• Lamorak for Oblivion

    This mod adds a new recolored armor set and a weapon to TESIV that is meant for paladin type characters. It also adds a modest dungeon and hopefully an interesting and challenging boss fight. You can find the new armor and weapon inside Ronehus' Lair which is located Northeast of Lake Arrius. You will need very high stats and qaulity gear to def

    uploaded 2:16, 17 Apr 2006 145 10 5,086kb iconokill

  • More Books Teach for Oblivion

    This mod simply makes several more books in the game teach the player a skill. It seemed odd to me that books such as "history of lockpicking" and "Introductory to Alchemy" did not teach anything (skill point wise). I tried to add this to any book that seemed obviously releated to any specific skill. So now if you see a book that migh

    uploaded 2:15, 17 Apr 2006 4,413 155 21kb moonracer

  • Arrow damage x 1_5 for Oblivion

    I tried a similar mod which basically doubled the damage from arrows and bows and found it to be overpowering. My stealth character could kill anything with one shot in sneak mode, which took away any real challenge or fun. This mod simply raises all arrow and bow damage amounts by 1.5 instead of 2. This feels slightly more balanced for my tastes,

    uploaded 2:14, 17 Apr 2006 2,071 72 4kb moonracer

  • Necromancers Guild for Oblivion

    Necromancer's Guild ALPHA README

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 2.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0

    uploaded 1:44, 17 Apr 2006 10,839 165 9,628kb seiggy

  • Goats Mage Tower for Oblivion


    - Map Marker with fast-travel (tower is southeast of Imperial City, and northeast of Bravil)
    - spell creation and enchantment pedestals
    - lots of storage (along with display cases), all player-owned
    - a bed and chairs
    - a portal to the roof (a beautiful view)

    This is my first uploaded mod, so I may have missed some bugs.


    uploaded 1:34, 17 Apr 2006 218 8 4kb goatmonkey

  • Unofficial Overhaul Expansion v1 for Oblivion

    Almost everyone has heard of or uses the infamous Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, a huge modification to the game.

    Well, being a perfectionist, I felt the changes of Oblivion Overhaul wasn’t enough. Of course, I don’t expect ONE man to do everything, and they are many mods out there. This is where the Unofficial Expansion V1 come

    uploaded 0:01, 17 Apr 2006 525 33 6,132kb MarkyX

  • Very fast Horses and without weight arrows for Oblivion

    This mod first makes the horses in the game very fast, in order also to helps who decided to don't use the Fast Travel sytem...

    Second remove the weight of arrows, in order to improve the life of

    uploaded 23:53, 16 Apr 2006 358 13 4kb x119

  • The Student Mod for Oblivion

    Well this is my first mod..
    Basicly what this mod does is well... It makes books do what they do in real life..
    They make you smarter =)

    And you'll find that trying to read every book in Tamriel will be very intresting ;-)

    This makes every book have certain teaching in ith
    Stories will make you better at speechcraft, other books in mer

    uploaded 23:45, 16 Apr 2006 318 15 582kb eXclusion

  • Paintings addon By faceless for Oblivion

    In order to use these textures, you need Custom Paintings by Overload ([email protected])

    You can get it here: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3005

    With this add on you'll recieve 10 fresh new paintings that I've saves from various sites.

    Just copy it to your data folder and overwrite the existing textures. En

    uploaded 23:22, 16 Apr 2006 1,536 59 391kb facelessx

  • GalerionUnarmored for Oblivion

    (Note: there is an advanced version of this mod where unarmored is trained automatically, see "Galerion True Unarmored" or "http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3306")

    (Note: please read the readme too for more information)

    This mod is for wizards, monks, thieves, and Conan-style fighters, and adds the unarmored skill to O

    uploaded 22:54, 16 Apr 2006 108 6 5kb galerion

  • Companion Share and Recruit for Oblivion

    Companion Share and Recruit, v3.27- Requires OBSE v18+

    Access the inventory of, or recruit to your party, any NPC in Cyrodil and beyond. Order them to loot for you, open locks, repair and heal you and each other, and much more.

    uploaded 22:49, 16 Apr 2006 142,642 2,955 274kb TheTalkieToaster

  • Dragon slayer for Oblivion

    READ IMPORTANT : The sword is located in front of the statue in Imperial market district , it lying on the floor.

    this is the dragon slayer from berserk , that i modelised and textured.

    extract files into oblivion/data/

    uploaded 22:33, 16 Apr 2006 1,696 47 471kb Imaginalex