• Friendlier Summons for Oblivion

    Friendlier Summons
    Version: 1.0
    Author: kab
    E-mail: kab AT thekab DOT com


    Makes all summoned creatures ignore friendly hits while in combat. Now when your companion shoots them in the back they don't turn and attack. Outside of combat creatures will still fight back when attacked as normal. Note that this aff

    uploaded 6:49, 14 Apr 2006 828 38 6kb kab

  • Reusable Oblivion Gate for Oblivion

    This mod Adds a "Gate room" (with a reusable Oblivion gate) to Wenyandawik, an Ayleid ruin North West of Bravil, when the gate is closed just hit the switch and it re-opens!

    uploaded 6:48, 14 Apr 2006 1,529 80 3kb Moist

  • Better Races for Oblivion

    Better Races by Xereau 1.0


    Extract the .esp file to the DATA directory in your Oblivion folder. Default is c: Program Files/Bethesda/Oblivion/Data

    Click DATA FILES when you start Oblivion, and select this mod.

    2. ABOUT

    This is a mod that adds various powers, lesser powers, and abilities to ALL races found in TES: Obl

    uploaded 5:33, 14 Apr 2006 401 3 9kb xereau

  • Ahro Woodkin Woodelf Male save for Oblivion

    This is my latest creation, the young woodelf named Ahro! Woo!
    Please read author's notes for important information and leave a message on the forums if you wish to comment.

    uploaded 5:28, 14 Apr 2006 167 5 190kb kitsuna

  • Daggerfall Books for Oblivion

    1.1 Updated to fix some typos.

    Daggerfall Books by MrDarkSim

    What does this do?
    It adds a collection of books from the TES game Daggerfall.This work was made by Bethesda from an earlier game in the series.You can get them at Renoit's Books in Chorrol.

    This is to give a background story for those of you that have no

    uploaded 5:21, 14 Apr 2006 7,719 314 331kb MrDarkSim

  • My Bruma Fireplace for Oblivion

    In the player-purchasable house in Bruma, there is a fireplace, but there is no way to get a fire in it! This mod simply adds some wood to the fireplace, and the fire is started when you purchase the 'kitchen' expansion. The stuff was actually already in place in the construction set, but for some reason Bethesda didn't make it turn on. I

    uploaded 4:20, 14 Apr 2006 1,273 91 1kb OverloadUT

  • Dark Dragon Armor for Oblivion

    This mod is the first release to Saint Hiryu's Artifacts, an on-going work in progress mod designed to further expand Oblivion’s equipment and loot options.

    Version 1.2 Contents:

    Dark Dragon Armor: Black reskin of Daedric Armor with an original helmet.
    Heavy armor value and Armor Rating: Equivalent to Ebony.
    Light armor value and Armor

    uploaded 4:00, 14 Apr 2006 4,659 157 4,800kb S-HIRYU

  • Ruby Armor and Weapons for Oblivion

    This mod simply adds retextured armor to a merchant wandering around Chorral, lets just say that you wont miss her! This armor is better than glass and every weapon is done. The icons havn't been finished yet because they are driving me crazy!

    uploaded 3:53, 14 Apr 2006 328 9 10,453kb Sir ßob

  • Raised Spellmaking Enhancements Limits for Oblivion

    Raised spell making and enchancement magnitude,range and duration!!!
    from 100/100/120 to 300/300/360.


    Extract the Menus folder into the data folder i.e. so Oblivion\Data\Menus

    Fixed: Don't add the archive invalidator stuff.

    uploaded 3:14, 14 Apr 2006 4,563 154 5kb bloodbob

  • Dragonbone Armor Retexture for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Modder's resource
    Dragonbone Armor Retexture
    by Shiraishi


    This mod overwrites Hard_Rocker's Dragonbone Armor mod and adds extra armor pieces and a sword to complete the set.
    To inst

    uploaded 3:00, 14 Apr 2006 198 8 7,195kb Shiraishi

  • Goblin War Party for Oblivion

    Goblin War Party 1.2

    NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay. It does not require you to start a new game.

    This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7 Goblin Tribes of Cyrodiil. Those are the:

    Bloody Hand tribe of Cracked Wood Cave.
    Rock Biter tribe of Timberscar H

    uploaded 2:27, 14 Apr 2006 3,435 145 6kb DrGamut

  • BanditMarauders wear Helmets for Oblivion

    Basically it adds helmets to the randomly generated bandits/marauder melees/archers. The helms are scaled to level, and they are just the base items, nothing new or special really. I made this mod because I wanted a full glass set, and I went through three dungeons before I realized none of the npcs I was killing were even spawned with helmets, so

    uploaded 0:55, 14 Apr 2006 908 42 39kb Nino929