• Colour Terrain Map OMOD for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Colour Terrain Map v1.0 (13/4/2006)
    by Xessive

    I just added texture and colour to the original map of Cyrodiil.

    Credit to Kosomot for Cyrodiil Terrain Map v2.1

    uploaded 12:00, 15 Apr 2006 7,362 137 3,542kb Xessive

  • Ring of Invisibility for Oblivion

    Adds a "Ring of Invisibility" to the archmages lobby on the counter (It's not assigned to an npc, so taking it isn't considered stealing). Equiping the ring gives you a lesser power, 30 seconds of invisibility, and removing it gets rid of the power. I was tempted to toss this in the cheat mod section...

    uploaded 10:59, 15 Apr 2006 297 7 2kb Moist

  • Only Good Weather for Oblivion

    Only Good Weather v0.9

    This little mod just delete the bad weather, except in kvatch. The sky could be cloudy, but no more rain and fog
    it's for those who like to travel in good conditions ;).
    The "with snow" version let the snow fall in bruma

    uploaded 10:41, 15 Apr 2006 357 13 2kb tidus457

  • Merged plugins for Maquissars Oblivion Mods for Oblivion

    I just realised that my weights and prices mod, and my weapons mod, conflict with my No_Quest_Items mod and my No_Skill_Books mod. This fixes that. This plugin contains versions of the Weights_And_Prices mod and the Weapons_Mod that also remove Quest item status from most items, and make skill books "normal" books.

    So if you want to use my

    uploaded 10:37, 15 Apr 2006 76 7 704kb Maquissar

  • Funkys Slinky Female Groin for Oblivion

    This makes the female underwear groin mesh more slinky and more conforming to the female form, and less like a chunky nappy !!!

    Every underwear replacer should work with this mesh automaticly unless your using one which doesnt stick to the default names.

    uploaded 10:30, 15 Apr 2006 3,140 93 44kb thefunky1

  • Regenerating Enchantments Arcane Bank of Cyrodiil for Oblivion

    Simulates automatic enchantment regeneration by creating a magical bank account that gains enchantment charges over time. These charges can then be applied to items, free of charge.

    The Arcane Bank of Cyrodiil has two representatives in the magic shops in the Imperial City Market (they go outside at night).
    Speak with one and purchase the Arcan

    uploaded 9:36, 15 Apr 2006 316 11 5kb accurain

  • Quick Start with Loot for Oblivion

    Quick Start with loot from the Tutorial.
    Put the QuickStart.ess in your Save folder.

    Load the Gamefile and edit the Name,Race,Class and Starsign.

    uploaded 9:01, 15 Apr 2006 1,628 42 254kb HuMmZ

  • Alternate Glass Weapons Mod Resource for Oblivion

    This mod is complete except for the fact that the weapons are not actually added to the world or any of the levelled lists. I left it this way so that it would be easier for players to add them to thier favorite balance mod. I also encourage any modders that are developing weapon balance mods to incorporate these additions into their mod.


    uploaded 8:56, 15 Apr 2006 481 11 0kb Lemunde

  • City Lights - Imperial City for Oblivion

    City Lights - Imperial City v1.01 by Anach

    This mod adds more lighting to the Imperial City. To bring a little life to the darker areas or this large City at night.

    I have tried not to overdo it and only added lights to essential areas.

    uploaded 8:48, 15 Apr 2006 6,685 148 1,306kb Anach

  • Alt Start w Main Quest Cut Off for Oblivion

    After spending hours trying to create an alternative dungeon sequence, I gave up and instead created a new starting area with a blurb about travelling from another land. With this, you are no longer "limited" RP wise as to what your character can become. Many people complained about the idea that your character was bad enough to be put in p

    uploaded 8:06, 15 Apr 2006 3,809 108 7kb TheDCProject

  • Everlasting Corpses for Oblivion

    Makes all NAMED NPCs corpses permanent.
    They will not disappear. Also makes all horses and sheeps corpses permanent and so tey do not respawn.

    -does not effect guards
    -does not effect random generated monsters,
    they will vanish as usual


    uploaded 6:31, 15 Apr 2006 6,390 108 671kb frostillicus

  • New Broadsheets for Oblivion

    Authors: Manargo and Eikona
    Version: 1.2 (6 broadsheets)

    Version 1.1 Changes:
    Fixed various spelling mistakes.

    Version 1.2 Changes:
    Fixed even more various spelling mistakes. Hopefully they are fixed for good.

    This mod adds 6 broadsheets to the game. 2 of them will be added without a

    uploaded 5:13, 15 Apr 2006 355 12 396kb Manargo