• Wolfen Star sky for Oblivion

    This is just a simple replacement of the background star sky texture to bring it a bit more to life. I like it myself so I thought others may enjoy it.

    uploaded 2:49, 4 Apr 2006 2,344 34 138kb wolfen420

  • Flaks Complete Names Project for Oblivion

    This mod aims to replace all those npcs and horses with generic names, and gives them a unique, semi-lore correct name to identify them by. I will update frequently.

    uploaded 2:13, 4 Apr 2006 355 24 344kb Flak

  • Dimensional Pocket of Sargossa for Oblivion

    Based on the Dimensional Pocket mod by Symbiode

    This mod places a Ring of Sargossa in the PC's inventory. Equipping the ring grants the PC a spell that summons a door to the Isle of Sargossa. The scripts powering this mod are up to date with Dimensional Pocket v. 2.5.

    Current features:
    • A unique, otherworldly environment
    • 4 chests

    uploaded 2:10, 4 Apr 2006 632 26 10kb lstr

  • Nirnroot Quest Mod for Oblivion

    This mod changes the Nirnroot quest rewards into potions that permanently increase your attributes.
    Each stage of the quest rewards you with three potions and you can't buy more than that (you wish :P)
    Weak potions increase the attribute of your choice by 1, moderate potions by 2, strong potions by 3 and grand potions by 5.
    The potions can t

    uploaded 1:15, 4 Apr 2006 1,452 52 3kb Felkroth

  • Death Star for Oblivion

    DEATH STAR 1.0
    by Johnny

    This mod replaces the larger moon, Masser, with the Death Star.


    -Extract the ZIP file to your data folder, this may overwrite other sky mods related to Masser.

    -Enjoy your Death Star

    -Feel free to use the code from this mod in your own works,

    uploaded 0:47, 4 Apr 2006 2,902 77 686kb Kwaichang

  • Magical Enchanted Items 20 for Oblivion

    This will make your enchanted item look special. I've added flames to fire enchanted items, cold frost coulds to cold enchanted items, and an electricity running through lightning enchanted items. As of now this only works on Melee weapons. I'm not sure why this doesn't work on bows or staffs, but I will look into it some more. In the mean

    uploaded 0:47, 4 Apr 2006 1,931 75 1kb DarkTyrian

  • Hircines Hunt - The Unicorn for Oblivion

    Somewhere in Cyrodiil looms a momument to the Daedric God of the Hunt himself, surrounded by his loyal followers.

    Serve Hircine, and he shall grant you a boon - or claim his intended prey as your own...

    -What this Mod Does-

    This modification provides the basic service of making the Unicorn you are sent to kill in the Daedric Quest of H

    uploaded 0:10, 4 Apr 2006 398 11 4kb billysheep

  • Talos Manor for Oblivion

    v1.2 Description:
    Truly fixed an issue with containers respawning after 72 hours by replacing every respawning container with a non-respawning one. Changed the ownership of Talos Manor to 'player' so now the doors shouldn't appear red to you. I also add a little apology gift in the basement. I greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

    uploaded 0:05, 4 Apr 2006 162 9 4kb clintonius

  • Dragon Armor Mod for Oblivion

    Dragon Armor Mod v1.0 (Hopefully the only version you'll ever need!)
    by Allvah (Allvah at gmail dot com)

    By request at the TES Forums: Strips Imperial Dragon Armor of all enchantments and changes the armor ratings so that the light version is just like glass, and the heavy version is just like Daedric.


    uploaded 23:55, 3 Apr 2006 360 19 1kb Allvah

  • Female Armors for Oblivion

    This mod changes the way the steel, dwarven, ebony and daedric armors look on female characters.

    Some of them turned out pretty good... others, well, not so good :P

    See the image for some poor quality screenshots.

    uploaded 23:07, 3 Apr 2006 1,043 38 6,177kb Felkroth

  • Priced Clutter for Oblivion

    Priced Clutter V1.0
    March 3, 06 - Release

    This mod changes the price of various clutter objects such as bowls, planters, cups, calipers, bones, and whatnot from 0 to 1, or in the case of hourglasses and crystal balls 5. I created this mod for two reasons. The first is that

    uploaded 22:49, 3 Apr 2006 1,088 30 37kb turgothh

  • Spell Removal Potions for Oblivion

    Changed in this version: Added removal potions for the 4 Mages Guild Quest Reward Spells. (Found in Cheydinhal)

    Spell Removal Potions for TES IV: Oblivion
    by Teh Noob (noobalicious@Gmail.com)

    Creates a potion for each spell that will remove that spell, and that spell only. It does nothing else. Won't make you ric

    uploaded 22:24, 3 Apr 2006 1,469 25 26kb supernoob