• JP_Feline_Pack for Oblivion

    Feline Pack 1.0 (By G()5u)

    This Mod adds 3 New Felines to Tamrial.


    Snow Leopard

    Snow Lion

    All 3 have unique stats and skills, to more Suite its environment.


    If you enjoyed this mod and want more please visit my thread at.


    uploaded 7:53, 19 Apr 2006 720 42 5,762kb Gosu

  • Raistlin Majeres Items for Oblivion

    This is just a simple clothing mod for people who read DragonLance and love the Character Raistlin Majere. It adds Raistlin's Robes, Hood, and Boots to the game with some simple enchantments to not make it too overpowering.

    #1 The robe has 85% Magic resist, Mainly because the gold shimmer on Raistlins skin is magic resistance but there is no

    uploaded 7:35, 19 Apr 2006 326 12 6kb csmi468

  • Ninja Breaker for Oblivion

    -==Model Man Presents==-
    Ninja Breaker (Bracer Sheild)

    1. Copy "Model Man Ninja Breaker.esp" to your "oblivion/Data" directory.

    2. Add both "breaker.dds" and "breaker_n.dds" to your

    uploaded 7:27, 19 Apr 2006 1,024 30 277kb ModelMan

  • ShadowMail Armor for Oblivion

    This plug-in is a retexture of several various pieces or armor and weapons, set up as light armor. I wanted a darker armor for my char who hasn’t started the DB quest line yet,So I started messing around with this. I have a full set for males and females, as well as a bow and two swords.The armor give you a boost to your sneak and Illusion skill

    uploaded 6:02, 19 Apr 2006 507 27 6,031kb NorrabMaster

  • Better Hair Alpha V2 for Oblivion

    Better Hair Alpha V2

    About :

    This package is an experimental new hair mesh implanter mod for oblivion.

    What It Does :

    The alpha v2 version adds a new static hairstyle with bumpmapped ha

    uploaded 5:08, 19 Apr 2006 16,561 396 992kb BlueMax

  • Imperial Palace Guard Quarters Key for Oblivion

    Ok folks here is the key we've all been waiting and searchin for!
    It is the key to the imperial Palace guard quarters! It is on the
    table of your house in the IC waterfront! Have fun raiding!

    uploaded 4:17, 19 Apr 2006 627 22 3kb Kool64

  • Shipyard for Oblivion

    Before installing this mod, I highly recomend downloading Jason1's pilotable pirate ship demo. It can be found here:


    = Description =

    Much like Morrowind, Oblivion suffered from ships that are in no better repair than their wrecked cousins, on the reef. Finally fed up with every tub looking

    uploaded 3:50, 19 Apr 2006 5,176 186 8,413kb Grumblepunk

  • Nice Female WoodElf Face for Oblivion

    Pink hair, big bright eyes, healthy complexion, simply cute(well, at least in my opinion). look at the screen shots ;)

    Screen shots taken with natural faces and realistic eyes mod installed. Install those if u want ur character to look the best.

    uploaded 3:29, 19 Apr 2006 182 8 570kb Mrwoo

  • Welkynd Blade for Oblivion

    This mod contains a retextured Elven short sword with an absorb magicka effect and a chance at causing stunted magicka. I plan to rebalance it a bit and add it to a quest at some point. Before the quest is made, the weapon will be in Sardavar Leed.

    uploaded 2:29, 19 Apr 2006 536 14 397kb csksc

  • Alternative Glass Armour Pack for Oblivion

    This mod has added 3 alternative glass armour sets for those that want a bit more color identity like in Guildwars

    NO special powers have been added to these armours
    last thing I want to do is harm the game balance

    --Armour locations--
    Skingard - Hammer And Tongs
    Ocean Blue Glass Armour (light)

    uploaded 2:23, 19 Apr 2006 3,946 181 7,101kb ViLance

  • Better Skill Mods for Oblivion

    This mod changes the way race skill bonus work so they are actually a bonus and not free level ups.

    V. 1.1: fixed a skill level up problem, as a result the mod will only work in new characters now will update to make it work with existing characters as soon as i get a new way to modify the skills

    uploaded 2:12, 19 Apr 2006 358 6 8kb abos

  • cherydinhal murder quest for Oblivion

    hey guys, i changed the story line a bit, and furnished the house a bit more. but for those of who who dont know, i made a new house in cheydinhal, its near the island in the middle,that was owned by a relativly odd nord. you arive at his house, and find out he has commited suicide and its your job to figure it out if you want to receive a cool rew

    uploaded 1:47, 19 Apr 2006 1,054 29 91kb skarpo