• Better Undies for Oblivion

    Makes the underwear in game to look like they are actually "containing" something ;)

    uploaded 15:30, 4 Apr 2006 503 18 254kb Darkblade686

  • AceAkaviri2H for Oblivion

    this is a simple mod that adds a 2 handed Akaviri Royal Katana to the Cloud Ruler Temple Armory. the stats on it are 1.2 range 1.0 speed 22 damage
    in comparison a Ebony claymore is 1.3 range .8 speed 24 damage.

    and its not enchanted.

    uploaded 15:12, 4 Apr 2006 371 15 1kb WildAce

  • Realistic Creature Rarity for Oblivion

    Last updated: 12 April,2006

    12/4/2006 - 1.23 release

    In the original game the low level creatures disappear when your characer reaches a certain level, on the other hand a level 1 character will never see the high level creatures except a few hand placed bosses, this breaks the immersion factor.The purpose of this mod is

    uploaded 14:48, 4 Apr 2006 448,355 54 443kb ramad

  • A Really Sexy Imperial Girl for Oblivion

    Just a savegame in front of the exit of the sewers of a nice blond imperial girl. Feel free to use it. It tooks me about 2 hours to create her, but I think she was worth the work(I suggest installing the mod natural faces v0.7 for better quality)

    For Installing simply copy the .ess file into My Games\Oblivion\Saves in your My Documents des

    uploaded 12:48, 4 Apr 2006 4,764 73 204kb psychoflash

  • Armor-Long for Oblivion

    ~Armor-Long 1.0~ by TriXXXar

    This little MOD makes ur Armor dont break so fast! I change it to 33% of orginal Value! So u dont have to pull out the repair Hammer so often, but this counts for all Creatures an NPC too.
    Mail me to:

    uploaded 12:46, 4 Apr 2006 159 6 0kb TriXXXar

  • Garrett Mod for Oblivion

    This is a little mod I put together to put the Thief back into being a thief in Tamreil.

    According to certain beggars, some time last Hearthfire they heard that a master Thief had come to Tamreil - one that even outranked the Grey Fox himself. However, not long after his arrival, Hieronymus Lex launched a full scale attack on the Thief, Garrett's, hideout, after torturing a beggar into revea

    uploaded 11:17, 4 Apr 2006 427 18 4kb driftingaway

  • Magistrate Faces - Edytha for Oblivion

    This is my first attempt on recreating the same attractive face I used on Morrowind for my character, it ended up completely different from what I wanted but still very attractive I think, I thought I would share it with the community. Feel free to use it for your character if you like it. I included screenshots, settings to make the face from scra

    uploaded 9:58, 4 Apr 2006 164 6 504kb mafia2020

  • DHs Faster Skills for Oblivion

    These 3 files boost your skill gains by the said amount.
    Use the ONE file you want x2 x5 or x10.
    I realise there are lots of people who belive skill gains are to FAST already, these people use the opposite kind of plugin. Im one of these people, however i realise some people love to powergame and so here you are. Retarded fast skills.

    uploaded 9:36, 4 Apr 2006 3,958 116 0kb hughesdylan

  • Skingrad Cottage Modified for Oblivion

    A few modifications on original mod created by Tombofasoldier. Some containers added and translated its names into spanish language. Now containers will not respawn ingredients (all empty), all with new ID.
    Added a statue in exterior and made the chairs and bench "non public". Visitors were a bit annoying. I removed the faction "bandits

    uploaded 9:07, 4 Apr 2006 57 1 53kb Zimnel

  • Moon with an Eye for Oblivion

    Moon with an Eye
    ver 1.0 by Heidelun

    This mod replaces default moon texture with a new moon with a red eye.

    Now you'll be watched every night by flaming eye :)

    Unzip inside Data\Textures\sky folder

    uploaded 9:05, 4 Apr 2006 476 6 889kb Heidelun

  • Arachnophobia for Oblivion

    Removes all spiders. Spider daedra and spiderlings are both squashed.

    uploaded 8:46, 4 Apr 2006 211 8 13kb Twitchmonkey

  • Tes IV Save Manager for Oblivion

    ATTENTION: This software is no longer supported (hasn't been worked on in years). I now highly suggest people to use Wyre Bash for all their saving and mod needs.

    This software probably doesn't even work on Vista/7 so don't even try :D

    If you found this tool useful in the past

    uploaded 8:25, 4 Apr 2006 2,750 98 410kb Kyorisu