• Luminars Alchemy Expanded for Oblivion

    Taken from my Readme file:

    Adds a large range of alchemical ingredients, as well as some new alchemical tools, and a few suprises to be discovered.
    A list of major features to whet your appetite:

    - Three new sets of Alchemy Apparatus: Dwarven, Ayleid and Daedric
    - All ingredients from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind recreated
    - Many of

    uploaded 17:38, 16 Apr 2006 2,079 36 24kb Luminar_Nightblade

  • DBArmor Retexture for Oblivion

    Officer Half's (OH) Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture

    Just extract the .zip to a folder and copy the all the files to your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder. If it asks to overwrite anything, just say yes, as this mod doesn't overwrite the old textures and models, only adds new ones that repl

    uploaded 16:35, 16 Apr 2006 492 13 2,287kb Officer Half

  • Dark Brotherhood Rextexture for Oblivion

    Changed the hand on the 'shrouded' armor (male+female) to another also changed one of the banners in the sanctuary.

    Extract the archive to X:\XX\Oblivion\Data and voila just click the data file when you next load up oblivion :)

    Don't know how to upload screens so click these :P

    uploaded 16:33, 16 Apr 2006 145 7 2,566kb Xzarr

  • Umbra and Goldbrand As Daikatana for Oblivion

    Same as the previous version, but with goldbrand as the fire one and umbra as the soultrap one...

    Umbra = 30 damage 2 hanede + soultrap dai katana
    Goldbrand = 28 Damage 2 handed + 22 Fire damades dai katana

    install = Unzip in data ( must have data/textures and data/meshes ) and activate the 2 particles .esp, and the Goldbrand/umbra .esp to g

    uploaded 15:35, 16 Apr 2006 272 12 1,039kb Requiem2004

  • Multimark Mark and Recall for Oblivion

    Simple remake of Timboe's Mark & Recall to allow up to 9 different mark locations, depending on your Mysticism skill.

    The book 'Advanced Mysticism' in the Lobby at the Arcane University teaches you the spells.

    uploaded 14:52, 16 Apr 2006 620 28 9kb VenomByte

  • Cave Lair for Oblivion

    Visit me at http://gotgame.co.nr
    CAVE LAIR by Ant1jr (VERSION 1.1)
    Adds a cave lair to the IC Marketplace. Look around, you can't miss it.
    Changelog 1.1 -Fixed respawning Conta

    uploaded 14:49, 16 Apr 2006 309 11 9kb Antijr

  • All effect for Oblivion

    This .esp will add a new spell to the vendor "Alberic Litte" In chorrol Guild of mages that has all the possible effects from all the schools of magic.
    Use this with mods that put altars of spellmaking around, and so now on u will only need to make your spells, more than buy one and then make your version.
    Hope you enjoy.

    Dont cast

    uploaded 13:12, 16 Apr 2006 1,450 58 2kb vhailor1980

  • Conjuration Level Based Summon Caps for Oblivion

    Level Based Summon Cap
    Author: kab
    Version: 1.0.1
    E-mail: kab AT thekab DOT com


    * The check introduced in 1.0 was fatally flawed and has been fixed. Sorry about that.

    * There's now a check to make sure the summoned creature is actually the player's and not an enemies. Enemies summon's will no lo

    uploaded 12:10, 16 Apr 2006 7,506 141 8kb kab

  • Bottledbloodv10 for Oblivion

    This mod allows vampires to bottle blood after feeding. Bottled blood ("Human Blood") now has the same effects as feeding from a sleeping person.

    uploaded 12:06, 16 Apr 2006 1,130 38 6kb Rem0

  • Althirs Balanced Tamriel english Version for Oblivion

    Althirs Balanced Tamriel:

    Ok in this module i have changed some more stuff as in the Balanced Actors Version. Mainly i set the "level" in the "LeveledCreatures" to "1", so that now every Enemy and Animal can spawn instantly and not Level based as in the original. Further i set the MinLevel = Maxle

    uploaded 11:23, 16 Apr 2006 151 6 1,420kb Althir

  • Moguras Realistic Merchant Storage Mod Keyless for Oblivion


    I'd like to announce that, due to a lack of available time, and the fact that I really cannot do this without a scripter to help sort out the bugs, there would be little point in me continuing my original plans for the mod. As a result, I'm declaring this mod 'opensource', in that anyone can feel free to alter the

    uploaded 10:37, 16 Apr 2006 181 5 77kb Moogiefluff

  • carry 10% more for Oblivion

    Now you can carry 10% more weight. for me it was just the xtra i needed and made it feel still realistic. there is another mod out there but that has a 25 multiplyer which is too much for my taste.

    uploaded 10:30, 16 Apr 2006 463 13 0kb ikbenrichard