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  • Emperors Face Redone for Oblivion

    This mod changes the Emperor's face to look more like the intro's version and to look less urk'ish.

    uploaded 20:30, 6 Apr 2006 5,344 172 100kb jamessph

  • Ohmes-Raht Race for Oblivion

    The Ohmes-Raht so closely resembles the elven
    folk that they could be cousins. Some believe
    that the Khajitt are simply descendants of the
    original Aldmer settlers in Tamriel, who evolved,
    like the Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, and Orsimer,
    because of circumstance, into the cat-like race
    that walks the dunes of Elsweyr.

    This mod adds the Ohmes-R

    uploaded 19:49, 6 Apr 2006 198 11 2kb zaknirahc

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (save file) for Oblivion


    uploaded 19:25, 6 Apr 2006 225 10 247kb solo4ever79

  • Vendor All Armor And Weapons Still Leveled for Oblivion

    Enables all vendors to sell All equipment,
    unlike maximum mithril or dwarven the way it originally is.. (for some odd reason).

    Glass armor, arrows and weapons at lvl 16
    Ebony armor, arrows and weapons at lvl 18
    And the Imperial Watch Armor at lvl 22 to act as an alternative to the Daedric armor,
    which just looks too evil for any non-evil cha

    uploaded 19:23, 6 Apr 2006 414 20 3kb Baleur

  • Bulk Alchemy Ingredients for Oblivion

    This is just a simple mod that changes the leveled lists for alchemy ingredients [VendorIngredientsCreature, VendorIngredientsFlora, VendorIngredientsRare] to be higher than one per level.

    I tried to balance it by making rarer creature ingredients (that appear for higher levels) spawn in fewer numbers on merchants while more commons ones (such a

    uploaded 19:12, 6 Apr 2006 398 25 1kb rmpoe

  • Sexy Beautiful Dark Elf for Oblivion

    Save Game with a beautiful Dark Elf I've made,just extract it into My Documents/My Games/Oblivion folder

    Save Game starts at the very begining.

    I recommend MD Natural Faces ver. 0.7

    uploaded 17:31, 6 Apr 2006 604 32 215kb vincentnazareth

  • HotKey Scroll-Fixed for Oblivion

    This "mod" / application will allow the user to scroll through there HOTKEYS using the mouse wheel.. Please read the version informations below:

    Changes to 1.4
    - Hopefully fixed sync issues

    Changes to 1.3
    - Added a System Tray Icon
    - Fixed "menu scroll" bug
    - Added a Reload Script Feature (needed when the script

    uploaded 16:55, 6 Apr 2006 6,050 166 230kb [sYn]

  • OBLIVION WARGS for Oblivion

    WARG version 1.0


    This plugin adds a new creature to the Cyrodiil wilderness call a "warg". Anyone who knows fanatasy will know Wargs to be large, ferocious, wolf-like creatures. In this case, I have simply retextured the existing wold model and resized the creature to be a little larger than a timber-wolf. They can be fou

    uploaded 16:03, 6 Apr 2006 260 11 1,480kb Zardalu

  • Weapon Balance for Oblivion

    look at elderscrolls.com forums or in the included readme

    type 10001 in the searchbar to find the topic

    uploaded 15:11, 6 Apr 2006 71 2 38kb Baldrick

  • Well Used Map, Version 2 - Colour for Oblivion

    This is a my second map mod, released in two different flavours: Colour and Antiqued. The aim of this mod is to give the feeling of a well used, worn map.

    The map has been tested on all conceivable resolution and texture quality settings with no known issue. Everything should be as clear as the original map, and all markers are in the correct pl

    uploaded 15:07, 6 Apr 2006 5,579 124 3,302kb xythen

  • Well Used Map, Version 2 - Antiqued for Oblivion

    UPDATE 2.1 - Added antiqued borderless icons for the map! Just place the contents of the icons folder into your Oblivion\Data directory.

    This is a my second map mod, released in two different flavours: Colour and Antiqued. The aim of this mod is to give the feeling of a well used, worn map.

    The map has been tested on all conceivable resolu

    uploaded 15:00, 6 Apr 2006 1,129 37 2,996kb xythen

  • Mage Scroll for Oblivion

    Allows the use of the mouse wheel or INS/DEL keys to scroll through hotket items without delay!


    Mage Scroll v1.2 (Mouse Wheel Edition)
    by DespairsWindow
    This mod is gives allows users to scroll through the Ho

    uploaded 14:50, 6 Apr 2006 243 8 466kb [sYn]