• Bounty: Regional, decrease per day for Oblivion

    =Bounty-regional-countdown v1.2=

    Straight into your oblivion/data directory, but you knew that right?

    =How to use:=
    Smile and nod while enjoying that turps!
    It works, honestly! Oh, you want to

    uploaded 9:40, 21 Apr 2006 5,461 121 16kb Tiddles_is_Psycho

  • Real Masamune for Oblivion

    This is it , i decided to modelise and texture a real masamune with picture from real masamune as blueprints. i hope you will like it.

    extracto to oblivion/data/ and find it in front of the imperial market district statue.

    uploaded 9:38, 21 Apr 2006 3,515 89 823kb Imaginalex

  • G_s Oblivion Loot Mod for Oblivion

    Version 2.5

    Donations accepted if you appreciate my efforts, click "Make a Donation" button at this url.. Thanks!


    [Mod Info]
    Unscaled: Gives the player, regardless of level, a small chance at ANY armor/we

    uploaded 8:21, 21 Apr 2006 1,810 122 50,545kb gq13kid

  • Dragonslayer2 for Oblivion

    A massive sword based off of the dragonslayer from the anime/manga Berserk.

    Dragonslayer2: A retexture of the original Dragonslayer.
    Retexture/Mod polish by Crimsonff7
    Model, Original texture, and "the hard part" by Imaginalex.
    Original mod URL: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3065

    uploaded 8:06, 21 Apr 2006 10,824 253 2,002kb crimsonff7

  • Stumble while Running Backwards for Oblivion

    This mod incorporates a chance (based on global BalStumbleChance, default 30 percent, free to mod it as you wish by "set BalStumbleChance newChance") to fall down every second when you run backwards... which is a nice way to prevent players from backpedaling their way to victory (which is almost as cheating as toggling TGM).

    You are free t

    uploaded 7:18, 21 Apr 2006 898 29 3kb Balor

  • Useful Adoring Fan Warrior for Oblivion

    Useful Adoring Fan - Warrior Class V2.5
    By: OdarK

    Adoring Fan is now a viable partner for any mage, archer, or even warrior. This specific modification changes the Adoring Fan into a warrior class complete with warrior birthsign. The Adoring Fan will also keep up with you by leveling with you, while at the same time his equipment also will ke

    uploaded 5:28, 21 Apr 2006 1,731 27 6kb odark

  • Bruma house brighter ambient light for Oblivion

    This is a really simple mod for brightening the ambient lighting in the Bruma house for sale. I got tired of how dark and dank the house looked; it was depressing. Couple this with one of the fireplace mods out there, and you've got a warm cozy home.

    uploaded 4:42, 21 Apr 2006 345 22 108kb crabby117

  • Fame Indicator for Oblivion

    I like knowing which actions are fame worthy rather than just checking the fame stat from time to time. This mod creates a short message indicating when you've gained fame or infamy as a result of a quest. The message only stays up for a second, so it shouldn't get annoying.
    Example: "You have gained 1 fame!" or "You have becom

    uploaded 4:38, 21 Apr 2006 339 25 100kb quickclay

  • BSA Commander for Oblivion

    Work with oblivion archive files (.bsa) with friendly interface.

    With BSA Commander you can:

    - unpack files from archive (all files or any of them);
    - create new .bsa archives;
    - view content of .bsa files;
    - get detailed info about archive and save it to file;
    - register archive files for game;
    - you may associate BSA Comman

    uploaded 3:10, 21 Apr 2006 42,543 1,445 341kb Butch

  • Walaskjalf for Oblivion

    Sky Castle Walskjalf near leyawin(south)
    based on imperialpalace

    key is in the underwaterchest, just under castle portal

    B2~B4 Undead Dungeon (2 retexture swords in final room)
    B1 Training Hall
    1F Valholl
    2F Valkyrie's quarters
    3F Library
    4F Museum
    5F Master's Chambers
    Top Hlidskjalf

    uploaded 2:50, 21 Apr 2006 1,787 29 1,564kb gmmage78

  • Open Very Hard Lock Spell for Oblivion

    There was no spell to Open Very Hard Locks, forcing Pure mages to either ignore the locks, or use a lockpick. This gives Ramius Polus a Open Very Hard Lock spell for sale. It requires Expert Level (75) in Alteration.

    uploaded 2:49, 21 Apr 2006 1,410 72 2kb Stabbey_the_Clown

  • Galerion True Unarmored for Oblivion

    [Note: there is an newer variation of this mod where the unarmored ability is tied to the acrobatics skill but still trained automatically. See "Galerion Unarmored Acrobatics" or "http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=5067"]

    [See the "readme" for more details!]

    Monks, wizards, and Conan-style warriors rejoice! This mod

    uploaded 1:56, 21 Apr 2006 3,560 163 8kb galerion