• Well Used Map, Version 2 - Colour for Oblivion

    This is a my second map mod, released in two different flavours: Colour and Antiqued. The aim of this mod is to give the feeling of a well used, worn map.

    The map has been tested on all conceivable resolution and texture quality settings with no known issue. Everything should be as clear as the original map, and all markers are in the correct pl

    uploaded 15:07, 6 Apr 2006 5,531 111 3,302kb xythen

  • Well Used Map, Version 2 - Antiqued for Oblivion

    UPDATE 2.1 - Added antiqued borderless icons for the map! Just place the contents of the icons folder into your Oblivion\Data directory.

    This is a my second map mod, released in two different flavours: Colour and Antiqued. The aim of this mod is to give the feeling of a well used, worn map.

    The map has been tested on all conceivable resolu

    uploaded 15:00, 6 Apr 2006 1,111 36 2,996kb xythen

  • Mage Scroll for Oblivion

    Allows the use of the mouse wheel or INS/DEL keys to scroll through hotket items without delay!


    Mage Scroll v1.2 (Mouse Wheel Edition)
    by DespairsWindow
    This mod is gives allows users to scroll through the Ho

    uploaded 14:50, 6 Apr 2006 239 7 466kb [sYn]

  • DarkGlassExtraSet for Oblivion

    Dark-Glass-Extra Set .bsa Modification for Oblivion
    Version 2.0 by Dirk Schüler

    What does it do?
    Adds an extra Set of Dark-Glass-Armour at Best Defense at the Imperial Market Destrikt, Merchant is Maro Rufus[light armor merchant].
    Adds an extra Set of Dark-Glass-Weapons at Slash'n Smash at the Imperial Market Destri

    uploaded 12:49, 6 Apr 2006 3,923 74 9,553kb Diranar

  • No Bulky Sneaking for Oblivion

    This modification disallows any attempts to sneak while you're wearing heavy armor on your chest slot or using a shield that is actively equipped on your character. This is to discourage thievery and sneak attacking while wearing heavy armor or using a large shield on your left arm, which doesn't fit with the archetype at all. No foreseen con

    uploaded 12:46, 6 Apr 2006 119 6 2kb daeger

  • Dat Chic By:Zing for Oblivion

    Here is a save file before the Sewers of one of the prettiest faces I have made in this game. She is a young red head Looking for Either Love or Blood.

    Her name is Rosemary Lin... Enjoy!
    She starts out with 100g to get her started.
    There is a NPC that acts as her Guardian...you can wait before the exit for him to appear from the shadows, then

    uploaded 11:57, 6 Apr 2006 480,502 15 190kb zingster

  • Hellknight Ebony Armor for Oblivion

    Alright, for the time being its a simple retexture, in 1.0 i shall make the "real" set of armor be up for purchase and have special effects.

    From the readme

    Hellknight Ebony Armor Readme

    Version: 1.0 Finished

    by: jackmix69

    uploaded 11:41, 6 Apr 2006 210 6 1,801kb jackmix

  • Max Ability Modifiers for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that sets all Ability Modifiers to *5 when you level up, *as long as a skill associated with that ability has been raised.* Luck will never raise higher then 1 a level.

    Download the File and place it into your Oblivion/Data folder. This is commonly under C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data
    Next time you launch the game, go to data f

    uploaded 11:34, 6 Apr 2006 16,652 218 1kb Visbontavon

  • More Realistic Sneaking with Throat Slitting for Oblivion

    Version 1.9

    The first part of this mod makes sneaking a bit more nuanced. It is a bit easier to hide in the dark, but also more difficult to move in sneak mode, and takes a few seconds to effectively hide motionless in the shadows.
    Sneaking is also a LOT more difficult for the fully plate-armoured behemoth. Heavy cuirasses,

    uploaded 11:16, 6 Apr 2006 2,636 67 13kb Polycrates

  • mithril texture redux for Oblivion

    oblivion mithril - texture revamp


    this is a texure edit of the default mithril skin. the changes include:

    -edited some elements of the textures to be more defined

    -made a new chainmail texture

    uploaded 10:08, 6 Apr 2006 215 19 4,413kb bonebrew22

  • DB Sanctuary Cosmetics for Oblivion


    This was not intentionally going to be uploaded but i think some people may enjoy it. I am adding more cosmetics to the cheydinal DB sanctuary because personally i thought it was a little too cheery for a secret cultist sect. This adds a few fx ,different lighting and different decorations.

    NOTE: this is currently in the alpha

    uploaded 9:27, 6 Apr 2006 392 9 6kb SadSheepy

  • Beautiful Blonde Nord Female for Oblivion

    Here's my beautiful Nord, Neeva, I created today. Best female character I've created up to date. More to come :)

    Start from beginning, prison cell.

    Use showracemenu ingame if you wish to modify her name, appearance, etc. I don't mind. Enjoy.

    uploaded 9:19, 6 Apr 2006 661 21 207kb tranx