• ARMORED UNICORNS yes you have to have the official mod for Oblivion

    adds black unicorns and adds armor to them and white ones.

    uploaded 7:21, 17 Apr 2006 1,384 58 25kb demonizzer

  • TES Script Definition File for NotePad++ for Oblivion

    In case you prefer to use Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm) to edit your Oblivion Scripts, here is a user definition file that adds support for TES Scripts to the editor.

    Copy the userDefineLang.xml file to your C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Notepad++\ folder. In case

    uploaded 7:03, 17 Apr 2006 389 27 3kb drcolossus

  • Mordacity Movie Mod for Oblivion

    This is the mod I used to create the "The Adoring Fan Goes Bowling" Oblivion movie. People on the forum requested it, so here it is. This mod adds a platform at the top of the tall tower in the Imperial Palace district and adds a "Bowling Alley" (at the top of the Arch-Mage's tower at the Arcane University) with 10 copies of the Ador

    uploaded 6:38, 17 Apr 2006 34 0 3kb Mordacity

  • Half Devil for Oblivion

    By: FireHeaven
    April 16, 2006

    Having been sick of the standard races in Oblivion. I decided to make my own race from scratch. Loosely based off of DMC, this mod are for all those fighters out there who want a decent punch and roleplay as a their Devil counterparts.

    Half-Devil's are despised by the pe

    uploaded 6:32, 17 Apr 2006 1,581 24 169kb FireHeaven

  • Dremora hair styles for Oblivion

    Adds the 3 Dremora hair styles to all races except the beast races and orcs.

    uploaded 6:24, 17 Apr 2006 1,142 20 2,102kb knixx

  • Exterminator for Oblivion

    UPDATE: To make the exterminator MUCH stronger, get the updated .esp here

    Read Me:
    -==Model Man Presents==-
    Exterminator (Large 2 Handed Mace)

    1. Copy "Model Man Exterminator.esp" to your "obliv

    uploaded 5:46, 17 Apr 2006 157 8 214kb ModelMan

  • Recastable Summons for Oblivion

    Recastable Summons
    Author: kab
    Version: 1.3
    E-mail: kab AT thekab DOT com


    [1] UPDATES
    [7] CREDITS

    [1] UPDATES

    * No more leaving summons behind in unloaded cells (and causing numerou

    uploaded 4:41, 17 Apr 2006 4,157 63 31kb kab

  • Battledress for Oblivion

    Battle Dress Plugin
    Version 1.2
    By: ChiZ
    E-mail: [email protected]

    What does this add?
    The Battle Dress Plugin adds one light, and one heavy Braided set of armor to the Best Defense, and matching weapons of all varieties to A Fighting Chance, both in the Market District of the Im

    uploaded 4:32, 17 Apr 2006 12,303 544 19,712kb cgramnaes

  • Real Water for Oblivion

    Enhances the reflections in the water, the sky is reflected as nicely as it often is IRL, rather than as if the water was unnaturally dark and muddy.

    My own edit of another dudes water mod, this lowers the opacity levels to the original opacity levels, since its kinda stupid to be able to see to the bottom of a huge ocean..
    The underwater is al

    uploaded 4:15, 17 Apr 2006 1,521 51 1kb Baleur

  • Sunnier Weather for Oblivion

    Originally while playing the game it gives the impression that bad weather is more common than sunlight!
    And guess what, that was the case! Not anymore :)

    Simply changes the "AllClimates" settings so that Clear and Cloudy is at a combined 60% chance for good weather. Overcast, Rain and Thunderstorm is at 10%, while Fog and Snow remains at

    uploaded 4:14, 17 Apr 2006 862 48 1kb Baleur

  • Timescale for Oblivion

    Gives the option to choose between 1x, 5x or 10x the timescale of Real Life.
    Originally it is set at 30x, which is way too fast. The days end before they even started!
    This wont conflict with any quests or anything, since the npc's work and sleep depending on the time of the clock, and its just the clock that goes slower.

    Basically this mod

    uploaded 4:12, 17 Apr 2006 1,531 81 1kb Baleur

  • Severians Katanas for Oblivion

    IF you already have Version 1.2, RE-DOWNLOAD IT

    I made a mistake in the initial V1.2 (released 19/04/06) which basically made the Steel Katana the most powerful weapon in the entire game...oops

    The katana's can be purchased from A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City Market Place
    Well my f

    uploaded 3:19, 17 Apr 2006 9,053 318 3,863kb severian1981