• Veshnakars Mysticism Spellpack for Oblivion

    Well I have been playing oblivion for a while now and if it wasn't obvious for the rest of you, the mysticism tree in the game is VERY lacking. Well it happens to be my favorite spell tree, and in my opinion has the most potential out of them all, I figured I should do something about it, so I begin my journey into making mysticism a more fun an

    uploaded 1:25, 20 Apr 2006 468 23 3kb Veshnakar

  • Novieres Gray Fox Hood for Oblivion

    Adds a hood that matches the armor from my Gray Fox's Armor plug-in. It is located in the Guildmaster's Quarters in Dareloth's House(Imperial City, Waterfront), on the chest at the foot of the bed. Because of this, you will need to be the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in order to get it.

    There are two hoods, one of which is enchanted

    uploaded 0:13, 20 Apr 2006 428 26 1,916kb noviere

  • Guide Books for Oblivion

    Contents of the mod:

    This mod currently adds 5 new books with helpful information to the book vendor Phintias at "The First Edition" in the Imperial City Market District.
    - A trainer guide to all trainers in the game, including master trainers and some tips for their quests
    - A guide to the miscellanous quests throughout the game and how

    uploaded 22:50, 19 Apr 2006 2,593 118 2,543kb lollerich

  • LGs Mehrunes Razor for Oblivion

    This is my first mod for Oblivion, though I would say I am a veteran Morrowind modder. My assassin character searched all of Cyrodiil for the famed Mehrune's Razor, my favorite TES artifact, only to be disappointed after a long harrowing search.

    So, I cheated and looked in the CS, only to discover that the artifact was not in the game at all.

    uploaded 21:45, 19 Apr 2006 278 11 2kb Lord_Gallant

  • Level Rates Modified for Oblivion

    ## Level Rates Modified v1.3.1

    Release : 2006.04.25
    Abbreviation: LRM


    uploaded 21:17, 19 Apr 2006 3,773 129 39kb Bofra

  • Dark Monk Robe for Oblivion

    This mod adds reskinned versions of the Monk Robe, Green Velvet Shoes and Green Robe Hood to Palonirya's inventory at Divine Elegance, Imperial City.

    See screenshots for a preview.

    -Version info-

    1.1 - Created a unique container in which the new clothing items are stored instead of using Palonirya's default container. Only the Divin

    uploaded 20:19, 19 Apr 2006 656 26 3,383kb Malvar

  • The Naked Elf for Oblivion

    My first mod, a tiny quest for giving a naked dark elf in the arcane university some clothes...
    And not just any clothes! Necromancer's robes!

    Sorry for the childish, counter-strike like language used in the mod, it was originally just for me as a "test mod" but I thought, why not share my amazing modding talent (^^) with the rest of t

    uploaded 19:43, 19 Apr 2006 1,106 37 28kb karlinsky

  • Grs fix for Tylians for Oblivion

    it was made by someone who uses a frence version of oblivion
    and it did not work with the enlish ones

    Screen shot And Link to original file:


    Original description:

    Those are the tylians , they

    uploaded 19:42, 19 Apr 2006 58 1 5,706kb GroeneRizla

  • Acidons Enchantment FIX for Oblivion

    --=[ Acidon's Enchantment "Fix" v1.0 ]=--



    1. Mod Type (IMHO)
    2. Description
    3. Installation
    4. Uninstallation
    5. Version History
    6. Contact Me


    uploaded 19:10, 19 Apr 2006 4,982 169 24kb Acidon

  • Acidons Item Cost Fix for Oblivion

    --=[ Acidon's Item Cost "Fix" v1.0 ]=--
    --=[ by Acidon ]=--



    1. Mod Type (IMHO)
    2. Description
    3. Installation
    4. Uninstallation
    5. Version History
    6. Contact Me


    uploaded 19:00, 19 Apr 2006 400 30 8kb Acidon

  • Regenerate Magicka Enchantment for Oblivion

    This is something very small I made for myself in about 30 seconds , Raminus Polus at the Arcane University now sells a spell "Regenerate Mana" , I wanted to use that spell to enchant my Arch-Mage's Robe and Hood and I did.

    uploaded 18:31, 19 Apr 2006 1,706 56 1kb Lauriy

  • GoldWeight for Oblivion

    GoldWeight v1.0

    For roleplayers, realism fans, and masochists: Weighted Gold!

    All gold now weights 0.01 each

    Also adds a 'Gold Dropper' tool to your inventory so you can actually drop gold - Oblivion doesn't let you otherwise.

    Gold weight is simulated by 'gold weight' coins in your inventory. This ensures this mod is comp

    uploaded 18:19, 19 Apr 2006 1,233 41 3kb VenomByte