• Listener Expanded for Oblivion

    Adds Display cases to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal, for use by the listener of the Dark Brotherhood

    uploaded 3:00, 10 Apr 2006 61 1 1kb LordBronze

  • Coup de Grace for Oblivion

    This mod adds a stiletto to the game, which will kill any person who is sleeping when hit. The idea is to add a Coup de Grace ability to the game. Unfortunately, it would require adding a script to every NPC or every weapon to make the effect
    global, and this would render the mod incompatible with (probably) every other mod ever produced.


    uploaded 2:47, 10 Apr 2006 1,691 14 41kb Diabound

  • Charok Grand Hall for Oblivion

    Charok's Grand Hall
    4/9/06 - by Charok

    This modification adds a copy of the Cloud Temple "asian-style" building (where I changed the Great Hall into a house for the Player) and alters several ponds in the adjoining areas of wilderness at the "Charok

    uploaded 2:33, 10 Apr 2006 1,401 32 247kb Charok

  • Arch Mage Expanded for Oblivion

    Adds serveral Display Cases to Arch-Mages Quarters as well as an extra chest

    uploaded 2:33, 10 Apr 2006 189 8 1kb LordBronze

  • Better Imperial Dragon Armor for Oblivion

    This mod makes the Imperial Dragon Armor into the best armor in the game. I felt that it was dissapointing that after beating the main storyline, I get armor that is basically useless to me after having obtained Daedric armor.

    - The AR on Heavy Imperial Dragon is changed to match Daedric, and light is matched to Glass.

    - Four different sets

    uploaded 2:29, 10 Apr 2006 1,427 72 5kb Omega2k3

  • All +5 Attribute Modifiers for Oblivion

    This mod provides a +5 multiplier at level up for each attribute with any skill point input.

    To max attributes (including luck, with no associated skills) by your max level in Oblivion, you must come very close to maxing your attribute multipliers at every level. This can lead to pointless and tedious efforts to optimize multipliers at each l

    uploaded 2:05, 10 Apr 2006 61,860 1,727 1kb Falconhurst

  • Offensive Spell Rings for Oblivion

    This mod adds 3 Rings that give the wearer a new spell on equip and removes it on unequip. It's the closest thing i could get, with my ability, to rings that cast attack spells.

    uploaded 2:01, 10 Apr 2006 138 4 2kb Me.v1

  • Island Home for Oblivion

    This mod adds a large home, like the Fighter's Guild building in Cheydinhal in size and shape. It has ample storage with cupboards, drawers, bookshelves and display units. It is located south of Anvil on a small island, there is a fast travel marker on the map to get to it quickly.
    This house is built on an existing island built by Bethesda, so

    uploaded 1:34, 10 Apr 2006 615 25 7kb Me.v1

  • Tough Mud Crabs for Oblivion

    Makes all Mud Crabs in the game faster and stronger. It also makes them level with you to always provide a challenge. I also added an area to the map named "Crab Land" where there are many crabs for you to fight against. You will probably be killed in Crab Land, but the crabs are fun to watch anyway.

    Now the NPC's have a reason to be t

    uploaded 1:26, 10 Apr 2006 62 4 3kb NiteSpyder

  • [UPD]The Grand Vampire Experience mod for Oblivion

    [UPDATED] The Vampire Experiance mod
    (Lillians BetterVampires mod with lots of bigtime additions by jumal based on version 1.15)

    In this mod the highest priority is balance, and I think it was already successfuly achieved in the original BetterVamires mod, and reinforced with every addition I made. So Enjoy!

    Precaution: This mod is not to be

    uploaded 1:12, 10 Apr 2006 3,843 62 18kb jumal

  • Mark and Recall Spells for Oblivion for Oblivion

    Miss having the Mark and Recall spells from Morrowind then this mod is for you. It adds both spells available to all apprentices of Mysticism, cast Mark anywhere and you can then cast Recall to instantly return to that location.

    You can cast Mark and Recall in most places, excluding other realms such as Oblivion, Paradise, Dream World etc. After

    uploaded 0:59, 10 Apr 2006 4,273 191 7kb timboe

  • TeMpOs Bow of Infinity for Oblivion

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity 1.3a

    Normal Arrows version included - Less powerful then the enchanted arrows version. You can use these mods alone or simultaneously, and then choose which Bow to use.

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity never runs out of ammo. The arrows are automatically equipped along with the bow, and you cannot sell them (Bow or Arrows).

    uploaded 0:17, 10 Apr 2006 993 63 4kb TempoJMFS