• Shin Akuma real grass for Oblivion


    uploaded 15:23, 17 Apr 2006 1,058 51 660kb Shin Akuma

  • UmbraX for Oblivion

    A basic retexture of Umbra (The sword ;P)


    uploaded 15:00, 17 Apr 2006 106 3 258kb Xzarr

  • Ricordi del tempo for Oblivion

    This mod is advised to an italian public.
    Just because this mod is very similar to the Forgrum' one.

    Bon, questo mod aggiunge un libro magico che ci permette di memorizzare quattro locazioni a nostro piacimento (ho scelto quattro perchè altrimenti tanto valeva abilitare il Fast Travel).

    Una volta memorizzate le si possono cambiare.


    uploaded 13:54, 17 Apr 2006 22 1 9kb x119

  • My Camp for Oblivion

    This mod creates a new camp near the northern sewer exit, and a new NPC near the exit from the prison sewers. The NPC has a new quest which allows you to aquire your very own camp site.

    The camp itself is a small affair, with a campfire, a bed, and a chest which is opened by key only.

    uploaded 13:41, 17 Apr 2006 274 8 60kb iopred

  • Boots of Protection for Oblivion

    This mod is a reply to a request. It adds boots and shoes which protect you when you're nearly dead.

    uploaded 13:37, 17 Apr 2006 73 3 0kb bjam

  • Apple Poison Antidote for Oblivion

    Apple Poison Antidote 1.0

    For those foolish ppl who think he's mighty enough to play with these Poisoned Apples.

    Copy ApplePoisonAntidote.esp to folder Data\
    In game launcher, click Data Files and enable ApplePoisonAntidote.esp.
    Then play the game and load your dying save.
    press ~ to bring on console, type the following.........


    uploaded 13:17, 17 Apr 2006 273 13 1kb harokyang

  • FGC06 NPC fix for Oblivion

    Fixes Rienne, Elidor and Brag Gro Bharg spawning near you after doing your time in jail and instead makes them stay where you first found them inside the Desolate Mine.

    Fighters Guild quest still works as it should, and when coming out of jail, they should be right where you left them, inside the mine. On loading a savegame where they're alre

    uploaded 13:17, 17 Apr 2006 82 6 3kb Malvar

  • Spell Ranks DV for Oblivion

    Dies ist die deutsche Version von
    Spell Ranks von moho

    Dieser Mod benennt die gekauften Zaubersprüche so um, dass Gleiche zusammen im Zauberbuch stehen. So können sie einfacher gefunden werden.

    Es wurde nur die Idee übernommen.

    Für Feedback und weitere Beschreibung:

    uploaded 13:09, 17 Apr 2006 76 3 11kb adhome

  • Sticky Fingers for Oblivion

    Sticky Fingers Plugin 1.0
    By: Sandmanfvr

    What does it do:
    This is a spell that is added to your spell list. When you cast this spell on a container
    like a chest, cabinet etc. you then own the container and all the items in it.
    You can CLEAN your items if you first put all your stolen items in a containter and then
    cast the spell!!! =) Y

    uploaded 13:07, 17 Apr 2006 176 9 1kb sandmanfvr

  • OOO 121 fixed for Oblivion

    This is a fixed version of OOO 1.21

    It fixes problem with textures and meshes, resulting in purple shield or big exclamation point.



    uploaded 12:57, 17 Apr 2006 225 11 16,038kb dieterweb

  • Yet Another Alchemy Helper for Oblivion

    YAAH is a stand-alone tool to go with TESIV: Oblivion. YAAH allows you to find the ingredients for a desired alchemical effect, or all ingredients that match another given ingredient. Template-driven HTML export gives you ready-to-print recipe lists. With its modular data structure, YAAH can be adapted to fit current and coming updates and mods. [5

    uploaded 9:54, 17 Apr 2006 541 18 834kb Wehmut

  • Survival Suite Crafting for Oblivion

    Survival Suite - Crafting

    Instilation instructions:
    Unrar the whole folder to your /data directory
    For old users:
    Re-Initilize the plugin by first loading your save without the plugin. Then save. Then load with the plugin. This is MANDATORY!

    This is the second plugin in the survival suite series. This plugin simulates realistic crafting.

    uploaded 8:33, 17 Apr 2006 1,979 28 190kb hughesdylan