• Conjuration Level Based Summon Caps for Oblivion

    Level Based Summon Cap
    Author: kab
    Version: 1.0.1
    E-mail: kab AT thekab DOT com


    * The check introduced in 1.0 was fatally flawed and has been fixed. Sorry about that.

    * There's now a check to make sure the summoned creature is actually the player's and not an enemies. Enemies summon's will no lo

    uploaded 12:10, 16 Apr 2006 7,477 140 8kb kab

  • Bottledbloodv10 for Oblivion

    This mod allows vampires to bottle blood after feeding. Bottled blood ("Human Blood") now has the same effects as feeding from a sleeping person.

    uploaded 12:06, 16 Apr 2006 1,130 38 6kb Rem0

  • Althirs Balanced Tamriel english Version for Oblivion

    Althirs Balanced Tamriel:

    Ok in this module i have changed some more stuff as in the Balanced Actors Version. Mainly i set the "level" in the "LeveledCreatures" to "1", so that now every Enemy and Animal can spawn instantly and not Level based as in the original. Further i set the MinLevel = Maxle

    uploaded 11:23, 16 Apr 2006 151 6 1,420kb Althir

  • Moguras Realistic Merchant Storage Mod Keyless for Oblivion


    I'd like to announce that, due to a lack of available time, and the fact that I really cannot do this without a scripter to help sort out the bugs, there would be little point in me continuing my original plans for the mod. As a result, I'm declaring this mod 'opensource', in that anyone can feel free to alter the

    uploaded 10:37, 16 Apr 2006 181 5 77kb Moogiefluff

  • carry 10% more for Oblivion

    Now you can carry 10% more weight. for me it was just the xtra i needed and made it feel still realistic. there is another mod out there but that has a 25 multiplyer which is too much for my taste.

    uploaded 10:30, 16 Apr 2006 463 13 0kb ikbenrichard

  • Lighter Alchemy Apparatuses for Oblivion

    My first mod. All it does is cut all Alchemy Apparatuses weight in half.

    uploaded 7:45, 16 Apr 2006 358 19 2kb BonsaiMaster

  • Ariana Trudeaux for Oblivion

    Ariana Trudeaux, Companion Mod
    by Blocky

    Installation: choose whether to extract the ranger or paladin version .esp Extract it along with the companion share .esp file to your \data folder. Then extract \Sound folder into your \data folder. On startup, select plugins Ariana Trudeax, and Easy_Companion_Share.

    Find Ariana i

    uploaded 6:45, 16 Apr 2006 6,610 337 1,413kb Blocky

  • Ruined Tails Tale for Oblivion

    RUINED-TAIL'S TALE 3.01 - A Complete Rebuild
    By Paul 'Simyaz' Thomson

    Ruined-Tail's Tale is a story-driven Companion-MOD featuring an Argonian Battlemage by the name of Ruined-Tail (or Ruin, for short). Throughout the course of your time together you will learn more about what drives Ruin and wh

    uploaded 5:06, 16 Apr 2006 108,220 2,352 33,680kb Simyaz

  • Max Encumbrance for Oblivion

    This mod makes your max encumbrance 100 times your strength instead of 5

    uploaded 4:40, 16 Apr 2006 886 26 0kb webby_0005

  • Sigil Stone Spawner for Oblivion

    This mod creates two pods were every type of Transcendent Sigil Stone spawn constantly (you can never run out)

    uploaded 4:25, 16 Apr 2006 1,489 60 2kb webby_0005

  • Females Spiked Gauntlets for Oblivion

    this is a modders resource, its the female arena armor stripped down to nothing but the gauntlets, all other meshes have been removed.

    uploaded 4:08, 16 Apr 2006 301 8 829kb demonizzer

  • Fauna of Tamriel On steroids for Oblivion

    Based on beta version 1 of Fauna of Tamriel.

    The original Fauna of Tamriel can be found here:

    Original mod made by Agar. Modified by me(WW2dude - WW2dude@gmail.com) with permission.


    1. Place Faunaoftamriel-onsteroids.es

    uploaded 3:57, 16 Apr 2006 63 2 66kb WW2dude