• Nice Female WoodElf Face for Oblivion

    Pink hair, big bright eyes, healthy complexion, simply cute(well, at least in my opinion). look at the screen shots ;)

    Screen shots taken with natural faces and realistic eyes mod installed. Install those if u want ur character to look the best.

    uploaded 3:29, 19 Apr 2006 183 8 570kb Mrwoo

  • Welkynd Blade for Oblivion

    This mod contains a retextured Elven short sword with an absorb magicka effect and a chance at causing stunted magicka. I plan to rebalance it a bit and add it to a quest at some point. Before the quest is made, the weapon will be in Sardavar Leed.

    uploaded 2:29, 19 Apr 2006 538 14 397kb csksc

  • Alternative Glass Armour Pack for Oblivion

    This mod has added 3 alternative glass armour sets for those that want a bit more color identity like in Guildwars

    NO special powers have been added to these armours
    last thing I want to do is harm the game balance

    --Armour locations--
    Skingard - Hammer And Tongs
    Ocean Blue Glass Armour (light)

    uploaded 2:23, 19 Apr 2006 3,965 183 7,101kb ViLance

  • Better Skill Mods for Oblivion

    This mod changes the way race skill bonus work so they are actually a bonus and not free level ups.

    V. 1.1: fixed a skill level up problem, as a result the mod will only work in new characters now will update to make it work with existing characters as soon as i get a new way to modify the skills

    uploaded 2:12, 19 Apr 2006 358 6 8kb abos

  • cherydinhal murder quest for Oblivion

    hey guys, i changed the story line a bit, and furnished the house a bit more. but for those of who who dont know, i made a new house in cheydinhal, its near the island in the middle,that was owned by a relativly odd nord. you arive at his house, and find out he has commited suicide and its your job to figure it out if you want to receive a cool rew

    uploaded 1:47, 19 Apr 2006 1,054 31 91kb skarpo

  • MuertsSimplifiedLeveling for Oblivion

    Muerts Simplified Leveling Mod
    version 0.5


    1) Extract MuertsSimplifiedLeveling.esp to the Oblivion Data directory
    2) Enable MuertsSimplifiedLeveling.esp in the Oblivion Launcher (click on Data Files)
    3) Start a new game, or see below for instructions for existing characters

    With this mod, your level and attribut

    uploaded 1:05, 19 Apr 2006 104 1 465kb Muert

  • Hidden Castle Majorupdate for Oblivion

    HiddenCastle ( not so hidden ) adds you:
    - A Great looking Castle out side on Anvil on a new island
    - Badroom
    - Library Room
    - Display Room
    - Great Hall
    - Dining Room
    - Wine room ( Secret passage not complit )
    - Armory
    - and a huge great looking eard
    all this on your own island with a brige.

    add a quest to get the castle as your

    uploaded 0:29, 19 Apr 2006 559 29 417kb Moty

  • Elven Enchanted for Oblivion

    As a fan of all the elven races i thought it was unfair that no elven armour fits them all. so i changed it.

    this mod includes a full set of elven enchanted armour, some enchanted weapons and an elven bow with a few arrows you can buy, elven obviously.


    the armour is situated in The Best Defence in the market distri

    uploaded 0:21, 19 Apr 2006 249 11 5kb Quozzo

  • Lamorak11 Update for Oblivion

    This is only the updated esp. You will need the files in Lamorak
    v1.0, excluding the old Lamorak.esp, in order for this update to work.

    Fixed a bug which would cause the game to crash when you tried to load a game that was saved outside the dungeon, while you were inside the dungeon. This bug also caused the game to crash if you tried to

    uploaded 23:55, 18 Apr 2006 54 2 79kb iconokill

  • Kill Bill katanas for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    Kill Bill Katanas
    by Zynthar

    19.04.2006 - 00:10 AM (+1 GMT)


    1. ABOUT


    New in this version

    uploaded 23:22, 18 Apr 2006 4,020 131 1,017kb Zynthar

  • Chaindress for Oblivion

    Adds a new Chainmail Armor, the "Chaindress".

    Its Somewhat like a Robe, so it covers legs and torso.
    When it's possible to make new meshes for armors i'll prolly changesome parts (more feminine look for example).

    You can buy it in the imperial market dirstrict at "Best Defense".
    Ask Maro for it.
    Its stats are a bit higher

    uploaded 22:37, 18 Apr 2006 736 34 1,685kb smitty

  • TeMpO Skills and Encumbrance for Oblivion

    TeMpO Skills & Encumbrance 1.0

    It allows the Player to train up to 100 Skill Points each level instead of 5, and it allows the player to carry a lot more weight.

    Copy "TeMpO Skills & Encumbrance.esp" to your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" Folder.
    Start the game, select "Data Files", and double-click "TeMpO S

    uploaded 21:59, 18 Apr 2006 686 42 0kb TempoJMFS