• Adrenaline Oblivion for Oblivion

    Now up to version 0.2b

    You've felt it. You've been playing with a realism mod, like Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. You see one bear every five square miles, maybe three deer. You entered the lair of the Worm King and discovered it was staffed by maybe ten necromancers. You've been to Oblivion, and fought ten to 15 daedra.. not much of a

    uploaded 7:33, 13 Apr 2006 30,078 741 11kb CuteUnit

  • Far and away 3D Moons for Oblivion

    Far & Away bump mapped and enhanced moons of Oblivion.

    uploaded 5:55, 13 Apr 2006 3,143 150 1,353kb Gorric

  • Map Markers for Oblivion

    Map Markers 0.3 by Xebeth [16/04/06]

    Created a model for the marker
    Created custom textures for the signs.
    Added "Quest Related" and "Creatures Type" tags.
    Removed the item/spell requirements.
    Map Markers now show instantl

    uploaded 4:36, 13 Apr 2006 8,753 241 155kb xebeth

  • Sigil Stone SKillup for Oblivion

    WHAT IT DOES: This mod adds a script to every sigil stone so that, when activated in the world (it doesn't count if activated in the menu, you need to drop the stone and click on it) a menu will pop up asking you if you want to pick the stone up, upgrade combat, magicka, or stealth, or leave the stone where it is. If you choose to upgrade comb

    uploaded 4:04, 13 Apr 2006 232 11 5kb Demon_Fire_9842

  • Alchemic Insanity for Oblivion

    This mod comes with 3 ESP files, choose one based on what changes you want.

    Each version includes all changes in the previous versions.

    - All Restore Attribute effects in ingredients combined into one effect which restores all.
    - Note: Restores 10 to each Attribute regardless of your Alchemy skill, due to limitations
    In the way al

    uploaded 3:37, 13 Apr 2006 79 3 40kb Deathbane27

  • Oblivion Battle Music for Oblivion

    Oblivion Battle Music by Mr.Quark

    Hello there fellow Obliviacs. These are some songs I recorded because I wanted to here some good ol' fashion thrash when I was thrashin' some baddies. I recorded this using my el' cheapo Bently guitar (cuz it's low tuned), through my Boss GT-8 processor. I recorded using Magix Audio Studio 2005 delux

    uploaded 3:07, 13 Apr 2006 544 21 6,692kb Mr.Quark

  • Create the Undead for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to create the undead with a spell.

    The first cast on someone kills them and the second cast reanimates them.
    When you have finished with your servant just cast the spell on them again and they will die.

    The spell costs 0 so you can use it as often as you want, you can also create an unlimited number of undead servants

    uploaded 1:51, 13 Apr 2006 2,917 38 1kb webby_0005

  • Functional Imperial City Lighthouse for Oblivion

    I thought the Waterfront District could use a little more ambience. So I made the so called Lighthouse functional by adding fire to the roof of it. The fire is only visable from inside the Waterfront District cell only. It's a simple mod, use it where you like no credit needed.

    uploaded 1:17, 13 Apr 2006 360 13 1kb odark

  • Essence of Heros for Oblivion

    Long ago the Imperial Legion was at war. There Great Hero and General fought against their enemies in what seemed like a impossiable battle, but the legion took victory that day thanks to there great hero. for the heros great courage the emperor himself gave the hero a jewled amulet. the hero took the amulet and enchanted it with a great power. Aft

    uploaded 1:04, 13 Apr 2006 204 6 6kb hellwege

  • Hermaeus Mora Daedric Quest Fix for Oblivion

    Firstly, an introduction. On the Hermaeus Mora daedric quest, you get a scripted spell to cast at people to trap their souls for Hermaeus Mora. Unfortunately, the spell glitches if you cast it at two people at once, and won't work on any other people, preventing you from trapping any more souls and completing the quest. After looking at the scri

    uploaded 0:51, 13 Apr 2006 1,066 67 4kb Namegduf Live

  • Chests of ArmorWeapons for Oblivion

    This mod creates two chests with all the standard weapons-armor eg. no uniques or enchanted.

    uploaded 0:26, 13 Apr 2006 380 21 3kb webby_0005

  • Gem fix, Fence for Oblivion

    *Gem prices fix (up to 300gp for Flawless Diamond)
    *Fence, who buy stolen goods added near Kvatch

    0.3 Changes:
    - Ilias now will offer services from 8 to 20-00 every day
    - Cave's shape changed a little bit
    - Chance to drop gems and equip by creatures reduced a bit


    Fix gem prices a little.

    Ex: Flawless pearl 60gp, Pearl

    uploaded 23:53, 12 Apr 2006 70 4 9kb AkaiTenshi