• The Lost Temple for Oblivion

    The temple is part of several structures surrounded by a wall that has since been covered by dirt. As you can see from the screen shots it was flooded by heavy rainfall. Inside is not completly flooded for the doors where sealed before the temple was completly submerged. The Inhabitants inside were sealed in as well making it thier tomb for the res

    uploaded 19:37, 15 Apr 2006 262 13 45kb espzero

  • Elven Map Redux for Oblivion

    Version 2 of my Elven Map mod (v1.0 went by the name "Elven Cartographers"). This mod changes the default brown map to a full colour map with a slightly "elven" feel to it, accurately detailing all the changes in landscape type across the whole of Cyrodiil.

    Also included are new full colour 3-D map icons (including a better door icon

    uploaded 19:15, 15 Apr 2006 279,041 7,567 8,541kb xythen

  • Umbra Sword for Oblivion

    Did you kill Umbra's Wielder before getting the quest? did you sell the sword or just not get it at all? As it has been requested by some here is a mod that puts the sword Umbra in Arvena Thelas' Basement in Anvil. The sword can be found on the ground near where the lions get in. This has not been tested as to if it will be able to complete t

    uploaded 18:58, 15 Apr 2006 115 5 1kb NiteSpyder

  • Benirus_Manor_Improved for Oblivion

    In this mod, I tried to make the manor more useful, as well as making it look more like a house where
    an adventurer lives.

    What I did:
    ~I added a few tables to the main building of benirus manor. These are not connected to the quest scripts
    in any way, so they will always be in the manor and should have no effect on the quest.
    ~Added 1 wall

    uploaded 18:47, 15 Apr 2006 375 29 1,774kb Konnrade

  • Dark Telvanni Armor for Oblivion

    -Nothing was added to the game world itself. While the armor is set up,
    it is not placed in-game. The console must be used to obtain it, unless you
    place the armor yourself.

    -All meshes are original MW meshes, and use default textures. There are no
    new textures included with this mod- although you might think otherwise at
    first. ;) New icon

    uploaded 18:26, 15 Apr 2006 258 11 0kb Kieve

  • Dark Green Glass Armor for Oblivion

    From the moment I set eyes on the glass armour in this game, I hated it. It makes you look like some sort of phosphorescent radioactive space man. I changed the colour of the glass part of the armour, to a more darker green, like Morrowind's glass armour, as well as all of the glass weapons, plus the icons to match. The mod will not replace any

    uploaded 17:30, 15 Apr 2006 5,099 243 8,758kb spazizoner

  • Praetorian Armor for Oblivion

    -This mod adds an NPC to the waistworks of Molag Mar. Unless your saved game
    loads in this cell, you should have no problems. If it does, leave the cell
    before enabling this plugin.

    -Praetorian Armor is meant to be as balanced as possible- it's a few grades
    better than Templar, but its stats are nothing special. This was based on the

    uploaded 17:22, 15 Apr 2006 250 9 0kb Kieve

  • Classic Fonts for DarN BTMOD for Oblivion

    These fonts are to be used with DarN:s BT-Mod configuration!
    At least they are optimized for it.

    (See this post to get DarN:s configuration: www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic


    Put all four files in your Oblivion\Data\fonts\ directory.

    Open up your Oblivion.ini and find the [fonts] se

    uploaded 15:29, 15 Apr 2006 1,230 39 38kb Bofra

  • Daedric Katana and Daikatana v03 for Oblivion

    **NOTICE**: There is a newer version of this mod here:

    This is a revision of my first released mod for Oblivion, so I am open to any rational and constructive criticisms from anyone who has tried this mod.

    This mod adds the Daedric Katana and Dai-katana to the game. These elegant and powerf

    uploaded 15:25, 15 Apr 2006 609 28 408kb Alastor117

  • Modified Junges Nudespell for Oblivion

    This mod is pretty much similar to Junge's Nudespell, except for using a more universal method of unequipping all items based on RemoveAllItems function. It was somewhat tested, but not too thoroughly, so there may be bugs if a target NPC has quest items.

    Practically, it is a demonstration of unequipping all items from an NPC using a RemoveAl

    uploaded 14:06, 15 Apr 2006 13,621 347 3kb dyx

  • Ryudars Silver Glassarmor for Oblivion

    UPDATE: Please download the Icon Fix too:

    (German and English versions included)

    It will NOT replace the original glassarmor!

    This Mod will add a silver glassarmor (without helmet) with a little quest.
    The silver glassarmor is a little better than the original green glassarmor (+1 AR and m

    uploaded 13:27, 15 Apr 2006 731 23 6,746kb Ryudar

  • Colour Terrain Map ZIP for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Colour Terrain Map v1.0 (13/4/2006)
    by Xessive

    I just added texture and colour to the original map of Cyrodiil.

    Credit to Kosomot for Cyrodiil Terrain Map v2.1

    uploaded 12:10, 15 Apr 2006 3,759 68 4,650kb Xessive