• Advanced Water Modification for Oblivion

    You must be thinking.... Oh noes, not another water mod!

    Chill down, because this one ain't like the rest. I promise.


    * Advanced Calculations & Algorithms were used in the Process. (Result: More Vivid colours, Enhanced Water Surface and Crisper Reflections)

    * Viewing distance beneath the water surface was increased. Al

    uploaded 19:03, 10 Apr 2006 32,977 652 2kb Abdullah

  • Leveled Shadowmere for Oblivion

    Makes Shadowmere a leveled horse. I got tired of him not doing as well on higher levels. To install, unzip in the data folder.

    Note that this mod also adds to Shadowmere's speed, making Shadowmere the fastest horse in the game.

    uploaded 18:56, 10 Apr 2006 495 26 1kb JONJONAUG

  • Artifacts of Tamriel 300 for Oblivion

    Plug-in: Cleitanious
    Artwork: M'Aiq
    Dragonbone Armor: Jayson
    White & Gold Outfit: Sh1fter
    Eleidon's Ward and Lod's Mail: Painkiller

    Seeking a challenge? Seeking Artifacts of great power? Then seek out the book "Tamrielic Lore", inside this book lists the greatest known artifacts and relics of Tamriel, along with hints as to th

    uploaded 18:56, 10 Apr 2006 9,939 369 18,222kb ByblosHex

  • Torn Pelts Mod for Oblivion

    When you kill a bear or wolf with a blade, it'll drop a torn pelt.

    uploaded 18:06, 10 Apr 2006 31 1 5kb marcusklaas

  • Seasonal Plants for Oblivion

    This plugin SHOULD make ingredients available from plants in the seasons in which they normally are. So, if this works as it should, you have 80% chances of harvesting a pumpkin in autumn, but only 5% in spring. Flowers mostly bloom in spring-summer, except some who flower continuously (like the nightshade.) Mushrooms are mostly found in summer/aut

    uploaded 17:52, 10 Apr 2006 307 6 5kb Maquissar

  • Slubbfis for Oblivion

    1: Install into C:/ProgramFiles/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data
    2: Start the *Oblivion launcher and from ''data files'' check slubfis mod.
    3: Start the game and fast travel to imperial city waterfront --->In the abbandoned house you will now find 20daedra hearts,20vampire dust and 20000Silver arrows =)

    uploaded 17:26, 10 Apr 2006 44 3 1kb dildoronk

  • Npc enabled Wabbajack for Oblivion

    Changes from version 1.0:
    -Furniture is no longer Wabbajackable

    - Some guards have just had monster appear behind them and have not been replaced by it. Although i think this may be because i am running the LIFE mod.


    This mod allows the Wabbajack to work on NPC's as well as creatures. It does not work on ess

    uploaded 16:50, 10 Apr 2006 227 6 2kb jamesmcm

  • RealismMod for Oblivion

    RealismMod v1.0:


    Mein Anliegen war es, ein realistischeres Oblivion zu gestalten, dabei waren mir 3 Dinge wichtig:

    1.) Man sollte sich im Spiel, vor allem im späteren Verlauf, auch als Held fühlen, dh es sollte einen Unterschied geben,
    zwischen dem "abenteuer-erprobten, hart-trainierenden, durch-alle-mögl

    uploaded 16:05, 10 Apr 2006 10,619 143 1,336kb kompott

  • Illusionary Nothings Better Horses for Oblivion

    This Mod:
    - Increases the speed of all horses.
    - Increases the jumping height of all horses.
    - Maintains type differences.

    THIS MOD IS PURIST SAFE. It is completely balanced. It just seemed a bit silly that at lower levels you could already out-run and out-jump your horse.

    uploaded 16:03, 10 Apr 2006 476 21 13kb Illusionary Nothing

  • Count Burns for Oblivion

    Name: Mr. Burns

    Author: dethduck
    version: 1.0

    Simple face change of the Skingrad count to make him look like Mr. Burns

    uploaded 15:02, 10 Apr 2006 77 13 1kb dethduck

  • The Black Hand for Oblivion


    -Adds The Black Hand as a playable faction.
    -Lets you join and become Puppet and eventually Puppeteer.
    -All new weapons and armor for rewards for carrying out contracts/assassinations.
    -New Lesser Power called Puppet Strings for when you become Puppeteer. (it's no spell p

    uploaded 14:15, 10 Apr 2006 2,907 59 74kb ZosoSTH

  • Warlocks House by Zealot for Oblivion


    Updates in 1.3:
    Bugfixes, better transitions

    Updates in 1.2: Added a Greenhouse with lots of cool stuff, door from laboratory leads to a tower which will take you to the Greenhouse :) Check it out!

    New house for people who have achieved the rank of "Warlock" within the Mages Guild.

    The House is located within the walls of t

    uploaded 13:25, 10 Apr 2006 112 8 62kb Narax