. I will also make updates from users submiting npcs that need it absolutely turned off for.

    uploaded 4:35, 31 Mar 2006 4,331 62 166kb Slig

  • Buy Lockpicks for Oblivion

    You know how you can never find a lockpick when you need one? And how, to buy them from the only available sources, you have to be in the thieves guild?
    Well, no more! Lockpicks are now available for purchase from Thoronir, the unscrupulous proprietor of the Copious Coinpurse in the Imperial City Market District. This is a simple mod, I'll admi

    uploaded 3:45, 31 Mar 2006 3,168 109 1kb Hero2014

  • Combat Behavior Modification for Oblivion

    This Modification changes the "Combat Behavior" of the majority of NPC and Creature types encountered during your journey in Cyrodiil. It also changes the Combat Behavior of city guards (in all cities), and also affects the Imperial Guards, making them quite tougher. Technically, the result adds potential (this is the keyword here) for more D

    uploaded 3:44, 31 Mar 2006 3,991 100 494kb Lyrondor

  • Character Generate Amulet for Oblivion

    2006-4-15 v1.2.2
    The Character Generate Amulet can change your race, class, and birthsign.

    Race attribute and skill bounses will keep and auto-calculate, but class will only keep stats, no skill calculate.

    Change race function includes change face, name, age, race.

    You can change your character in the middle of the game.


    uploaded 3:24, 31 Mar 2006 42,854 484 10kb dagger

  • Better Enchanting and Spellmaking for Oblivion

    Better Enchanting and Spellmaking Version 0.1

    1. Adds altars of enchanting and spellmaking to every chapel, located up against the two columns behind the main altar. Chapel altars charge a 100 gold fee for thier use.
    2. Upon reaching the rank of wizard in the Mage's Guild, you gain the ability to enchant or create spells withou

    uploaded 3:07, 31 Mar 2006 1,635 41 3kb Hero2014

  • Short Grass V3 for Oblivion

    Some people thought the grass was to tall and bogged down their systems, so i created this mod that should shorten the grass by a good margine.

    2.0 changes
    Was told my estimates of 50% was wrong due to the fact of what i was editing was not the total height but a range. removed the ranges completely so the standard model is the only height of t

    uploaded 3:07, 31 Mar 2006 48,145 980 4kb Slig

  • Name Replacer - Clothing for Oblivion

    This plugin changes the names of all the clothing in the game. I was tired of finding "Base Ring of This" and "Ring of That"; what boring names! So, I tried to come up with some better ones. These names still fit the clothing's actual purpose, but are a bit more subtle than the old names were. Of course, since I came up with all the

    uploaded 3:00, 31 Mar 2006 322 12 9kb bkrisher