• Rizzts Manor v11 for Oblivion

    A quite large house North od Bruma. Containers and everything shall work.

    uploaded 1:49, 12 Apr 2006 895 27 17kb rizzt

  • Improved Barter Gold for Oblivion

    By default, merchants are given an arbitrary maximum amount of gold that they will pay for an item. Even if that shiny suit of armor is worth 5,000 gold, most merchants won't give you more than 1,200 for it.

    This mod changes that maximum barter gold amount based on your character's Mercantile skill level. A merchant's maximum barter gol

    uploaded 1:40, 12 Apr 2006 1,488 101 59kb Rehevkor

  • Trade Daedric for Imperial Palace Armor for Oblivion

    Trade Daedric for Imperial Palace Armor
    created by: Sumguy21

    This mod is for those who don't want to look like a demon once they get Daedric armor and
    instead want to look more knight-like while still keeping the feel of the game alive.

    ----------------------What it adds------

    uploaded 1:37, 12 Apr 2006 183 17 4kb Sumguy21

  • Bruma House Fireplace with Fire for Oblivion

    When I first bought the house at Bruma I was disappointed to see that there was no fire in the fireplace. How boring! :(

    So I decided to make my first mod ever (for any game) and correct the problem.

    This is the result. I know it's nothing special but I certainly like it!

    Enjoy! :)

    To my knowledge there are no problems or other iss

    uploaded 1:25, 12 Apr 2006 1,159 58 0kb vezner

  • Menu Video Replacement Scenery for Oblivion

    This video replaces the default map video that plays on the TES IV: Oblivion main menu.

    The video was created by finding a nice, sceneic spot to film, typing "TM" in the console to remove HUD elements, and recorded using Fraps at 1280x800 30fps. The recorded video was edited with VirtualDub 1.6.14 and Ulead VideoStudio 9, and encoded using

    uploaded 1:21, 12 Apr 2006 60,731 1,359 26,854kb Rehevkor

  • BoneArrows for Oblivion

    This first version is quite simple, and only supports creating arrows at this time. Players can obtain a "Bone Slicer" from the Fire and Steel shop vendor in Chorrol. Upon using this Bone Slicer, you will be able to craft your bones into arrows. The arrows made are based off of a players level. though will be slightly better (better attack ra

    uploaded 1:13, 12 Apr 2006 2,431 74 3kb Brainspackle

  • Better Staff of Worms for Oblivion

    Better Staff of Worms by MrDarkSim

    What does this do?
    It makes the reanimation spell on the Staff of Worms last 5 minutes instead of a measly 30 seconds.

    Install to your Data folder in your Oblivion directory.Make sure yo

    uploaded 1:13, 12 Apr 2006 1,023 43 302kb MrDarkSim

  • Digizens Simplified Leveling Fixed for Oblivion

    This is simply Digizen's excellent Simplified Leveling mod with the bug left in Endurance buffs and health calculation corrected. The fix was simple, but Digizen stopped supporting the game soon after the last version was released. This is a simple, easy to use and very well balanced leveling mod that got shut down prematurely.

    See the orig

    uploaded 0:58, 12 Apr 2006 367 14 9kb Adramelech

  • Modified Gemmakers Mod for Oblivion

    This mod is a modified version of Beltaine's Gemmakers mod. The original mod gave you 5 staves that were in the arcane university of the imperial city that gave you different staves that gave you different filled soulgems petty lesser common greater and grand. In my version each stave gives 100 of the one of the types of soulgems and it doesn't c

    uploaded 0:35, 12 Apr 2006 141 3 3kb souljourner89

  • Hobbit for Oblivion

    A Hobbit to play as, this is not finished. I intend to work on him a bit more and then add a town of Hobbits, somewhere you can buy a house under a hill. A quest or two,

    uploaded 23:59, 11 Apr 2006 325 12 10kb antonystevensmith

  • HighRes Staff for Oblivion

    --- What this mod does ---

    Replaces the default staffs 256 x 512 texture with a completely remade 512 x 1024 texture.

    --- Installation ---

    Place the folder "Textures" in the Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data folder. If you know you do not need an "ArchiveInvalidation.txt" file for textures, as some people don't, ignore

    uploaded 23:51, 11 Apr 2006 1,718 56 2,155kb Totalgamefreak

  • Explorers Oblivion for Oblivion

    Explorers - Oblivion V 2.2

    - Adds Superior Glass, Ebony and Daedric Weapons of all types (27 new weapons, tweaked stats, balanced, no new models). These weapons start appearing at level 26, the last set drops at level 40. The new weapons only drop in dungeons (explore the chests!) and are very rare. You will need many d

    uploaded 22:53, 11 Apr 2006 368 19 19kb Lord Lionmane