• Ziggys Spellcraft and Enchant Items Anywhere for Oblivion

    Ziggy's Spellcraft and Enchant anywhere!

    This mod adds two spells which will be added to your repertoire on first load (new and existing characters).

    One spell lets you craft Spells anywhere, and the other one lets you enchant items anywhere. You can not enchant items while you are in combat, and both of them cost 50 magicka per cast.

    uploaded 16:57, 31 Mar 2006 844 30 1kb Ziggarius

  • Skill based harvest for Oblivion

    Your chance of successfully harvesting an ingredient is now based on your character's alchemy skill.

    Minor update, 1.2 script attached to Harrada and Spidal Stick
    The difficulty depends of the type of the plant. Strawberries are easier to harvest than Harrada for example.
    After a harvest attempt, the plant disappears.

    uploaded 14:55, 31 Mar 2006 338 16 14kb vae

  • Oblivion mod manager for Oblivion

    This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution. It can be used either as an enhanced version of the oblivion launcher's data files selector, or as a more advanced mod manager when mods are specially packed into omod files.

    uploaded 13:37, 31 Mar 2006 1,719,517 25,971 1,630kb Timeslip

  • Always Nice Weather for Oblivion

    Removes the chance of rain, clouds, or any other dull weather, so it will always be clear, doesn't seem to work near Bruma though, where it is always snowing :|

    uploaded 13:32, 31 Mar 2006 1,646 40 0kb KillerTV

  • Monsters NOLVL V2 for Oblivion

    Do you think Oblivion has Slow Battles, Slow Monsters or even NOT enough Monsters ?...

    Then give this a go and enjoy DEATH as it was meant to be...

    Tons of Battles and Mosnters...
    Warning...DONT go into some caves or tombs...There is tons of monsters everywhere...

    Sad to say you need to start a New Game I think...
    Just Download the Skip

    uploaded 12:53, 31 Mar 2006 381 8 5kb NecroViolator

  • Quad Damage For Archers for Oblivion

    Quad Damage For Archers - The a la carte update
    by Eric Grosser

    I made bows and arrows more deadly. Getting hit by an arrow should be more than a slight irritation!

    Choose double, triple or mighty Quad Damage multiplier by selecting the appropriate .esp file.

    Fine tune with Oblivion's difficulty slider.

    Choose the 'fast' vers

    uploaded 11:02, 31 Mar 2006 1,812 33 28kb erichexagon

  • Respawn Timer Change for Oblivion

    Respawn Timer Change for TES IV: Oblivion
    by Teh Noob (noobalicious@Gmail.com)

    To modify the respawn timer on interior cells such as dungeons, ruins, and caves.

    Why Two Files?:
    Respawn Timer Change v1.esp changes the timer to 999999 game hours, effectively instituting a "no respawn".
    Resawpn Timer

    uploaded 9:16, 31 Mar 2006 2,142 37 2kb supernoob

  • BetterBoundBalanced for Oblivion

    2:30AM EST 3/31/06
    By Fiontar McEoghan
    This mod increases the duration of bound items by a factor of x4 to x8, depending on the spell. I found using bound item spells completely worthless at the default parameters. To offset the boost and supply some balance, the bound items will drain your

    uploaded 8:43, 31 Mar 2006 228 6 2kb FiontarTES

  • Breton face for Oblivion

    This is just a save file of a Breton face that actually turned out pretty good.

    uploaded 7:46, 31 Mar 2006 202 4 170kb drunkgoblin

  • Health Spell Cost for Oblivion

    Grow tired of the fact that healing spells almost wipe out your mana without healing you much?

    The original multiplier for the school of Restoration was 10. This multiplier was used to calcuate the cost of spells in this school. This mod lowers the overall cost of Restoration spells and sets the multiplier to 5, a 50% reduction in the cost of he

    uploaded 7:08, 31 Mar 2006 465 11 1kb stoutbear

  • Summon Last Boss Spell for Oblivion

    Summon the Last Boss Spell Readme

    Version: 1.2 Final

    by: jackmix69

    I guess you could call this a cheat spell mod. It replaces the summon Bear spell with a Summon (last boss) spell. You can get the spell for free at Edgar's shop in the Market District. BUT you must have a conjuration of 100 to use it. It costs 1 magicka and lasts 240 sec

    uploaded 7:02, 31 Mar 2006 1,433 14 3kb jackmix

  • Sexy High Elf Template for Oblivion

    This is the saved game of a very sexy high elf.

    uploaded 6:18, 31 Mar 2006 355 11 425kb Firstborn