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  • Apnea Template for Oblivion

    A female redguard character template I've created! Enjoy!

    uploaded 9:44, 10 Apr 2006 122 10 264kb drcolossus

  • Shadow Hot Wood Elf for Oblivion

    Name: Shadow
    Race: Wood Elf
    Birth Sign: The Thief
    Class: Thief
    Level: 1

    There are 2 Save Games:

    Save 1 - Shadow - Imperial Prison, Level 1, Playing Time 00.12.28.ess
    ^^ is saved inside the prison right after the character was created.

    Save 4 - Shadow - Sewers, Level 1, Playing Time 00.47.36.ess
    ^^ was saved just at the exit of the se

    uploaded 8:46, 10 Apr 2006 117 9 474kb Shadowrealm

  • Scales of Pitiless Justice Mod and Enhanced Sands of Resolve for Oblivion

    Instead of using ModActorValue the Scales of Pitiless Justice now rely on fortify / damage attribute. I just felt this led to the stat changes being displayed in a better way.

    Additionally I've enhanced the Sands of Resolve to fortify endurance while carried, as I felt such a cool item deserved at least a minor effect.

    uploaded 8:09, 10 Apr 2006 88 2 1kb emorym

  • Althirs Balanced Actors english Version for Oblivion

    Balanced Actors - English Version

    Edit 16.04.06: I have fixed some smaler problems within the "LeveledItems" list. The new version uploaded is called 1.2

    Edit 11.04.06: The problem with too much german "stuff" in the english mod should be fixed now. A lot of thanks Toran :-)

    So, i hav

    uploaded 8:05, 10 Apr 2006 78 2 1,365kb Althir

  • More Shields for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    More Shields
    by Zynthar

    14.04.2006 - 01:30 AM (+1 GMT)


    1. ABOUT


    New in this version (v1

    uploaded 6:39, 10 Apr 2006 5,287 177 711kb Zynthar

  • Face Save File High Elf for Oblivion


    uploaded 6:12, 10 Apr 2006 438 9 245kb solo4ever79

  • Gattsurus Easier Black Soul Gems for Oblivion

    This is a very short, very simple mod to make things a bit easier for players dealing with Black Soul Gems. Players with Soul Trap and spare Grand Soul Gems can now transmute the gems into Black Soul Gems at the Necromantic Altars any time, rather than waiting 'til some wierd astrological event. Makes the related Mage Guild quest a lot easier,

    uploaded 6:11, 10 Apr 2006 1,309 51 1kb gattsuru

  • Face Save File Sharon Stone for Oblivion

    Enjoy~! (this is all i can say)

    uploaded 6:07, 10 Apr 2006 334 15 237kb solo4ever79

  • Third Person Crosshair Alternative for Oblivion

    A simple update to fix a few things about the targetting crosshair. This is a modified form of the Third Person Crosshair mod, so credit should go to Cerasine because that was probably the hardest part. I made this so I could play in third person mode without any bugs or annoyances. Realizing that my preference may not be everyone's, I've

    uploaded 6:05, 10 Apr 2006 35,095 647 305kb krytonix

  • Face Save FileCatherine Zeta Jones for Oblivion

    well well...
    i decided to upload my other save files...
    someone i know is trying to make new meshs for hair(Long hair^^ which was originally from morrowind)
    after he successfully finishes with his hair meshs, i will also try to make newer and nicer faces...lol


    uploaded 6:03, 10 Apr 2006 899 29 238kb solo4ever79

  • Mysterious Cave for Oblivion

    This "mod", if you can call it that, is my very first. Its a simple dungeon, following the official CS wiki, but I maybe went a BIT overboard on traps and gore. Traps and gore. TRAPS AND GORE. Not for kids. I designed every aspect of this dungeon to take down ANY player, regardless of their stats, so low levels may need to TGM to experience i

    uploaded 4:59, 10 Apr 2006 191 9 108kb OathinBlood

  • Far & Away Distant Lands Textures pt3 for Oblivion

    I have gotten tired of the dark shades of the distant lands so I decided to retexture them into something that made a little more sense, the foreground and the background will now blend a little better. You should not get any fps hits with this; no more then you would using Shaja’s distant land textures. So enjoy

    Just add this file to part 1

    uploaded 3:44, 10 Apr 2006 236 15 25,054kb Gorric