• The Baux Custom Race for Oblivion

    Q: What's going on here?
    A: It's a custom race, called the Baux.

    Q: Who are they?
    A: They're a rat-like race. Good at stealth, make good rogues.

    Q: Is there a story behind them?
    A: There's a book in top of one of the boxes outside the courier's shop in the Imperial Market District. Check that out. It's about 16 pages or s

    uploaded 7:36, 9 Apr 2006 217 7 2,631kb robothobo

  • Stolen Goods Unlock Limited for Oblivion

    One prominent merchant in each major city has now lost their innate ability to sense stolen goods. It shouldn't be too difficult to locate them...

    uploaded 7:33, 9 Apr 2006 387 13 7kb Akabar

  • Cooled Lava for Oblivion

    Changes the default lava texture and settings.

    uploaded 7:05, 9 Apr 2006 492 21 158kb evilhyde

  • Fortify Armorer Skill Spell for Oblivion

    Its rough not being able to repair your equipment. Mages aren't trained in the Armorer skill and probably will never be proficient in it. These three new Restoration spells will give the magic using population a repair solution without having to learn the Armorer skill. The healer Orag gra-Bargol in Chorrol will sell these three valuable spel

    uploaded 5:47, 9 Apr 2006 206 10 2kb Akabar

  • Finger of Death for Oblivion

    Finger of Death Version 1.0

    OMod and .esp included.

    Adds the spell Finger of death to the game. This spell has a small chance, based on your destruction skill to instantly kill your target. You can buy it from Borissean in the Imperial City Arcane University.

    uploaded 5:13, 9 Apr 2006 398 5 4kb jetsirus

  • Improved Lava Updated for Oblivion

    After hours of using about 10 different textures that I either made or regenerated to make my own I think I've done it. As you can see this is still only version 1.5. That means you can expect more to come. I think next I'm going to start trying to do a heat shader, and possibly some pops or bubbles that come out, but I still don't know

    uploaded 4:42, 9 Apr 2006 3,189 114 1,437kb seniorfrito

  • Potion of Vampirism for Oblivion

    "When you arrive in Cheydinhal you decide to go to the Mages Guild, and while there you pop into the basement in search of an alchemist. Through your searching you stumble across a flask that appears to have been misplaced, so you inspect it. Reaching out with a hand to pick it up, you immediately recoil away upon touching the surface as a sting

    uploaded 4:24, 9 Apr 2006 721 23 27kb Phobos Gekko

  • Advanced Fletching for Oblivion

    Adds a Fletching Kit, which can be used to fletch arrows
    and imbue arrows (alchemical enchanting). The fletching
    kit can be found in the Market District.

    uploaded 4:19, 9 Apr 2006 885 34 7kb kmdavis

  • Mythic Dawn Summons for Oblivion

    Comes with both an OMod version and .esp version.

    Mythic Dawn Armor Version 1.0

    Adds three spells to the game that let you summon the Mythic Dawn Armor. You can get all of them at The Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City. Be mindfull though, one can only expect a price when getting help from otherworldly forces.

    uploaded 3:45, 9 Apr 2006 423 16 86kb jetsirus

  • LaserMans Elite Imperial Watch Armor for Oblivion


    This is my first mod submitted to a file site, I just wanted to make some things a little clearer in case you need it be.

    This mod is loosely based around JorgWalther's Augmented Imperial Watch Armor Plugin. Basicly, the general idea is the same, with some differences I personally prefer.

    #1: The Mod was made with my ow

    uploaded 3:35, 9 Apr 2006 505 22 3kb LaserMan

  • Quick Poisoned Apple Death for Oblivion

    To install, put in the Data folder.

    It changes the poisoned apple damage rate from 10 damage per second to 200 damage per second for quicker poisoned apple deaths. For those that don't like waiting for your victim to fall over dead.

    Now has a readme because someone asked for one.

    uploaded 3:12, 9 Apr 2006 166 6 1kb JONJONAUG

  • Timescale Ring for Oblivion

    Comes with both an Omod version and a standard .esp.

    Adds a ring on the right-hand boat dock post at the exit of the tutorial dungeon that will give you the option of what timescale you prefere.

    uploaded 2:33, 9 Apr 2006 1,031 28 148kb jetsirus